‘Full-scale emergency’: what the papers say about Boris Johnson’s move to intensive care

Introduction – April 7, 2020

Such are the mind games being played by the establishment now that one has to ask: is Boris John really as badly ill as we are being told? Or is this all part of a carefully contrived drama to underline the need to comply with the lockdown?
After all, governments in the West have repeatedly resorted to staged terror attacks and false flags in the “War on Terror” so why should Johnson’s sudden decline in health be any different? For all we know this could be part of a deceptive drama to keep us in compliance.
The media is as much a part of the machinery used to control us as the government. So what the papers say below is all just subtle variations on the official line.
Call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you like but I just don’t buy the official line on this. We’ve witnessed so many deceptive dramas that have been staged to build support for Western governments’ policies that we should view these reports with some healthy scepticism.
How do we know that Boris Johnson’s health is really as bad as we are being told? This is from the same corporate media that have repeatedly lied and deceived us about 9/11, 7/11 and the “War on Terror”. If they can deceive us about something as big and in your face as the World Trade Center collapse then Boris Johnson’s health would be a minor deception in comparison. Ed.

‘Full-scale emergency’: what the papers say about Boris Johnson’s move to intensive care

Martin Farrer – The Guardian April 7, 2020

Headlines in the British press, Tuesday april 7, 2020. Click to enlarge

The sharp decline in Boris Johnson’s health makes for a series of grave front pages on Tuesday.

The Times’ headline reads “PM in intensive care” and reports on sources saying that Johnson needed four litres of oxygen. The papers says this is well below the normal threshold of 15 litres and suggests the prime minister’s case is not as serious as some admitted to ICU.

The Mirror says “Sick Boris faces fight for life” across a picture of a pallid-looking Johnson taken from a government video last week. It agrees that the PM’s illness raises some awkward questionsfor the way the country is being run and says cabinet ministers will never be forgiven if they are seen to be scoring points off each other in a fight for a potential succession.

The Mail also chooses the same image as the Mirror alongside a headline reading “Now stricken Boris taken to intensive care”. It also notes that his pregnant girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, is self-isolating in London and has been unable to see him.

The Mail reports inside on how “the crisis over Boris Johnson’s health turned into a full-scale emergency”, with his doctor immediately telling him he had to go to hospital after seeing him struggling for breath on a conference call on Sunday.

The Sun headline says “Boris in intensive care” while the Metro says “PM put in intensive care unit” and the i opts for “Prime minister in intensive care with coronavirus”.

The Telegraph headline is “Johnson in intensive care” and on the inside pages the paper’s former editor, Charles Moore, is sharply critical of comments by the one-time Whitehall mandarin Lord Kerslake, who told the BBC that Johnson would have to “reflect on his position” if his illness continued. Citing the example of Winston Churchill, who suffered two bouts of serious illness during the second world war, Moore looks forward to Johnson recovering and says: “I think both Britain and Boris have a stronger constitution than Lord Kerslake allows.”

The Express, whose headline is “Boris moved to intensive care as health worsens”, highlights in one of its stories a comment by BBC journalist Andrew Neil who posted on Twitter a statistic about the dangers of the virus if you have not recovered after 10 days. The BBC host wrote: “This virus either gives up and you recover with no damage done or it really decides to go for you and you have a 50:50 chance. The PM’s decision to work through his isolation will not have helped. Nor loneliness in Downing St.”

Finally, the Financial Times says “Johnson moved to intensive care as persistent symptoms worsen”.



15 responses to “‘Full-scale emergency’: what the papers say about Boris Johnson’s move to intensive care”

  1. Couldn’t agree more with your introduction. With regard to Boris’s admission to hospital, in my ‘Coronavirus Diary’ I had already written:
    The Powers That Be must be getting desperate now – they have to stop the awakening.

  2. Here’s an unusual “coincidence”….In Britain and NZ and very possibly other countries…..high profile Ministers have been caught breaking the lock down rules.

    Are they just being arrogant tossers OR are these events staged for the public…..”look even MPs are being halted by the police for breaking the rules”…..etc etc.

