Was Moses... Akhenatent??

Was Moses… Akhenatent??

Whether it is 7/7 or 9/11 or the Holocaust, Nick Kollerstrom is always controversial. Here he offers a new perspective on the Bible and ancient Egypt

Mark Devlin and Nick Kollerstrom on the Paul McCartney Replacement

Nick Kollerstrom was warned that promoting the idea that Paul McCartney was replaced by a double would discredit his previous serious work about 9/11 and 7/7. However, he makes a compelling case. Judge for yourself

Air ambulance lands after the Westminster Bridge attack last year. Note the Masonic symbol between the two windows. Clcik to enlarge

What Credibility Rating do you give this story?

Nick Kollerstrom weighs the findings of the inquest into Westminster Bridge attack

Reflections on the Chabloz Case

Reflections on the Chabloz Case

We live in a society where just about any sacred belief is liable to be satirised. However, as Nick Kollerstrom explains there is one notable exception

Weather Wars

Weather Wars

Nick Kollerstrom writes: I thought this stuff only happened in Stephen King novels?

How Come Grenfell is Still Standing?

How Come Grenfell is Still Standing?

Grenfell tower was an inferno that burned through the night. The WTC also burned but it collapsed after a few hours. Which building defied the laws of physics?

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London Bridge as 8-8-8 event

Nick Kollerstrom on the London Bridge attack. Includes a brief look at some of Ariana Grande’s songs which casts an entirely new light on the event

Amazon Book Ban: Media Blackout Exposed

Not only have Amazon banned hundreds of revisionist books but the media are unanimous in their silence on the matter. Featuring Nick Kollerstrom

American Free Press on the online censorship. Click to enlarge

Banned By Amazon

Amazon is removing hundreds of books from sale online. Want to see what they were? You can’t. They’re censored, for your own good

Wrong definition of Anti-semitism

Prime Minister Theresa May has just pledged to tackle rising “anti-Semitism”. Nick Kollerstrom takes her to task on the exact definition of “Semitic”

Jo Cox Murder and Propaganda

Helen Turner and Dr. Nick Kollerstrom discuss the contradictions and inconsistencies in the trial and conviction of Thomas Mair

Thomas Mair on CCTV. Click to enlarge

Police Video Exposes Jo Cox Hoax

Police photos and CCTV footage reveal fundamental flaws in Thomas Mair’s conviction. A closer look at the evidence shows police have badly muddled their case

Thomas Mair, recent police photo.

A No-Body Murder Trial

Habeus corpus,’ a fundamental of UK justice, translates as, ‘have you got the body?’ It’s required for a murder trial to proceed. However, we have yet to see Jo Cox’s

The Thomas Mair Trial

Nick Kollerstrom reveals that only computer-generated images of Ms Cox’s body will be shown to the jury — to avoid unduly upsetting them

Democrats Implode

Democrats Implode

Are we are ready for IMPACT on 9/11? It will be unforgettable. Yes this is a 9/11 date – 9th November, when the U.S. election results come out

Politics Isn't Boring

Politics Isn’t Boring

Includes video revealing how during the first presidential debate Hillary Clinton cheated with a teleprompter

Syria, WW3 and the Silence of Jeremy

Syria, WW3 and the Silence of Jeremy

Nick Kollerstrom on the utterly clueless response of some British politicians to events in Syria

O Ken, What have you done?

O Ken, What have you done?

Ken O’Keefe may not have been all he made himself out to be. Although not a Zionist double-agent, he may have been worse. Nick Kollerstrom explains

UK-Zion, Inc.

UK-Zion, Inc.

David Cameron is on record as saying that so many senior posts in the Tory Party were held by Jews that the party should be known as the “Torah Party”

Nice: 77 ‘Dead’ on 14/7?

Nice: 77 ‘Dead’ on 14/7?

Nick Kollerstrom examines the evidence and finds what look like dummies being used as victims in the latest terror outrage