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Above: Taliban leaders inside the presidential palace in Kabul flanked by heavily armed fighters

Lasha Darkmoon – Darkmoon.me Aug 23, 2021

As mothers throw their babies over barbed wire fences to their erstwhile invaders, the big question is: ‘How fast can we run?’

By Lasha Darkmoon — August 23, 2021
(Includes 12-minute video)

“America is a mistake, a giant mistake!” wailed Sigmund Freud long ago. Perhaps Papa Sigmund was on to something. Recent events have borne him out. Because please take note: the current situation in Afghanistan is Saigon 1975 on steroids.  America’s ignominious retreat from Vietnam 45 years ago looks like a nun’s picnic in comparison. It is humiliation writ large.

“It is an apocalyptic scene,” raves Saturday’s leader in The Daily Mail. “The pandemonium sparked in Kabul when Joe Biden shamefully handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban is reaching crescendo. Insurgents stalk and murder their enemies. Frantic mothers pass babies over barbed wire fences at the airport so they can reach safety. And as our front page pictures vividly depict, our troops desperately try to contain panicking crowds fleeing the barbarians.” (The Daily Mail, August 21, 2021, p.18).

The Daily Mail never learns.


Who becomes a legitimate target for abuse when one country invades another and tells the local savages,  “We are here to deliver you from your darkness and bring you the delights of Western civilisation!”

Do the ignoble savages decide to hand over their turbans in gratitude and exchange them for baseball caps? Do the nasties suddenly become nice, embracing their rescuers from medieval feudalism? Do they go down on their knees and request their noble benefactors for greater access to Hollywood porn movies, miniskirts, and radical feminism?

Frankly, I don’t think so.

Not if they are Afghanis. These people have a different code book.  They are warriors from the past, marching to a different drum.  They tell their benefactors: “Will you get out of our country? We give you six seconds. If you don’t, we’ll make kebabs out of you!”

Hell’s bells, what horrible people! Let’s exterminate them! 

—     §     —

Lin Dinh, in a recent article on the Unz Review called ‘White Flagged America’—republished this morning on Truthseeker—echoes the above sentiments.

America has egg all over its face. Its barefaced lies over the last twenty years, and well before that too, are there for all to see. Its abject humiliation at the hands of the Taliban is beyond dispute.

“Do prove me wrong, ” Mr Dinh concludes cuttingly, “but the only country that’s going down without any fight whatsoever is the United States of America.”

“The Taliban regime is coming to an end,” announced President George W. Bush at the National Museum of Women in the Arts on December 12, 2001 — almost twenty years ago today.

Five months later, Bush vowed: “In the United States of America, the terrorists have chosen a foe unlike any they have faced before. . . . We will stay until the mission is done.”

Four years after that, in August of 2006, Bush announced: “Al Qaeda and the Taliban lost a coveted base in Afghanistan and they know they will never reclaim it when democracy succeeds. The days of the Taliban are over. The future of Afghanistan belongs to the people of Afghanistan.” (Quoted here)

For two decades, Americans were told by their government that America was winning the country’s longest war. The Taliban were always on the verge of permanent obliteration. America was helping to prop up Afghan security forces.  They couldn’t do it own on their own. Not yet. So America was giving the interim government a helping hand. Ulterior motives? Beady eyes on the opium crop? Perish the thought!  How dare you suggest America was in Afghanistan for any other reason than altruistic benevolence?

None of this was true.

America was losing the plot, and it didn’t have the guts to say so.

—     §     —

Fast forward to July-August 2021 and the reign of the kindly Joe Biden. The somewhat forgetful new inmate of the White House (who kept tripping up on steps) had nevertheless delivered America from the evil clutches of tinpot dictator Donald Trump.  Just five weeks ago, on July 8, nice Uncle Joe—no connection, by the way,  with Uncle Joe Stalin!—had stood in the East Room of the White House and announced that there was absolutely no chance of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. Not on America’s watch. And certainly not on his watch.

To a question from a reporter who showed legitimate concern that the current situation in Afghanistan had ominous similarities to the dire situation in Saigon in 1975, when the U.S. was driven out ofVietnam by the North Vietnamese, Uncle Joe lost his cool and snapped back at the reporter:

REPORTER:  Mr. President, some Vietnamese veterans see echoes of their experience in this withdrawal in Afghanistan.  Do you see any parallels between this withdrawal and what happened in Vietnam in 1975—

UNCLE JOE:  None whatsoever!  Zero!  . . .  The Taliban is not the south—the North Vietnamese army. They’re not—they’re not remotely comparable in terms of capability. There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy in the—of the United States from Afghanistan.  It is not at all comparable. 

