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Visible Origami – Aug 3, 2022

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Here is the gist of the opening chapter of my new book; “The God Primer”. It is also the basic thrust of all the following commentary of the book, AND… it is the concluding thought at the book’s ending. It is, just want God more than anything else. Hmm… I guess I don’t have to write that book after all. This wanting of God more than anything else is the YEARNING of the saints… and the mirror wisdom of the sages. The one burns in the transcendental fires of love for The Almighty and is eventually purified by them, and the other… sits in the reflection of them. You must find what works best for you.

Thanatos was/is the God of Death. He was the son of The Night… AND the twin brother of Sleep. What… does… that… tell… you? You have to understand the parallels between Sleep, and The Night to get what it was the Greeks were presenting. What has been lost in the thousands of years since, is… coming… back. It’s rounding the corner that pours into the moment, and… freshens our drink.

The basic OBSERVABLE tenets of The World… visible and invisible… above and below are… simple. It has a lot to do with light and the absence of light, and the fact that everything in form is a crystallization of light or… light-in-extension.

What makes it all possible, as well as the Ageless Wisdom that is present on… the… other… side of The Veil of our own ignorance… and profane nature, cannot be spoken of, it… just… can’t. It can be transmitted. It can be communicated. It can be loved and appreciated. It is the radiant, shining splendor of our spirit… resident in The Soul. It is the singular particle of God that animates us and gives us life and cognition. Without it… we are not at all.

One engaged in the love and devotion of the ineffable… comes to a point of resonance with the almighty. and into a harmony with all life. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then this is the way to go; love and devotion. In fact… if you can love God with a greater frequency of passion… and a steady devotion, there is no force in the universe that can bar your way.

The Grand Prism, through which The Light of God passes, in order to create manifest existence, as we do and do not know it, is mirrored in the microcosm of our being through the chakras. There is the great body of God… and there is the particle of God that is in us. We are made… in… the… image of The Creator. The whole point of our being here is to experience life in the process of coming into resonance with The Heavenly Order.

Each differently colored ray of The Divine Spectrum… that proceeds from The Grand Prism… contains a path that leads to the transition station, which passes you back through the spectrum to the white… living… and conscious light of God. One leads to sainthood, one to the mystic, another to the sage, one to the prophet, one to the poet/artist of divine inspiration… and so on.

Here it is as simply as I can put it. We emerge from The Shining Light into the framework of personality, first reflecting the highest separated station (way… way back in the beginning), AND THEN… we fall into the density of material culture. As we go, we pursue areas of interest to The Divine, who experiences what we do, for the purpose of being informed and engaging in existence through the medium of every living thing. We forgot what we were. We forget what we are.

At a certain point… the circle comes round, devolution turns to evolution, and we rise through the levels of awareness like a deep sea diver, careful of The Bends that come from rising too fast and causing The Icarus Factor. Ever the light above (and within) draws us on. It may be a quick surfacing… depending on various elements in your history or… it might be the work of lifetimes, if… you… dawdle. Whatever the case… the divine attractor is stronger than any other attraction in us, once… we… get… to… the… specific… point, level, station, degree… on The Dial.

ALL of the transgender nonsense, as well as the other sexual pathologies… is/are… a… fabricated… agenda woven by a combination of WEF… Tavistock- AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine…Rogue intelligence services… (what other kind are there?)AND The Usual Suspects; well represented in all of the aforementioned… which lead back in inspiration to Satanic influence, which further after flows down into all of the cultural enclaves of the day. If you are stupid or… young…, especially if you are both, you are vulnerable, along with The Old and Foolish, as well as The Distracted, The Obsessed, and The Possessed… you…are… in… the… headlights.

HOWEVER… if you don’t have skin in The Game. If you are not attached to outcome or in search of a reward for your efforts… none of what these fools get up to has to do with you. Yes… I can hear the outrage; WHY SHOULD THEY GET AWAY WITH IT? These predators… who trick the world into playing their game, and who kill, injure and enslave with seeming impunity. They… don’t… get… away… with… it, or… anything.

Appearances are deceiving. The World is designed to appeal to your appetites. It is meant to delight… surprise… and terrify you. It is a spectacle, an amusement park… a carnival. The people who work there know more about how it works than you do, but… they have no idea how they work. What is the good of having all kinds of world-savvy and knowing nothing about yourself? Tragedy is the only possible outcome, save for Grace.

Now is the time. What do you mean, visible? Time for what? Now is the time to permit the passage of the light in you, and not to resist the passage of the light through you. One of the greatest flaws in the use of the human mind is the idea that you… that I… do… anything… at… all. We do have something to do with the direction our actions take, via Intention. It always seems right to the person going the wrong way. This is why we are advised to forgive them for they know not what they do. Even when they are calculating, scheming and conniving little rodents… they still don’t know. They are deceived.

If they knew, they would not do what they do.

You must tread lightly around them. They are sleepwalking. They are dreaming. They may insist that they are not, BUT… they are. Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening are here to attend to that. Why would we need an awakening if everyone was awake? THEY saw The Awakening coming. That’s where Woke came from. THEY constantly create alternative flows of info to distract and mislead, to set us against each other. THEY create situations to captivate our attention. THEY are tricksters. They work for The Left Hand of God. (THEY are of their father The Devil.)

You have to get honest with yourself about what you really want. If you are unhappy at all or… unfulfilled, then… you are not where you genuinely want to be. You might have been telling yourself you want to be here, BUT… how has that worked out for you? Now… there is a portion of us who REALLY like being here. With all the downsides… some of which they might know all about… the payoff is still worth it. These Rakshasas return life after life for the same reasons.

Most all of The World is possessed by The Magic Show. It’s not real, but you can’t tell people this. They have too much invested. People come here to play-act; there are so many roles. For many… the roles they are presently in have everything to do with the roles formerly played. There is a science to it on both sides… the apparent good, AND… the seeming evil. There are still rules on both sides of the equation. People discover this when The Piper comes to call.

Once you have awakened to the scheme of things, you must abide within, and… become… very… small. It is not a bad thing to fade out of sight from here. It can also be brilliant and wonderful here. God does not hate The World. He created it for a reason. Once you can drop your animosity for everyone else; once you can cease to contend with anyone else. Once The World has lost its enchantment for you, and… you can see it for what it is… you can have all kinds of fun here in The Land of Catch and Release.

THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE. The suffering you see on all sides is a self-created torture and abuse clinic. This is a world of people banging their heads into The Wall. This is a world of vengeful spirits, of toxic excess, of perils and dangers… trapdoors and entanglements… all this… all of this is because you want something. As soon as you want something, it is magnetized and drawn to you. At the same time… blockades and retardants are set. That which frees you is what ensnares you. You have to set the relationship.

Either you want nothing, and allow The Cosmos to provide whatever is written for you, while you write what is to come or… you chase your tail… round, and round, and round, and round. Those saying, I identify as this or that, are really telling you they are pretending to be that. Sooner or later, EVERYONE runs into The Original or… they just keep chasing their tails.


End Transmission…….


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