    Was the toilet paper shortage at staged distraction so that the great unwashed dont decide to buy up food supplies and cause shortages.There are always substitutes for toilet paper in emergencies but not food??.

  3. The virus has a mind it can decide if it wants to ravage you like an attack dog with a 50:50 chance of escape or it can decide to ease off completely and let you pass after 10days.
    In deed the mind of this virus can really decide to go for you even if your head is taken from your body. Andrew Neil needs a rusty bard wire enema.
    Boros can die so what, it changes nothing that’s how much he is worth.

  4. This is a false flag

  5. I completely agree with the analysis, but, Boris could be very ill and my alternative theory, which by no means attempts to compete, as I have also postulated the theory above. However, many in the PofW have allegedly caught Covid, but they have all recovered fairly quickly. Boris appears to have received a ‘large viral load’, the question is, did he just catch it by random chance, or, was he given this large viral load?

    I still hold the view that Covid is a coronavirus that has been through a bioweapons lab. My view (subject to change), is that this virus went through Porton Down. If we remember, the Skripals and Novichok farce where various people were contaminated with ‘something LIKE Novichok’. My view, this ‘something like Novichok’ came from Porton Down. So MI6 played this Skripals farce.

    Boris got Brexit disaster done. Anyone with half a brain and can detach themselves from their romantic prejudices, would/should agree it was a disaster. But now that Boris’s mate Covid has turned up, Brexit has become a revelation, a masterstroke. Just keep in mind that Boris’s place and his attributed achievements are destined for the history books, enough for one man, or any man. So why not despatch Boris into the afterlife? Boris’s death would be a well-timed end (full stop) to a traumatic period in British history.

    Now, I am not saying Boris will die. I am just putting out another possible line of thought.
    It would be fairly easy to find out if Boris was deliberately given a high viral load, or if he caught it from others who were infected who had a low viral load and subsequently recovered. Someone who recovers easily has a low load at the start, and has a relatively low viral load at peak infection. Boris seems to have the level of load you would see in a medical professional working directly with Covid patients. However, as I understand it, Boris has had pneumonia before.

    I don’t think MI6 would have a second thought about killing anyone, so long as it adds to the fine tapestry of British history. If Boris dies, the Tories will have another term in office.

    As I’ve indicated, made in Porton Down, sounds daft when your Prime Minister has Covid, died from Covid or nearly died from Covid. On a geopolitical level, Covid is a masterstroke for the UK. China has been given a huge blow and we can see this in the MI6 backed Hong Kong riots, we’ve given Iran something to think about and the weakest big EU economies, Italy & Spain have had their economies completely trashed and therefore threaten the stability of the EU. Remember the Russiagate Dossier which must have crossed MI6’s desk, if not commissioned by MI6. This faked dossier was put out to stop Trump. It was direct interference in the US election by the UK. Forget what Trump says in public, the UK was going to get squished in any trade deal while Trump was president. Will Trump get reelected, will there be an election this November when the second Covid wave might be underway? The fact is, on every count, Covid has done the UK a massive favour. As to the Covid lockdown costs, it’s just another QE lush. And the deaths from Covid, it’s all great long-term financial benefits. And remember two or three waves are possible & lots of people are dying from cancer delays, alcohol, drugs, suicides and some will die from just sitting on their sofa for a few months. Then we’ll have the Greater Depression, this will also kill many people.

  6. ….as persistent symptoms of bulls crap worsen.

  7. I say BS to BJ and if he is in the hospital for any serious reason it is not Covid and may he recovery and be tried in an independent trial by jury for all of his crimes in promoting this psyop and state takeover of all of our rights. Sorry Boris, but when the revolution comes you will be counted in that 1 in 2000 who have deliberately betrayed humanity.

  8. Is that Boris in those pictures? It’s hard to tell with different light and camera angles but I was studying a photo of him here a day or two ago, particularly round those small and surprisingly apprehensive almost fearful eyes. Certainly not the bulldog eyes of a Churchill and with the downsloping folds on either side, more of a Macmillan. With his rather hesitant, umming speech habit he seems rather more weak than his bullying bluster suggests. Perhaps his vaunted womanising is a cover for something else! Anyway those photos might not be him.