Prophetic words? IF ONLY! Uncle Joe was lying.  Nothing he said was even remotely true.

Veteran reporter Glenn Greenwald sums it up neatly: “Any residual doubt about the falsity of those two decades of optimistic claims has been obliterated by the easy and lightning-fast blitzkrieg whereby the Taliban took back control of Afghanistan. ”

BIDEN  LIES:  VIDEO  CLIP  (10 seconds) 

“It is vital not just to take note of how easily and frequently U.S. leaders lie to the public about its wars once those lies are revealed at the end of those wars,” Greenwald concludes his devastating analysis, ” but also to remember this vital lesson the next time U.S. leaders propose a new war using the same tactics of manipulation, lies, and deceit.”

—     §     —

The simple point I am trying to make is that the Emperor  no longer has any clothes.

The American government has been outed as a consistent liar for the last two decades, something many of us know already but which the general public apparently does not know—though this easily duped majority are rapidly learning to be more mistrustful of their rulers.

This 12-minute video I have added below gives context to the Afghanistan situation by making two important points that the mass media have failed to make with sufficient clarity so far.

First, the point that the Afghan people are unique in history as being a people who will brook no interference in their internal affairs. They have never yet been conquered by a foreign invader. They saw off the Brits, slaughtering them down to the last man in the time of Queen Victoria. They saw off the Russians in 10 years (1979-1989) with Stinger missiles (pictured) supplied to them courtesy of America. And it was inevitable that they would sooner or later see off the Americans and the Brits who barged into their country as uninvited guests—under the pretence that they were there to shower them with lovingkindness and make them happier.

Any country rash enough to march into Afghanistan, in order to thrust “democracy” down the natives’ throats, can expect to be driven out ignominiously in due course.

As I have said elsewhere in an extended note:

Right now we hear the Feminist Brigade clamouring for Afghan women to be given “equal rights” to men, with all the perks and privileges given to women in the West. That Afghan women should be treated kindly and respectfully none can deny. But Western feminists never stop at equality; give them an inch and they will take an ell. Never satisfied with equality, our feminist viragos  insist on ruling the roost and becoming the dominant sex. 

The right to wear miniskirts and look like whores—the right to burn their bras and go topless in protest at the way they are being treated by “male chauvinists pigs”—the right to commit adultery and have their husbands support them and their children with crippling alimony exactions—the right to “go on strike” in the bedroom and deny sex to their husbands unless their husbands  toe the line and indulge all their whims and fancies—all this, and more, will be the fate of Afghan men if they allow the morally bankrupt West to meddle in their internal affairs. Hollywood movies, with porn shops sprouting up on every corner, are unlikely to become a common sight in Kabul in the near future.

Afghan men, it seems, have a long way to go before they allow their womenfolk to wear the trousers and wield a whip hand over them. Good for them! America, meanwhile, seriously needs to clean up its own house and let the Afghan people manage their own affairs without interference. 

This leads on to the second point, made eloquently in the video below by the second speaker, political commentator Scott Bennett.

He concedes that the Taliban simply cannot go on behaving like a bunch of savages, abducting and raping 12-year-old girls and  stoning women to death for adultery (picture). In order to survive they need to modernise and  clean up their act. The days of the Old Taliban are over.  They are a relic of the past. What is needed, Bennett argues, is a New Taliban with a kinder face.

A tall order? Not necessarily.

Only a very small minority of Muslims, in my humble opinion,  are crazed fanatical jihadis wearing suicide vests and blowing innocent civilians up on street corners. Most of the Muslims I have met in my personal life have been model citizens, anxious to please and fit in, generous in almsgiving, and far more prudish about sex—in other words, extremely anxious to avoid the sexual decadence to which their Western counterparts are so prone.

Before I beat my own hasty retreat, let me quote America’s greatest comedian Charlie Chaplin: “I have no further use for America. I wouldn’t go back there if Jesus Christ was President.”

I will leave you now, dear reader,  to your own conclusions. If my Victorian  values and rejection of radical feminism gives you offence, my sincerest apologies.

Go in peace and God bless.

E.Michael Jones and Scott Bennett
interviewed on PressTV : 12.30 mins