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Introduction — July 17, 2021

Readers will remember that last year Boris Johnson allegedly developed Covid-19. The papers were full of photos of Johnson looking as if he was stricken with a bad cold, which in a sense he was because coronavirus belongs to the same family of viruses as the common Cold. Covid-19 is just a variant.

Headlines in the British press, Tuesday April 7, 2020. Click to enlarge

As we said at the time, the whole episode felt like a contrived drama and this latest episode feels no different.

Like Boris Johnson, we expect Savid Javid will recover completely in a week or so, just as if he had contracted a bout of seasonal flu.

To compound official embarrassment over the matter, Savid Javid had been double-jabbed. In other words the vaccine didn’t provide him with one hundred percent immunity against infection.

So why the hell has the government embarked on an expensive vaccination program with a vaccine that has not been properly tested and doesn’t entirely protect those vaccinated?

This also begs the question: does Covid-19 warrant shutting down the economy and curbing basic freedoms to the extent that it has? After all we don’t do the same for the variants of seasonal flu, which apart from the very old or those with pre-exiting conditions, are little more deadly. So why are we doing this for Covid-19?

Or is this “deadly disease” just being used as a pretext to impose global, totalitarian control?

Is the Covid bogeyman being used as a ploy to shut down large sections of society and herd the sheeple into their holding pens, prior to their slaughter? If that is indeed the case and to avoid the inevitable conclusion we need to start holding politicians accountable.

However, we shouldn’t confine this reckoning to our political leaders. Their power and influence stems from the media, which has also been instrumental in promulgating fear and alarm over the purported “deadly” pandemic. So the media as much as politicians must be held to account.

Sajid Javid tests positive as health chiefs tell PM: don’t let Covid rip

James Tapper and Michael Savage – The Guardian July 17, 2021

Sajid Javid was self-isolating on Saturday after testing positive for Covid, as senior public health leaders from across the UK accused Boris Johnson today of “letting Covid rip” by relaxing legal restrictions.

England’s health secretary, who is fully vaccinated, said he had mild symptoms and had taken a lateral flow test. He later tweeted to confirm the results after taking a more accurate PCR test.

It creates a headache for the prime minister. Under test and trace rules, anybody who has been in contact with Javid in the previous 48 hours would have to self-isolate. The health secretary is understood to have visited No 10 on Friday. That would leave Johnson in the uncomfortable position of spending so-called “freedom day” stuck inside No 10.

Continues … https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/17/sajid-javid-tests-positive-as-health-chiefs-tell-pm-dont-let-covid-rip