  9. Carl, my bet is that it is a mild bio-weapon which symptoms are accentuated by 5G RF when the frequency is increased either in pulses or more or less by some steady higher frequency transmission. If they ran out the 5G on the scale which they have done in places like Wuhan, China; Daegu, South Korea; Lombardy area of Italy, New York City, and other places, and vulnerable people were to have immune problems or signs of radiation sickness, 5G would be dead in its tracks. The control-freaks have invested trillions in 5G and have gone ahead with it despite all of the independent medical science opposition. Nothing like rolling out a little flu pandemic to mask some of the otherwise noticeable 5G effects which in fact exacerbate such flu symptoms especially with those with serious health issues.

    Most of the present new 5G frequency bands are in the range 3.4 – 4.2 GHz. However, they need to test up to between 20 & 30 GHz “where the main focus is on (temporary) coverage of, for example, football stadiums, shopping centers and the like, and on wireless Internet on railway lines and in public transport”, and they also need to test
    frequencies on people to around 80 GHz. Those who are aged with serious heath issues are viewed by the same establishments generally they have considered as a drain on the precious heath-care dollar, and if fact over the past few years in most Western nations they have done a great deal to obliterate all laws banning euthanasia and assisted suicide. They are unable to see any loss with such a pandemic as this which they have deliberately created.

    If you put any standard 8 GHz RF meter within 6 inches of your microwave oven door while the oven is on, and the door closed, you will see it instantly red zone into very hazardous radiation which is well bellow 8 GHz. Tinfoil or aluminum foil over the door significantly reduces the radiation to safe levels. Tinfoil hats are no doubt about to become the rage.

    Would the authorities do such a thing? Absolutely, if they thought it would interfere with the plans of their masters and their 5G stocks from going up, they would be absolutely obedient just as they were with 9/11. Can you trust even a guy like Putin or the Russian government? Absolutely not. If the West goes 5G so must Russia, and his government would cooperate with any psyop deemed necessary as have all our governments. We all now know about 9/11 and who did it, and there is not one world leader even if they are enemies of the US and Israel who will tell their people what their intelligence agencies know about that huge scam on the world.

    None of our leaders represent the best interests of the people they have been ostensibly been chosen to serve. They are all complete hypocrites and phonies. As for the people, ho can they be respected? The majority absolute sheeple totally satisfied with any free stuff they can get from a government which despises them, and so easily intimidated and controlled by one major fake crisis after another. In this century you have the intimidation of the 9/11 false flag and the fear mongering of terrorism with huge clampdowns on our liberties and the creation of the surveillance state. Then you had the fear mongering of WMD’s to justify raping and pillaging Iraq; then some 15 years of fake-science, fake-news, and fake-politicians fear mongering saying man-made CO2 levels were overheating and killing the planet; then the Israeli-NATO & Brit-US-led creation of the mother of all terrorist organizations called ISIS, to terrorize us with numerous false flags in Europe, and to terrorize Syrians while securing oils fields in both Iraq and Syria for our oil companies.

    The people who run our nations know that most people are incapable of connecting any more than two dots at a time except in their work, and that they are quite content with eating any shit dished out to them by their governments, and then when they are told to like it, they will even ask for more. When it comes to a 5G rollout and crashing the economy for a mighty reset resulting from the huge unsustainable debt bubble, and to get people used to absolute government compliance with inoculations and ID chips, then what is wrong with doing such things more indirectly with a little smoke screen like a flu pandemic which the fake-news media, the fake-scientists, and fake politicians can so easily orchestrate with a low-grade designer flu bioweapon, creating fear and panic, and forcing lockdowns, economic privation, while they make all the necessary adjustments to our assets, our bank accounts, our heath, and our lives?

    May the true God rise up in the hearts of every decent soul in the world to enable mankind to shake off this evil yoke of deception, exploitation, and tyranny.

  10. Did Boris Johnson defy Rothschild and Brexit?

    Now he is dead, just as Trump will be dead by not attacking Iran.

    Our elected leaders are middle level managers (ie. whores) of a worldwide banking empire.

