Rabbi Reveals Shocking History of Putin, KGB, Chabad, & Mossad

Rabbi Reveals Shocking History of Putin, KGB, Chabad, & Mossad

Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie on the power organised Jewry has in Russia

Will the Russians Ever Learn?

After Washington violated diplomatic immunity and seized control of the Russian consulate in San Francisco and trade offices in New York and Washington, how can the Russians not know that the US is a gangster state?

Russia’s Pundits On Greta Thunberg: If She Wants To Live Eco Life, Send Her To Amish Community!

There’s a marked contrast between the western media’s response to Greta Thunberg and the Russian take. “It’s political paedophilia”, says one commentator. Another says: “the people who did this must go on trial”.

Russia is helping China build a missile defence system, Putin says

Days after Beijing unveils state-of-the-art missiles, Moscow reveals plan that would ‘radically enhance China’s defence capability’

Kremlin says tough response needed after U.S. denies visas to Russian U.N. delegates

This is unprecedented. Even at the height of the Cold War Russia’s U.N. delegates were granted entry visas. Is the U.S. deliberately trying to antagonise Putin?

Russia and China Are Why the New World Order Is Imploding

We are witnessing the final days of the New World Order, writes Jon Hellevig. Largely due to the military-geopolitical strengths of the Sino-Russian alliance

Sarmat test in December 2017. Click to enlarge

How Russian And Iran Beat Their Opponents’ Strategies

Saudi Arabia, like the U.S., never took its opponents seriously. It bombed Yemen to bits and never expected retaliation. Now it’s paying the price

These Are the Military Exercises Russia Will Conduct This Fall

According to this article, which appeared in the U.S. National Interest periodical, combined these drills look “awfully lot like an invasion exercise”

Putin Trashes Marx and Lenin: Marxism Was Wrong, Family Matters

Putin Trashes Marx and Lenin: Marxism Was Wrong, Family Matters

Putin rejects Marxism’s view of the family. Reaffirms the natural, traditional roles of both mother and father

Russia scrambles jets 18 times in 7 days to intercept foreign aircraft

Russian interceptors scrambled multiple times one week last month to deter foreign aircraft as they approached its air space

Russian soldiers display the remains of a militant drone that was shot down over Hmeimim Air Base in Syria's Latakia Province on August 16, 2018. Click to enlarge

Terrorists use Western-designed drones to attack Russian base in Syria: Deputy FM

Russian deputy foreign minister says militants are using Western-designed drones to attack Russian bases in Syria

Russia will take Hormuz and the Gulf, dominate the region militarily thanks to Trump

If these plans are realised it will totally transform the balance of power in the region. Leading to total Russian domination of the Middle East

T-90 tanks during a rehearsal for the Victory Day parade in Red Square in central Moscow, May 7, 2015. Click to enlarge

Divide and Demoralize — (((Russia’s))) Pre-WW3 Strategy

As with many of the articles we post, we don’t necessarily agree with the views expressed. As with this assessment of Russia’s intentions, we leave readers to decide

Why The End Of The INF Treaty Will Not Start A New Arms Race

Moon of Alabama explains, persuasively, why a new arms race is NOT going to happen

Hybrid War On Russia Keeps Rolling On

Pepe Escobar argues that recent demonstrations in Moscow are part of a crude hybrid war US strategy against Russia.

Russian ‘super quiet’ submarines feared to be in British waters

Twenty years ago the illuminati, through their oligarchs, had Russia on its knees and were about to dismember it into quisling states. Putin stopped that and Russia is now resurgent. Hence the stories like this, that portray Putin’s Russia as a ‘threat’

#KamalaHarrisDestroyed trends on Twitter after annihilation by Tulsi Gabbard, ‘Russian bots’ blamed

#KamalaHarrisDestroyed trends on Twitter after annihilation by Tulsi Gabbard, ‘Russian bots’ blamed

Tulsi Gabbard demolishes Kamala Harris. Harris’s campaign blames … the Russians!

Russia Senses U.S. Wants Pretext for Persian Gulf Conflict

Russian spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warns that the situation in the gulf has moved to a dangerous point with the potential for a “large-scale military clash”

Previous Russian Iranian naval drills in the Caspian Sea.

Iran, Russia Plan Joint Military Drills In Strait Of Hormuz

Confrontation looms as the US tries to form a united maritime force to escort shipping through the Straits, while Russia and Iran plan joint naval drills in the region

Putin Is Warning the USA About Attacking Iran

Putin Is Warning the USA About Attacking Iran

Despite speculation it looks as if Putin is not about to abandon Iran. He knows that it would unleash potential global conflict if he did