The Man in the Mirror and the Face of a Celt

By Mike James in Germany – 23 June, 2012

My people, the Celtic-Saxon English and our wiser and more learned brethren in Ireland, Wales and Scotland, now find themselves on the brink of total annihilation, overwhelmed by the non-indigenous and a new totalitarian European Imperium issuing illegal diktats from Berlin and Brussels.
We, who were chosen above all others by the Creator to civilise and cultivate a world steeped in primitivism and be a light unto others, now find our culture besieged on all fronts by the Soviet European Union, which represents a synthesis of Fabian Socialism and corporate fascism fuelled by the power of a deluded German entity controlled by international Zionism.
Do not be fooled by what you read in the popular press or are semi-hypnotised to accept as reality within the flickering allure of “tell-you-vision” propaganda. There are no David Camerons, Prince Williams, Nigel Farages or any nationalist political parties to save you. They have all been bought and paid for. They may play divergent tunes on different instruments, but they do so in concert under the direction of the same Satanic conductor.
You may ask yourself why David Cameron, the First Minister of the manipulative British Crown, which was established only to serve the interests of a treasonous state-within-a-state, the City of London, has reneged on his promises of stemming the deluge of unwarranted immigration and allowed for another influx of 125,000 Christian-hating criminal welfare scroungers in the last year alone.
You may almost never find yourself confronted with the fact that we, the English, were the first “internal colonials” to suffer under the yoke of the British Crown, the first to suffer repression, the first to be itemised as mere chattels of the Crown, itself nothing more than a servant of the City of London and its Jewish overlords, and that almost all of the disasters and miseries visited upon the Irish people were financed by international Jewish bankers hiding behind the purple mantle of the British Crown.
You may find yourself dismayed at reports of Asian and Black youths, who can barely speak English, gang-raping and then brutally defiling and even torching by fire the bodies of British and Irish girls while our multicultural constabulary are slow to react, seemingly reluctant to offend the sensibilities of the politically correct chattering classes who read The Guardian newspaper and rather indulge themselves in the frivolities of pandering to their influential Jewish friends over Kosher cocktails and suck-ass little witticisms as to our gullibility.
No doubt you may scratch your head and attempt to find a way of helping friends or relatives who have lost their jobs, their homes or the right to prompt hospital treatment to semi-illiterate anti-English foreigners who have established for themselves enclaves exempt from Common Law. It’s all such a jolly old puzzle, isn’t it?
And along comes another war. Good luck, chaps, and God bless the Queen. By golly, we shall show those nasty terrorists our mettle. Or a banking crisis and the loss of your pension scheme. Those lazy work-shy Greeks and Italians, of course. Hats off to the CEO of your Jewish-owned bank who just bought a new home on twenty-acres of the nation you’re bailing out by spending more to cover inflation to feed your children. He earned it by working hard, didn’t he? That’s corporate welfare and corporate welfare is a good thing, even though his best friend is David Cameron, Tony Blair or an MP for Milibands’s Jew Labour party.
Not to worry. We’ll thrash those Jerries in the semi-final and there’s always Wimbledon if you’re gay or rather posh and aren’t allergic to strawberries imported from a Romanian company that put your local farmer on the dole ten years ago. Just another suicide statistic, despite all of those free antidepressants that nice North African GP plied him with. What a shame.
And then, one day, while shaving, you see me in the mirror, and I begin to tell you things that rather stretch your ability to comprehend, though I’m keeping things simple.
I tell you that you’re your own worst enemy. You don’t understand. But I’m not going to blink and you have pause to shave.
I’m really going to piss you off, not because I’m telling you anything new, but because what I’m saying is the truth you’ve known all along but have somehow murdered inside of your own heart because the black guy who reads the news on the BBC once gave your daughter a peck on the cheek when she met him at a charity drive for some kind of global warming hoax conference.
You may inadvertently cut yourself shaving and curse me, but my heart was bleeding for you long before you ever saw me in the mirror. You see, I was once like you.
I believed. I trusted. I was betrayed. I know the enemy.
“Enemy?” you ask, rather quizzically. “What enemy?”
“Me? I ain’t done nothing wrong. I love my family, my country and ….”
“You hate your own people. You were chosen but chose to forget, and now, though you’re a Celt, an Englishman, a Briton, you’re a coward and your daughter is becoming a whore to a system devised to destroy her, for there is no greater enemy than the coward within.”
Now you’re listening.
“I’m an Englishman,” you protest. “The enemy is out there. It’s the bloody European Union, those Frogs, those bastards in Whitehall!”
“No, my friend,” I counter. “The enemy is not just ‘out there’ in the form of the Zionist European Union’s deliberate multicultural contamination of our precious soil. The enemy is your apathetic willingness to accept defeat and refuse to fight against everything that will make your daughter, a natural-born Boadicea, a mere whore of a new Babylon.”
“Get out of my mirror,” you implore, for your nerves are rattled. “You don’t belong here!”
