Anti-EU Hunger Strike Attracts UK Media Attention

Mike James in Germany – May 31, 2012

Dear Editor of the Daily Express, Geoff Marsh, Emily Fox and Macer Hall
As a lifelong and avid reader of the Daily Express ever since the age of eleven (when I began to maintain both a morning and an evening paper round), and as a signatory to your campaign for a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of an undemocratic, illegal and unlawful entity, the so-called ‘European Union’, I was greatly encouraged this morning by a contribution submitted by one of your readers who had finally broken through the mass-media silence concerning my protest.
The comment was submitted under this article.
Your contributor, ‘Agent Rose’, clearly drew attention to something that every media outlet in the UK has, for reasons unknown to myself, chosen to ignore, despite my having written to every major newspaper in England. Your reader stated the facts of the matter. Please allow me to quote this admirable individual:



31.05.12, 12:30am


English Patriot on Hunger Strike for Withdrawal from Soviet EU

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For years I have been fighting what has often seemed like a dishearteningly lone battle to free my people from the Soviet European Union. I have argued with lawyers, German politicians, newspaper editors and many others in positions of influence. Every single letter I have sent to various representatives within the British Crown’s governmental apparatus, including, more recently, Mr Cameron, has solicited not one single reply.
It is possible that the German government may have prevented some, if not all, of my communications from reaching their intended recipients. The Federal Republic, under the auspices of Deutsche Post, requires that all citizens include their names and addresses on the reverse side of every envelope dispatched. I am a fairly well-known critic of both the German government and the Politburo in Brussels. It therefore goes without saying that I am not exactly the most popular of Englishmen resident in the Federal Republic of Germany, although I am well-liked and respected by many ordinary Germans (who also despise the European Union but feel powerless to effect meaningful change).
I love and care for my own people and I yearn for the day when they can truly regard themselves as free again. I love them so much, I am prepared to die for them. I began my hunger strike over five days ago and I intend to continue this course of action until I have either secured a referendum or die by means of starvation.
For years, doctors have informed me that I weigh 45 kilos (some seven stone, give or take a pound or two) and measure up to a height of 171 cm (over five and a half feet). Being a rapid metaboliser and a naturally thin man (I was born underweight and have lived thusly most of my life, a problem compounded by an uncompensated influenza vaccine injury administered by a German ‘doctor’ on December 2, 1993), I lose weight rapidly when I am unable to afford food. Following a life of extremely hard work as a self-employed man kept ‘on track’ by pharmaceutical medications, I was forced to accept a measly invalidity benefit for autoimmunity as from January 1, 2009, when the aforesaid treatment lost its efficacy.
I do not expect to live longer than a month or so, though being an Englishman and endowed with the fighting genes of my Celtic-Saxon forefathers, I may make it to six weeks.
I will never surrender. I, being a Briton, simply do not know how to accept defeat. In the cause of Freedom and Liberty from foreign (and domestic) oppression, I know no other option than that of my fighting to win or going down as a bloodied but defiant warrior. It is, however, to the support of my own people I must now look in forcing the hand of a criminally treacherous Cameron-Clegg government that has, in common with its equally treasonous predecessor, denied us our God-given rights as Freeborn Englishmen and Englishwomen. This appeal to your readership and all of my patriotic fellow citizens is particularly acute in light of the fact that, although the German government will always bemoan the force-feeding of Ukrainian and Chinese dissidents, this does not apply to ‘alternative thinkers’ in Germany itself. Believe it or not, it is actually illegal in Germany to question the ‘legitimacy’ of the European Union.
The authorities will find any reason available to them to section protesters under their sweeping and draconian ‘Mental Health’ powers in order to neutralise all opposition to the ‘German System’ and its EU-driven diktats.
Although I have been on hunger strike in support of a free England and a liberated Europe unchained from the shackles of an illegal, unlawful and ungodly Brussels dictatorship for only five days, I must admit to my feeling extremely weak and tired. I ask for no help other than moral support and the best advice you and your lawyers are able to offer me in terms of denying the German Thought Police and their EU masters the unconscionable act of having me sectioned for my political beliefs and, ultimately, be robbed of my dignity as a Freeborn Englishman to die for what I hold to be just and true in the privacy of my own home.
Please bear in mind that I am already beginning to find it extremely difficult to articulate my opinions, despite my continuing to imbibe water and glucose. Please be vigilant in eliminating pesky typos.
Should Cameron continue to ignore the demands of the British people, let it never be said that I died in vain. For every Englishman prepared to lay down his life for the liberties of his compatriots, hundreds, if not thousands, more will follow.
Yours faithfully
Michael James
On account of my rather inadequate invalidity allowance, I am unable to afford a telephone or pay an ISP. By the grace of God, I live close to a free public internet hotspot, which, although not always reliable, provides me with my only means of communication with the outside world.


Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland

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