From the Heart of an English Patriot

By Mike James in Germany – 22 June, 2012

Exclusive to The Truth Seeker

I have been so moved, so touched by all of the responses I have received from my fellow countrymen and countrywomen during and following the hunger strike that I have reached a point of exhaustion in which I can no longer reply to every message of support. I thought it may be a good idea to write something that addresses that inadequacy yet answers their questions.
Nonetheless, they have given me heart and hope. They have moved me to tears. I truly love my own people and yet somehow find myself in the self-accusatory fashion of not having the strength to protect them to the best of my abilities. I am almost a complete loner these days. Yet what your readers, my fellow patriots, have told me has somehow made me feel so much more whole again. For this I graciously and sincerely thank you.
Jeff Rense, who has always published me since 2002, and for whom I still have much respect and affection, failed to carry my last article because he saw that you had published it first. I wrote to him and told him bluntly that, for years, everything I had contributed was that of a patriot speaking directly to his own folk, free of copyright, in the public domain and work that came with no pathetic begging requests or ads.
He never replied.
Just like my soul-brother, Les Visibles, what I do, I do out of conviction and for love, not for profit or personal gain. I belong to no man.
Time is running short. I have no inclination in dealing with the vanities of men who prioritise ownership of the messenger over dissemination of the message itself. I am getting old, growing weak and am feeling ever more keenly the urgency of the moment. We are faced with a formidable enemy, a foe that has at its disposal all manner of sophisticated psychological weaponry. It is incumbent upon all of us to tell the truth without fear or favour.
We have a nation of beautiful and intelligent free-born men and women to liberate, and victory shall be ours if only we can find it within ourselves to kill the ego and place Truth above all other things. For this is itself the message of freedom: that all men and women of England see themselves, not as political partisans, but as One People who are masters of their own destiny and to whom the ruling parasitic elites are merely puppets of a Hidden Hand to be ridiculed and ignored.
We English are slaves to nobody, regardless of their class, culture or colour of skin. God Almighty gave us asses for one good reason – to get up off them and fight. And only the English truly know how to fight!
I know my people and I am fully aware of both their strengths and weaknesses. Yet it is in their weakness that they shall find strength, and in strength shall they overcome their weaknesses that are merely charms of the English national character. Despite all of their propaganda, lies and social engineering, we have not changed in a thousand years. We English shall always overcome the tyranny of European totalitarianism.
I admire you enormously, Rixon. I know that you have published things penned from my heart that must have troubled yours. That takes courage and integrity, and these things you have in abundance. But have no fear. Since my hunger strike I have grown more tempered and, perhaps following anything I send you within the next two days, I should take respite in examining more closely the depth of my own soul.
Time was when Rense, Lew Rockwell, Counterpunch, PropaganadaMatrix, Infowars, StrikeTheRoot, OnlineJournal and a host of other sites happily published my work. (I was unaware as to back then.) Although I had to box my way through the DotCom crash by diversifying – I became known as one of the best translators and proof-readers in the Frankfurt area – I read just about everything ‘out there’ and the velocity upon which I hit the learning curve almost broke my neck, so to speak.
I shall extemporise on this theme in my upcoming “confession”, but I want to make it clear that, as from this point in time, I shall write for no other publisher but you.
My heart, in which God resides, tells me that you are the last remaining conduit of everything else I have left to say, for my readers are now exclusively English and our Celtic brethren in Ireland and elsewhere in the British Isles.
These are my people, and it is for them I live and breathe and fight.

Michael James, an English republican patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous international cabal or entity.

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland

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