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News Brief – Aug 1, 2022

The Russian Embassy in Spain has just released a video promoting Russian culture and the politically incorrect benefits it offers.

Despite efforts by the Daily Mail to disparage the video it makes some telling points.

As someone who been to Russia on a number of occasions I can confirm that under Putin Russia is being transformed. When I first went in 2003 it was pretty grim but when I returned in 2018 I found a country changed, for the better.

New buildings were going up everywhere, transforming Moscow’s skyline.

The public transport was cleaner and far more efficiently run.

While Moscow’s supermarkets offered a much more extensive selection of food and drinks than when I first visited, much of it of surprisingly good quality.

In fact a short distance from my hotel was the branch of a chain of Russian supermarkets, which could be likened to the British upmarket grocery chain Waitrose.

All in all, if I were a young man I would think very seriously about relocating to Russia.

The video closes with a telling final line.

After extolling Russia’s beautiful woman, which I can attest to, its fertile soil, its traditional values and cheap energy the commentary ends with more ominous hint of what’s in store for the West.

“Time to move to Russia”, says the commentator. “Don’t delay. Winter is coming”.

The implication being that with the end of Autumn, and cuts in Russian gas supplies, Western Europe could be in for a very hard winter. Ed.