After 911 it marked the first phase of the War on Terror. But history may be repeating itself: first a British army was defeated here at the height of Empire, then the Soviets were forced to withdraw, now Coalition forces are facing increasing resistance

“Almost every indicia, metric for success or failure is now classified or nonexistent…”

Classifying Defeat: Hiding Data on the Losing Afghan War

The Afghan War is lost. America just won’t openly admit it. So Americans will continue to die until Washington learns to swallow its pride and withdraw

As Taliban gains increase U.S. military stops releasing assessments about Afghan war

As Taliban gains increase U.S. military stops releasing assessments about Afghan war

Because quite simply the U.S. and its allies are losing control of Afghanistan.

U.S. and Afghan Forces Killed More Civilians Than Taliban Did, Report Finds

A breakdown of casualty figures shows that government and U.S. forces are killing more Afghan civilians than the Taliban

US military propping up Daesh in Afghanistan: Report

Warnings that the U.S. was covertly backing militants in the country have come not only from Iran but also from Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s former president

American soldiers aren’t dying for our freedom in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan

No mother wants to think that her child died in vain. But, as two more Americans die in Afghanistan this week, we need to face the truth.

Coalition jets over Afghanistan. Click to enlarge

US Airstrike Wipes Out Allied Afghan Base In ‘Friendly Fire’ Incident

Small Afghan base wiped out by U.S. airstrike leaving at least 17 Afghan troops killed or wounded in the latest ‘friendly fire’ incident

British troops on patrol in Basra in 2007. Click to enlarge

British army permitted shooting of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan

No doubt U.S. troops and the I.D.F. are told exactly the same thing

CIA Was Aiding Jihadists Before Soviets Invaded Afghanistan

CIA Was Aiding Jihadists Before Soviets Invaded Afghanistan

Then U.S. President Jimmy Carter signed a directive to arm the jihadists in July 1979, a full six months before the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in Dec. 1979

Afghan National Army soldiers. click to enlarge

C.I.A.’s Afghan Forces Leave a Trail of Abuse and Anger

CIA run forces in Afghanistan are operating with such wanton brutality that locals are turning to the Taliban in response

How Big Brother Grips Americans’ Minds to Support Invasions

How Big Brother Grips Americans’ Minds to Support Invasions

For decades polls have shown that the institution Americans respect most is the U.S. military. Despite Vietnam, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Eric Zuesse explains why

The United States refuse to fight for the transnational financiers

The US is no longer the world leader, either on the economic or the military stage, and they refuse to keep fighting for the globalists. Thierry Meyssan explains

Marines with Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, sprint across a field to load onto a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter during a mission in Helmand province, Afghanistan, July 4, 2014. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Joseph Scanlan / released)

America Is Headed For Military Defeat in Afghanistan

Unless America is prepared to deploy more than 100,000 troops to Afghanistan (again), everything points towards impending defeat. A combat veteran explains

Trump says U.S. in ‘very strong’ negotiations in Afghanistan

Trump is putting a brave face on it but the Taliban control almost half Afghanistan and he is looking for a way out. Will his masters allow him to implement an exit strategy?

U.S. envoy hopes for peace deal with Taliban in 2019 – media

So after nearly two decades and over a hundred thousand dead, including over thirty thousand civilians, the U.S. is ready for a peace deal. In effect, the Taliban has defeated the U.S. and its allies

Afghan Special Forces, trained by the US, are apparently no match for the Taliban. Click to enlarge

The most elite US-trained forces in Afghanistan routed by the Taliban

With the Taliban now controling over 60 percent of the country, another sign that Afghanistan is a lost cause

Trump National Security team. Click to enlarge

Trump’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad National Security Team

Trump started with the right objectives but his “advisors” argued against pulling out of Afghanistan and Syria. So now he maybe getting even more deeply involved

American general says Afghan battlefield losses are rising

Mounting Afghan military losses mean Trump is faced with a hard choice. Either bolster local forces with more US combat troops or risk losing Afghanistan entirely

Niels Harrit Exposes the Terror War Lie

Niels Harrit Exposes the Terror War Lie

Exposing the document that started the Afghan War and the War on Terror for the lie that it is

US troops in Afghanistan. Click to enlarge

Why US Imperialism Loves Afghan Quagmire

Afghanistan may be a seething swamp of suffering. But it’s a swamp that is spawning immense benefits for the global elite. Finian Cunningham explains

Moscow records ‘NATO-AIRSPACE’ WEAPONS DROP TO ISIS by ‘BLACK’ helicopters

Unmarked Black helicopters observed making weapons drops to ISIS fighters in Afghanistan. Given recent Taliban advances and the fact that it could resume control of the country soon, is a new ISIS insurgency being prepared?