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Daniel Boffey – The Guardian May 6, 2022

Wives of Ukrainian soldiers under siege in Mariupol who gathered in Kyiv to demand the evacuation of their husbands have been dispersed by police who gave army conscription notices to men who joined the protest.

About 50 people had defied a government ban on Friday morning to take part in a protest on the Ukrainian capital’s independence square where they called for negotiations with the Russians over the soldiers’ fate.

The UN has opened a fresh attempt to rescue the remaining 200 civilians trapped in the Russian-besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, which the UN secretary general has described as a series of “hellscapes”.

However, the negotiations with the Russian military have not included the fate of about 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers fighting at the sprawling works, leading to a series of protests in recent days by their relatives.

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Comment – May 9, 2022

The above item has received minimal coverage in the western media. Perhaps because it reveals plummeting morale and growing mistrust between Ukrainian soldiers on the ground and their political elite in Kiev, the Western media has largely ignored the protest.

That’s how the Western MSM works now. It plays down reports that run counter to the official western narrative.

So instead, we’ve heard from the UK Minister of Defence Ben Wallace who has predictably likened Russia’s President Putin to Hitler. Just as Saddam Hussein and President Assad had been in the past, these comparisons are becoming a routine.

In effect, the Western MSM is now acting as an echo chamber for the official line. Ed.