Ex-Border Force chief says migrants crossing Channel are ‘major threat’ to UK borders

ANOTHER boat is picked up – taking total number to record-breaking 601 in a month

  • Tony Smith CBE told committee today he cannot see an ‘immediate end’ to crisis
  • He also said the Government needs to have a ‘very serious look’ at its capabilities
  • Another boat carrying 13 migrants was picked up off the Kent coast this morning
  • A record 601 migrants have made it to UK shores this month, with 57 yesterday 

 Katie Weston and William Cole — Mail Online May 22, 2020

Two small boats carrying 25 migrants are pictured being handed over by the French authorities to UK Border Force in the English Channel on Wednesday. Click to enlarge

The ex-Border Force chief has today said migrants crossing the English Channel are a ‘major threat’ to UK borders as another boat is picked up today, taking the total number to a record-breaking 601 so far this month.

Tony Smith CBE, a former head of the Border Force, told the Commons home affairs committee that he cannot see an immediate end to the crisis.

He also commented on widely shared footage that some have claimed shows a French Navy ship escorting a migrant dinghy into British waters this week.

It comes as Border Force patrols picked up another boat carrying 13 migrants today, taking the total who have reached British shores to 601 so far this month, with 57 migrants arriving on five boats yesterday and 64 on Wednesday.

The small boat was picked up off the Kent coast at around 2.14am, with the Coastguard fixed-wing aircraft scrambled along with the Dungeness lifeboat and Border Force vessel Hunter.

French authorities also stopped another boat from travelling across the Channel.

At least 1,121 migrants have now crossed to the UK on small boats since the coronavirus lockdown was announced, according to data.

Mr Smith said: ‘This was declared a critical incident by the Home Secretary last year.

‘In my experience critical incidents are declared in order to put out the fire if you like with a task force and that when the fire’s put out we return to business as normal.

‘It’s too enduring to be just a critical incident. I think this is becoming a major threat, I’m afraid, to the UK border.’

He said the crossings entail a ‘huge risk to life and limb, which should be our top priority in any case’.

The committee heard that migrants are told by smugglers that if they get picked up by Border Force then they will get into the UK.

Mr Smith said the Government needs to have a ‘very serious look’ at its capabilities.

He said: ‘We haven’t really geared ourselves up to a major maritime threat like this either in terms of our infrastructure, our powers, our response capability or our international response capability with France.

‘This is all driven by money and smugglers. You need to send a very, very clear message that that’s not going to work.’

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5 responses to “Ex-Border Force chief says migrants crossing Channel are ‘major threat’ to UK borders”

  1. We’ve had retired Lord Sumption speak out on the lockdown, he’s an ex-judge and I stated that he was working toward the elite agenda. I also noted that during a period of tension between US and UK forces in Iraq, it was retired senior military brass who were marched out into the fake news spotlight to make all the right noises… many military families in the UK needed to be soothed. Here we have another ex trotted out to do the elites bidding.

    Pipsqueak Tony Smith is playing the fear card so they can bash the French. Remember, it was MI6, Cameron, and Hague (both mega war criminals) who created the EU immigration crisis and it’s MI6 using contractors to supply the boats in the Mediterranean Sea and now the English Channele. Even the French fail to break the rubber boat supply chain, are they in on it, or are they fearful of exposing MI6s operations?

    So people who held sensitive semi powerful positions and were totally silent in post, are then trotted out in retirement to assist the corrupt elite make policy.

  2. Why are we not allowed to know what incentives zog-uk offers these criminals to come here illegally?

    They get free accommodation, free tv licences, free mobile ‘phones. What else do they get free? Many of them have cars. Are they supplied at taxpayer expense? How much are they PAID to come here in addition to the foregoing?

    How much MORE do they get in Britain than they’d get in any other EU country?

    It’s long past time to get rid of the bird feeders.

  3. ”The ex-Border Force chief has today said migrants crossing the English Channel are a ‘major threat’ to UK borders”…………….Seriously?? We ALL KNOW thast………..But why is this self important HYPOCRITE speaking up NOW when he did NOTHING BUT ENCOURAGE it under HIS watch?? I can only imagine in HIS case CBE stands for c..t of the Used to be British Empire!! I hope this hypocrite rots in hell for opening the borders when HE was at the helm

  4. A turkisg barbers opened up in the shop next to me
    the guy said it was all done with grants from the UK government
    and this while the Liverpool care pathway was going on
    this was the plan to kill off British elderly in hospitals and steal their homes
    to pay for the migrants coming in

  5. The country is supposed to be in lockdown
    but still boatloads come in every day carrying god knows what diseases
    why do we allow traitor politicians to run the country
    ordinary folk with common sense could do it better