Then let me tell you this:
“I am the slave of no man. I am an Englishman free to speak his own mind without censure or approbation. Like my Irish, Welsh and Scottish brethren, to whom I am related by blood, I was brought into this world to be free and to create and produce things of value for my own kind.”
“Who are you? Why are you in my mirror?”
“Because,” I reply. “I am you. I am only half-way there, but you are still me.”
“You are me?”
“Yes, because one day you must fight. It is in your blood. You are English, a Celt of Basque origins, as most Britons and Irish are, and thus a warrior by nature. Soon you shall replace the razor with a sword and defend our race, which is absolutely unique, against the incursions made upon it by the Total Man, the Hive Mind mentality of the Totalitarian European who is controlled by the Jew and is the mortal enemy of all Celts.”
“Then if you are me, who am I?”
“You am I just awakening. It is thus …..”
I began writing for the Net in 1995, but for left-leaning sites such as IndyMedia on the subject of corporate corruption and covert MI6 operations in Germany and Africa, in addition to a huge expose of Peter Mandelson’s illegal theft of computerised Downing Street information, which he used to blackmail Brown. My writing back then was more of ‘The Sunday Times’ investigative journalism of the 1980s variety. In Africa, I built up an extensive network of contacts – journalists and intelligence insiders too afraid to tell the truth – who plied me with huge amounts of information I used in those articles. You’ll find none of it in even “TheWayBack” search engine. It’s that old.
Then 9-11 happened, and those of us who were already awake became insomniacs.
My writing style also changed. It became simpler, more aggressive, less analytical and much more polemical in nature. Although I once had a fairly benevolent attitude toward Jews, I also came to discover, by means of books that are suppressed in Germany but can be found in certain “dissident’ second-hand bookshops, that much of what I had been taught as a youngster was nothing more than a complete fabrication.
I despise pan-European fascism just as much as I despise international communism, the synthesis of which we are seeing take shape now in Europe in a sort of hug-me, squeeze-me, touchy-feely, trendy techno-facebook, pluralistic fashion. Hitler, for all of his initial courage and patriotism, was a dupe, although those who controlled him (the Zionists) knew that he was able to appeal to a demoralised and impoverished people who still cherished certain values that were regarded as decent and honourable. The Zionists, through Lavrentiy Beria, were also able to dictate Soviet Russian policy.
Communism, New Labour, Common Purpose, Freemasonry, pluralistic liberalism, Christian Zionism, feminism, pan-Europeanism, Neo-conservatism, political correctness, social democracy, multiculturalism, the surveillance state, the Cameron-Clegg Gang Show and the Zeitgeist of modernism and moral degeneracy – all of these things are the creations of psychopathic minds that seek to destroy the integrity of free and independent nations and make willing slaves of all of us, robbing us of our innate humanity, our sovereign rights as individuals living in freedom and our connection to the Creator, who, even now, loves us more than you can ever imagine.
When I lost all of my commissioners after the deliberately engineered financial crash, I, being a workaholic who had never before experienced unemployment and, being offline for almost ten months, going through the throes of finding myself in love with a woman for whom I could not afford to buy flowers and all awhile trying to come to terms with my “social exclusion”, despised by both the Left and the Right, I suddenly came to realise the import of the title of a novel entitled “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”.
You can clearly see things for what they are. You know the truth, yet in your explications you are deemed as either “this” or “that”. Even the term “freethinker” is a convenient, disambiguous label that settles neatly in the minds of those who do not fully comprehend — yet have the God-given faculties to do so – to place you into the box within which you must somehow fit.
Our dreams, the most vividly remembered, teach us more in an hour than in all the years we spent at school or university. And, my brother in the mirror, though I love the German people and have lived and worked here for almost twenty years, I dream not of the England I once knew, but of an England rising proud and free: an England in which every man is a king, every woman a queen. An England that fears not the shadow of its own Kith and Kin, or which skulks with angst for those who have robbed us of our birthrights: confused, apologetic, afraid to voice an opinion and rise to the challenge whenever the True Grit of even one English soul is tested or tortured by the unnatural forces that rule this world.
I dream of an England in which men and women are free to love each other as fellow patriots and embrace one another as brothers and sisters under the Cross of Saint George, representing perhaps a mythological hero who slew the Dragon of Tyranny; for, together with our even more learned and wiser brethren in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, we were blessed by God even before the foundations of this world; and it was for us, as a Judean-Celt, that he gave his own life for us on the Cross, slandered as a “Jew” in falsified Freemasonic-Zionist scriptures, yet rose again to live in the hearts and minds of those who understood that it was for the “lost” English and Celtic tribes of this world that he made the ultimate sacrifice.
