The Rotten Royals

Britain’s corrupt, decadent and criminal royal house of Windsor

Two-thirds of Brits not interested in royal wedding - poll

Two-thirds of Brits not interested in royal wedding – poll

Despite the efforts of the corporate media, public enthusiasm for the Royal Wedding was lukewarm at best

NO SADNESS": A body behaviour expert has said the Queen showed no signs of suppressed sadness. click to enlarge

Body expert’s BOMBSHELL verdict on Queen’s infamous Diana death TV speech to the nation

A body behavior expert sees no hint of genuine sadness in the Queen. Instead, he sees an “underlying anger”. Includes video

Angela Merkel with the same hand sign. Our politicians are all freemasons. Click to enlarge

ILLUMINATI LEADERS? Now Angela Merkel makes ‘that sign’ with Royals Kate and Wills

This appeared in one of Britain’s biggest national newspapers. Meaning that notions about the “Illuminati” are going mainstream

Boris Berezovsky. Click to enlarge

British secret services, not Russia, assassinated Boris Berezovsky

Recent reports claim it was the British secret services, not the Russians, who assassinated Berezovsky. We explain why that makes sense

The Duke of Cambridge features on the cover of Attitude magazine

Duke of Cambridge appears on cover of gay magazine Attitude

“You should be proud of the person you are and you have nothing to be ashamed of,” Prince William tells the LGBT community

Prince Charles visited the Iranian city of Bam in 2004 after an earthquake hit the city. However he visited in his capacity as the President of the British Red Cross rather than as a member of the Royal Household. Click to enlarge

Prince Charles Urged Not To Go To Iran

Pro-Israelit groups urge Prince Charles to reconsider a proposed trip to Iran

Young Queen Elizabeth flaunts Nazi salute

Royal Nazi Salutes: A Telling Freeze-Frame Moment in History

Because I have not read any kind of similar reflections relating to the 1933 Royal Nazi salutes reproduced in yesterday’s ‘Sun’, this blog might as well offer the following

Ex-cop claims a ROYAL was in paedophile ring

But inquiry was closed to shield Buckingham Palace from scandal

Buckingham Palace. Click to enlarge

‘We would evict Queen from Buckingham Palace and allocate her council house,’ say Greens

Great. But the Green Party statement also reveals how naive they are

Virginia Roberts with Prince Andrew in London in 2001, when she was 16. Click to enlarge

Prince Andrew under renewed pressure after flight logs emerge

Flight records corroborate accusers claims; the prince and the underage girl were in the same place at the same time as the alleged abuse occurred

Prince Andrew to Attend Royal Trip To Davos Despite Ongoing Controversy

Rather fitting actually that the alleged royal rapist should attend the annual gathering of fraudsters

Miss Robert pictured outside her home in Denver Colorado after the scandal broke. Click to enlarge

Prince Andrew’s ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts ‘is writing a tell-all memoir

Friends in Australia who knew Virginia Roberts as a young mother say she ‘told things as they were’, as Prince Andrew looks increasingly concerned

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed with underage girl he is alleged to have abused

So that Jeffrey Epstein could have blackmailed him

Woman standing by Prince Andrew sex claims

The royals have issued a strongly-worded denial, but the alleged victim immediately hit back, saying she would not be “bullied into silence by aggressive attacks”

‘Sex slave case’: Prince Andrew may regret friendship with financier who had dark secret

The Independent doesn’t really question it but was Prince Andrew entirely ignorant about Epstein’s activity?

Prince Andrew pictured in 2011 with Jeffrey Epstein. Click to enlarge

Prince Andrew strongly denies ‘underage sex slave’ allegations after being named in lawsuit

Prince named in U.S. court case involving friend and convicted sex offender, multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Charles talks to Lynn Forester de Rothschild (left), organizer of the Conference on Inclusive Capitalism, and Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, before Tuesday's conference. The 250 corporate and financial leaders who attended control some $30 trillion, about a third of the world's investable assets. Click to enlarge

World’s Richest People Meet, Muse On How To Spread The Wealth

Seriously. They have our best interests at heart. Or so they want us to believe. Speakers included: Prince Charles, Bill Clinton, IMF head Christine Legarde and organiser Lynn Forester de Rothschild

Saviles connections: Sir Angus Ogilvy and Princess Alexandra. Click to enlarge

Police blacked out talk of Jimmy Savile’s Princess pal

Police implicated in attempts to conceal Savile’s connections with British royalty

Queen gets a pay rise after receiving another £5million of taxpayers’ money for official duties

Even as spending cuts bite the Queen gets more taxpayers money. Up by 16% over last year, nearly six times the annual rate of inflation. Or as they say: ‘The rich get richer as the poor get poorer’.

Masonic Compass and Pentagram: The Royals’ Secret Symbols Hidden in Plain Sight

Masonic Compass and Pentagram: The Royals’ Secret Symbols Hidden in Plain Sight

How much more proof do we need that the our planetary elite are hiding some hidden agenda from the world’s public who ultimately empower them?