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Putin Calls for Snap Military Drill on East Ukraine Borders

A London-based think tank has warned that Russia and the Western-backed government in Kiev appear to be preparing for conflict with one another

Putin Kissinger: masonic handshake

Vladimir Putin and Henry Kissinger Meet To Discuss New World Order

Why has Henry Kissinger just had a private, off-the-record meeting with Vladimir Putin?

Pro Assad forces celebrate breaking an ISIS siege of Aleppo. Click to enlarge

As Syria rebels face rout, allies Saudi, Turkey may send troops

The prospect of the war in Syria escalating and spreading looms large as Saudi Arabia and Turkey consider direct intervention to save their proxies.

Scotland Yard failed to record the only time it quizzed Leon Brittan

Part of a cover-up by the British establishment which continues even though Lord Brittan is dead

Election 2016: Your Jewish guide to the presidential candidates

Election 2016: Your Jewish guide to the presidential candidates

The JTA reflects on age old question: What does all this mean for the Jews?

Spread of refugees in Turkey. Click to enlarge

An Explosive Situation is Brewing in Turkey

Could Turkey’s ongoing problems with the Kurds ultimately result in the fragmentation of NATO?

Bashar al-Assad’s Syria battlefield breakthrough threatens new wave of refugees

Note the implication being that Assad is behind the flight of Syrian refugees. Not the covert Western-Saudi-Zionist backing for various extremist groups that has precipitated their flight

Former Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub

Breaking: Israel’s Ex-Ambassador to UK Accused of Sexual Liaisons With Minors

Richard Silverstein on how the former Israeli ambassador cheated on his wife with men and boys–inside the ambassador’s residence!

Syrian government forces in the village of Tal Jabin, north of the embattled city of Aleppo

Syrian talks suspended as regime Russia hit rebels hard

Peace talks suspended after Syrian government forces secure major battlefield gains near Aleppo

Marco Rubio, 1989, dancing and singing in a South Miami troupe that combined the Chippendales with The Village People.

Rubio’s coke house, gayish dance troupe, and foam parties

Like Barack Obama, presidential hopeful Marco Rubio appears to have a not-so-secret past. Wayne Madsen explains

6,500 Coalition Troops in Iraq; US Wants More

Ostensibly the U.S. wants more Coalition troops on the ground. But what for? To fight militants? Or help oust the government in Baghdad under the pretext of fighting “terror”

Bill Cosby: more woman have now come forward to publicly accuse the entertainer of sexual assault. Click to enlarge

Former DA says he believes Bill Cosby can’t be prosecuted

Why? Is Cosby being protected from prosecution, the way Jimmy Savile was while he was still alive?

Erogan and Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Thani inspect troops at the presidential palace in Ankara. Click to enlarge

Turkey Has Plans to Station 1000s of Troops at New Military Base in Qatar

Does Turkey’s President Erdogan have imperial ambitions? Because this is not the only overseas military base Turkey is planning

Why Is Obama Flooding Small Towns In The Most Conservative Parts Of America With Refugees?

Is this an attempt to re-engineer the the U.S. political demographic?

Daniel and Amy McArthur. Click to enlarge

It’s like a science fiction nightmare, say Christian bakers in gay marriage cake case

The Brave New world of political correctness

Are you ‘tri-gender’? Teens given 25 options in survey

Correspondent who sent this in noted: the wife of a friend of mine (who has been a primary school teacher for many years) says that boys have become “very confused about their sexuality”. Who can be surprised given the likes of this?

‘This was all planned’: Former IG says Hillary, State Dept. are lying

‘This was all planned’: Former IG says Hillary, State Dept. are lying

Claims Hillary Clinton’s deputies copied top-secret information and sent it to sent to her unsecured, unencrypted e-mail account

Dutch police face protesters against plans to open a centre for migrants in Heesch, Holland. Click to enlarge

“You tweet too much” about refugees, the Dutch are told by police

Looks the refuge issue is being used to create unrest and disorder to justify more state power and surveillance

Acclaim: The Secretary of State went to Libya when it was thought that the fall of Gadaffi was a triumph for the Middle East. The country is now partly in the hands of ISIS. Click to enlarge

Hillary Clinton was guarded by known Islamic ‘terrorist’ on her ‘triumphal’ tour of Libya

Man in charge of guarding the then Secretary of State in Libya was known terror suspect

Zika manifestation. click to enlarge

Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015

As I’m constantly reminded, as a mentor once said, “there is no such thing as coincidence”