Why Celts Must Never Trust The Zionist Fourth German Reich

Now let me not cast aspersions, for, as all of my readers know, I am not one to throw stones. I choose bricks, or, if I feel strong enough, entire slabs of pavement.

A Park-Bench View Of The English People

Have you ever found yourself sitting on a park bench in the middle of a big city, all alone with your thoughts, asks Mike James?

The Newspaper Delivery Boy

A welcome return for Mike James, forced off-line and now making occasional forays online somewhere in Zionist-occupied Germany

The Man in the Mirror and the Face of a Celt

When 9-11 happened, those of us who were already awake became insomniacs. Mike James looks back on his political awakening

From the Heart of an English Patriot

Word from Mike James in Germany as he recovers from a gruelling hunger strike and reflects on the ‘alternative media’

The Hunger Strike is Over

For a change some good news. We are happy to report that Mike James has given up his hunger strike and lives to fight another day

Why I shall now die for a Free and Independent England

When he started his hunger strike Mike James weighed little more than 7 stone. Since then he’s lost another stone and a half and with his collapse Wednesday his condition is heading towards its logical conclusion

The English-Celtic Struggle Against The Ridiculously Laughable Serpent Race

Although this website is happy to post Mike James work it doesn’t necessarily agree with or endorse his writings. Especially now as he is on the tenth day of an ongoing hunger strike

Anti-EU Hunger Strike Attracts UK Media Attention

However, only through the efforts of an ordinary citizen was it brought to the attention of the corporate media. And then, no doubt in an effort to reduce its prominence, it was quickly relegated to the reader’s comments section

English Patriot on Hunger Strike for Withdrawal from Soviet EU

English Patriot on Hunger Strike for Withdrawal from Soviet EU

Unless the British government concedes to a referendum on the immediate withdrawal from the illegal and unlawful European Union, this already naturally skinny writer could well be dead.

Zion’s Revenge: The Unseemly Spectacle of Patriot Turf Wars

The internet is the saviour of no man. It is merely a tool that provides for rapid access to valuable information and which additionally serves as a means of communication. At its best, that is all it is. It is also a double-edged sword

England Shall Rise Again

Blair, the ultimate Bilderberger and globalist, whose love for the English stretched no further than the line of digits in his electronic bank account, allowed our nation to suffer an invasion of alien influence never witnessed at any time in history

The Unoccupied Heart

With the European Union the fledgling rebirth of the demonic Roman Empire and Wall St and the City of London representing the Whore of Babylon, humanity stands at the dawn of a new feudalism. Or does it?

To Every Thing There Is A Season

This is perhaps the last time I shall ever submit an article for publication. I’ve been told I look very young for my age, but inside I feel as if I’ve been around for a million years or so and something tells me that it’s time to stop writing

Why The Zionist British Royal Family Should Hang

Mike James explains in no uncertain terms why as a patriotic Englishman he won’t be celebrating the upcoming royal wedding

The Mighty Oak Of The Coming English Revolution

Mike James explains how recent events in Cairo could still play out in central London

The American Armchair Revolutionary

Or how the American dream is slowly turning into nauseous nightmare

I Saw No Dead Bankers

Mike James on what may seem like the fulfilment of a dream but for a few, very few, may be the realisation of their worst nightmares

Goodbye, JFK. For We Shall Ever Meet Again

My mother cried for days after he was killed. I remember it distinctly. I wasn’t moved. JFK could have been ‘Coco the Clown’ for all I cared. I was only two and a half years old and I wanted my Weetabix with two tablespoons of sugar

You Are Not Alone

On this planet, regardless of race, creed or colour, every man is a King and every woman a Queen. In your heart of hearts, you know this. What you don’t know is that you are also the willing participant in your own destruction