I dream of an England in which young people, fair of skin and rosy of cheek, born free, take joy in the true adventure of life and reclaim for themselves the Chosen Land from those who have conspired to steal it by stealth of cunning and the poisonous curse of those to whom it does not belong.
I am but a 52-year-old Englishman, growing frail and weary, cast asunder in a land that is not my own but which has taken me under its protective wing. Yet I dream of my own people and I constantly pray for them in my heart.
I have loved many women in my life, but they are yet as mistresses to the Greatest Love I have ever known in my life. Her name is “England”. I love her so much, I would willingly die for her.
She has once again been ravished by the Dragon, bludgeoned by the perniciously violent wickedness of a foreign hammer and of strange peoples born not of her soil, raped by intruders within her own home and left shamed and despoiled by the injuries heaped upon her children in the name of multiculturalism, political correctness and the illegal and demonic European Union.
Yet in her sorrows must she take hope. It is not the Windsors, the Camerons, the Milibands or the Cleggs of this world that will stretch out one hand to save the English Rose of my heart, for these insolent underlings are the vassals of deceit and treachery whose necks were uniquely formed at birth to accommodate the hangman’s noose; and hang they shall, for the Fury and the Vengeance that is to come will have no bounds.
“But how?” you ask.
Use your imagination. Civil disobedience takes many forms. It can be made invisible despite their surveillance technologies, all of which, reliant upon electricity and a functioning grid, can be switched off with the flick of a switch or destroyed by means of cleverly coded bits and bytes.
Every official in the land who subscribes to the European Union is an enemy of the people of England and their Celtic brethren. With or without the execution of “illegal” tactics (which are nonetheless wholly lawful and sanctified in the eyes of God) you can make their lives an unbearable nightmare by hounding them, jamming their phone lines, issuing anonymous death threats, targeting and crippling via “onion proxy” routers their computer systems, putting, by all means necessary, the very fear of God into their hearts to such an extent that even the strongest of medications will not save them from emergency treatment, and organising Leaderless Resistance tactics to stultify unlawful governance by means of the .
As a Celt and an Englishman you are a warrior and a patriot, though this knowledge has always been denied to you. It is not a game of numbers. Did you not know that the American Revolution of Liberation was fought and won by less than seven-percent of the population?
That’s all it takes: a committed minority of unyielding patriots. You are one of them and, although forsaken here in Germany but prepared to return upon the sound of the first shot fired in anger, so am I. We can win. We shall win. We must win.
We have the power to slay the Dragon. It is our manifest destiny.
Until the last gasp of my dying breath, I shall never stop fighting for the liberation of my people from the nightmare of European totalitarianism, fashioned by Zionists to allow for the incremental invasion of our precious soil by those who despise, despoil and destroy our culture; the drawing down from the resources for which our parents and grandparents laboured and bled; the arrogant imposition of tyrannical minority “rights” over the downtrodden majority of hard-working indigenous peoples.
Hold true and be brave. We have a monumental war to fight and, following victory, some hard and very painful decisions to make. We must reclaim the soil that was given to us by God and remove forever from our Green and Pleasant Land those who have defiled Holy Ground. This is your birthright, and one which no man or woman, whether a politician or a bureaucrat, is lawfully entitled to abridge.
England is the exclusive property of the native sovereign English people. Ordinary, hard-working English people, warm of heart and sharp of mind.
What I want to see is this: Future generations of indigenous English, Irish, Welsh, Cornish and Scottish children: happy, proud, healthy, strong, self-informed and absolutely free to choose to do with their lives whatever they wish without any fear of tyranny in their hearts whatsoever. That is my dream.
“It is my dream too,” you say. “I want grandchildren.”
Then if you wish to see them live in freedom and beyond the filthy grasp of foreign molestation, wake up from your dream, stop watching “tell-you-vision”, educate yourself, get fit, acquire skills and specialist knowledge and make it real. Learn to fight and fight to kill.
No matter how bereft of means you are as a Celtic-Saxon Briton or Irishman, you were born to be free and live in pride and dignity. You are a special people, as both the Irish etymologist Michael Tsarion and the English geneticist Stephen Oppenheimer have scientifically established beyond all doubt, from whom, apart from our progenitors, the Basques, we are uniquely and genetically separate from all of the other races of Europe. We are all Celts of Basque origin.
You were uniquely created in the Heart of God as the True Freeborn of this world and granted lands and pastures green and fertile and seas abundant in catch that were yours as of right; to establish within your hearts a true folk’s community of shared Celtic values; to love and cherish one another free from the imperious hand of a Totalitarian European Caesar.
You are more than what you see in the mirror.

Michael James, an English republican patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous international cabal or entity.


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Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland

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