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Belta – May 10, 2022

The Belarusian army is combat-ready and will be able to inflict unacceptable damage on the enemy in case of external aggression, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the meeting to discuss Belarus’ defense needs on 10 May, BelTA has learned.

The head of state underlined that the armaments, which the Belarusian army possesses today, lets the country maintain its defensive capacity. “I think it is good armament for the army. It shows that our army will be able to fight and inflict unacceptable damage on the enemy. We are realists, we understand that we will not be able to defeat NATO. However, we have all the weapons to do damage, especially to the territories from which we will be attacked. These are the weapons that cover the entire territory of Poland across to the Baltic, never mind the Baltic states, and also, practically Ukraine beyond Kiev. I am not hinting at anything, but I want everyone to understand the range of the weapons we have,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

He also stated that Belarus would keep S-400 air defense systems under the agreement with Russia. Plans are also in place to buy Russian Iskander missile systems, which are currently in the country and will not be withdrawn. “They can be used to defend our space,” the Belarusian leader explained.


Comment – May 10, 2022

The conflict in Ukraine has the potential to escalate into something much bigger. Whether it does or not depends largely on how the West responds.

Despite all the MSM blather about how Ukraine has halted Putin’s invasion, Moscow appears close to securing its objectives – the Russian-speaking Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which are now in its hands, leaving only port city of Odessa as a possible final objective.

If Putin decides to seize Odessa and he succeeds he might leave it at that. It all depends on NATO, and unfortunately the Western military alliance won’t rest until it has a full-blown conflict with Russia.

As a close ally of Moscow, Lukashenko’s warning was probably meant to deter Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania from becoming further embroiled in NATO’s machinations.

Unfortunately, they already are too deeply involved to easily extricate themselves.

Poland is now rapidly building up its armed forces with new tanks and air defence systems. While even before the Ukrainian conflict the Baltic States were in talks to open the way for more NATO deployments in their territory close to Russia’s border.

With the ongoing conflict it’s now a foregone conclusion that they will see more NATO troops on the ground.

In other words the pieces are falling into place for a much bigger conflict. Ed