    You do as you are told or you are dead. Billionaires like Trump and Bill Gates are small fry to the wealth of the owners who have trillions. Gates and Trump are lackeys, same for Hillary, that is why Trump doesn’t arrest Hillary for corruption or Gates for mass murder by vaccinations they work for the same owners.

    The way you get rich in this evil system of usury is to be a player, want a billion? Then play ball or you will be destroyed financially. The economic hit man model is how the rule.

    If we had a real leader, not some Jew whore or some Jew wannabe whore, the leader would call in the military and then target Ratchild and Israel. But you see Trump won’t because he is a liar and fraud, a flim flam con man that fooled Amerika.


    Idiotic comments like this are highly immoral: “We also happen to disagree on moral grounds with the mass extermination of the Jews. Even if Einstein were a plagiarist who was unpleasant to his wife, do you really want to slaughter him for being a Jew? If so, you are out of your mind.”

    For one thing Einstein is already dead and he was the prime mover behind the hell bomb that was used to incinerate Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It’s not like Einstein was a moral actor, he was a Jewish supremacist who helped create the very situation we are in now, which is us facing our extinction at the hands of the Jews!

    The Jews have killed millions, how many more millions of us will they kill until these Christian idiots whored to the Jew Jesus (a literary fiction) get it in their stupid immoral heads that we are being wiped out and need to retaliate by wiping them and their books off the face of the earth. If you don’t understand that then why not just go to church and sit in a pew and pray to Mother Mary or Jesus for redemption of your soul?

    You have to wonder if the Jews put us through a nuclear war (a very real possibility considering they are insane and have built thousands of those things) and you are some Christian in Europe sucking down radioactive air and water if you get the moral courage to do something about them? Apparently not, Christians will defend the Jews all the way to their graves. Now that is the power of the Bible hell spell for ya!

    This lead in (“If Jesus doesn’t come back soon we’re toast. Why do saviors always wait until the very last minute to save humanity? — Arch Stanton) just shows you how completely duped the very smart Arch Stanton is. It should read if we keep believing in Jesus we are toast, why are we wasting our time believing in a Jewish myth man when he is being used as a psyop to get us to stand down?

  11. Fred B: I am not a big fan of David Icke, but his recent mega long interview with London Real which was taken down by Youtube and others, it a revelation. As such, there is no virus. It appears to be some kind of bioweapon (as you suggest) which is activated by 5G or something like it. So Iran must be getting hit from space, or do they have 5G??

  12. usually the media is all over a person of high position even in sickness. did anyone see the car/ambulance that took BJ to hospital. was there any camera crew in hospital to film the ward in which BJ is situated? nothing….so the question is what pup are we being played.

  13. @ Carl Jones, Fred B and Yukon Jack:

    Good comments all round you guys. I agree that SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19 is a bio-engineered weapon. I would further add other False Flags/Psyops besides the Skripal/Novichek incident, but incidents like the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter and her Iraqis killing babies in Incubators story and Mullalah Yousefseh ( daughter of British Ambassador) being attacked on the School bus, where her face was deformed, to this list.

    Perhaps, with some joking, maybe BoJo will die, and be dead for 3 days and then magically come back to life, and declare himself the Rescuer of the World, a sort of AntiChrist! Just joking, but TPTB have done stranger things before!

  14. I do not believe that Boris is in ICU for a start you would not be in ICU sitting up in bed with two little plastic straws up your nose delivering a little oxygen. I have been into ICU at St Toms and seen for my self how very sick the patients are most in induced coma’s whilst incubated so I do not buy that story. I think that they want to keep the lock down going introducing more fear factor to keep the whole lie going for as long as they possibly can.
    At some point the public will start questioning there freedoms how they are going to get out of that one is frightening because I think what comes next will be bank account lock downs. property taken away and people divided in groups of healthy, sick, very sick, Those that refuse the vaccine will have all freedoms taken away. We are walking into a nightmare of evil and it will take many generations to free the human race from it if ever. It may not look like this at the moment but if these Satanist can lock down a country with a lie of fear of death at every turn then I put nothing pass them.