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PizzaGate: What is known so far

A break down of the info concerning the Washington D.C. paedophile rings known as #PizzaGate

Former Israeli chief rabbi Yona Metzger appears at the Jerusalem District Court in the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds on January 30, 2017. Click to enlarge

Former Israeli chief rabbi gets 4.5 years in prison for graft

Former Israeli chief rabbi sentenced to four-and-a-half-years for fraud, money-laundering and bribery

Zuma: SA will allow expropriation of land without compensation

The seizure of Zimbabwe’s white owned farms saw the once agriculturally abundant country reduced to handouts. Now South Africa is preparing to implement the same expropriation policy

Ashton Kutcher Exposes Pizzagate in Front of Congress and the Media Stays Silent

Ashton Kutcher Exposes Pizzagate in Front of Congress and the Media Stays Silent

The corporate media’s silence on this is telling

Starbucks Brand Crashes After Announcement of Plan to Hire 10,000 Muslim ‘Refugees’

Political posturing backfires

NHS Privatisation Means No Pensions For Workers

Workers in Britain’s National Health Service have been presented with a stark choice: forego promotion or forego your pension. Includes video

Steele: "Trump is in Enemy Hands"

Steele: “Trump is in Enemy Hands”

Ex CIA officer warns that Trump is surrounded by traitors who want Mike Pence to replace him. Includes video

Brit arrested for cyber attack on a million German homes last year

Briton arrested for cyber attacks that Angela Merkel originally blamed on Russia

A C-130 aircraft drops its cargo near the Iranian border. Click to enlarge.

Iraq: US Forces Trying to Evacuate ISIL Commanders from Tal Afar

Iraqi military commanders claim the U.S. is organising aid airdrops to besieged militants as it tries to evacuate their trapped commanders

Swedish Police Discover Live Hand Grenade in Malmo Park

The media mocked Trump for his comments on Sweden but police in Stockholm have just uncovered a weapons cache, including a hand grenade, hidden in a local park

Trump to be Impeached For Treason? — An Interview with ‘The Saker’

Trump to be Impeached For Treason? — An Interview with ‘The Saker’

This interview with ‘The Saker’ never took place. But as Lasha Darkmoon explains, every word spoken by the Saker here is an exact quote from the Saker’s own writings.

The War Hawks Rolled Donald Trump

With Mike Flynn removed, Trump is now being boxed in by hawkish, anti-Russian military in his cabinet and by a hawkish Vice-President. Moon of Alabama explains

Pedophilia/Child Murder More than Just Blackmail

Pedophilia/Child Murder More than Just Blackmail

Why is pedophilia so important? The stairway to absolute magical power always was a prepubescent child from before puberty…. A voodoo adept explains

Chaos in Sweden

Chaos in Sweden

The situation in Sweden is dire. Citizen journalists there are now forced to use pseudonyms as it is too dangerous to use their real names. Includes videos

Burning cars in Rinkeby, Stockholm. Click to enlarge

“It Looks Like A War Zone”: Trump Vindicated After Violent Riot Erupts In Swedish Suburb

Days after the media mocked Trump’s comments on Sweden, rioting erupts in Stockholm and the media barely mentions it

Top Yemen commander killed as rebels hit back

Army deputy chief of staff killed in missile attack by Iranian backed Houthis

In good company: the now notorious Jimmy Savile photographed with a younger Tony Blair. Click to enlarge

Jimmy Savile Was a Limited Hang Out

“Savile knew his reputation was going to be sacrificed after his death.”

Trump Dreams vs Trump Reality – Hopes Still Permitted!

Trump Dreams vs Trump Reality – Hopes Still Permitted!

The Saker on why all is not entirely lost under Trump

At the GOP Convention, Pence made sign of Baphomet. Accused of being a pedophile.  Trump's LBJ?

Trump Admin Infested With Pedophiles?

Mike Pence is shrouded in suspicion. But then, so is Trump

Marine Le Pen sees support surge ahead of French elections

If Len Pen wins will she hold a referendum on France’s continued memberships of the EU, as promised?