The migrant crisis

A growing problem worldwide, most recently in Europe

A Danish police officer stands guard during the riots at Norrebro in Copenhagen. Click to enlarge

Copenhagen riots: Violent protests after anti-Islam campaigner THROWS Koran in air

Increasingly frequent event where, by “divide and rule”, formerly homogenous societies are fractured by unrestricted immigration

Study: Number of Germans Murdered, Brutally Attacked by Migrants Doubles in Year

New German police statistics reveal something you are unlikely to hear much about in the mainstream media

Email From Sweden

Email From Sweden

Two recent cases in Sweden illustrate how political correctness in the country now verges on the insane. It’s not just bad. It’s downright dangerous

Authorities did not immediately intervene to disperse the demonstrators but waded in after it became violent. Click to enlarge

New Migrant Uprising in Greece

Hundreds storm Greek train station and clash with cops at border as they try to reopen a land route to Germany in revolt fuelled by social media (and George Soros)

Learning from Moygashel

Learning from Moygashel

Irish Savant explains how attempts to repel the migrant invasion by appealing to ethnic traditions carry within them the seeds of intra-White conflagration

Moroccan Migrant Says He Killed Italian Man Because He Was 'White' And 'Happy'

Moroccan Migrant Says He Killed Italian Man Because He Was ‘White’ And ‘Happy’

“I chose to kill this young man because he looked happy. And I couldn’t stand his happiness.”

Good-Bye Home Country

On the Kalergi Plan for the Western World, and the media and leaders like Macron and Merkel’s role in bringing it to fruition

Maltese Special Forces watches over detained migrant hijckers. Click to enlarge

Special forces seize tanker hijacked by migrants in the Mediterranean Sea

Special forces team supported by patrol vessels and helicopters retake vessel hijacked by migrants it had rescued in the

Migrants wait aboard a partially punctured rubber boat during a rescue operation off the coast of Libya. Click to enlarge

Rescued migrants hijack merchant ship off Libya

It seems that many of those rescued in the Mediterranean EXPECT to be rescued AND THEN delivered to Europe. If that doesn’t happen they will hijack their rescuers

Hyper-Hypocrisy of The West about ISIS

Sweden is a US vassal. For only a vassal state would consider opening its borders to thousands of ISIS fighters and their families in response to US calls to provide them with sanctuary

What remained of the school bus after the driver tried to incinerate his passengers. Click to enlarge

Senegalese man sets Italian school bus on fire with children on board

Incidents like this only reinforce public support for Salvini’s tough anti-migration policy

ISIS flag. Click to enlarge

Sweden: Serious Crimes Committed by Returned ISIS Fighters

One in three Islamic State fighters have committed serious crimes after returning to Sweden, investigation reveals

Matteo Salvini. Click to enlarge

How to Win on Immigration: Italy’s Salvini Shows the Way

The overwhelming majority of immigration to the West is occurring because our governments are willingly allowing this happen.

Italian girl murdered by Nigerian migrants likely dismembered alive, court hears

Italian girl murdered by Nigerian migrants likely dismembered alive, court hears

Incidents like this contributed to Salvini’s government taking power with a pledge to drastically reduce immigration to Italy

Report: Immigrants Behind 70 Percent of Violent Crime in Oslo

Other European cities have seen similar rates of migrant criminality. In Berlin, for example, 75 percent of prisoners awaiting trial are foreigners.

Hungarian government poster depicting George Soros and Jean-Claude Juncker. Click to enlarge

EU declares migration crisis over as it hits out at ‘fake news’

No one wants to risk a potentially perilous sea crossing in rough winter weather. Hence the numbers trying to cross into Europe are down. That will change in spring

(DHL) The package giant stops its deliveries to Rosengård

Rosengard, a district in Malmo in southern Sweden, hosts growing “no-go zones” due to rising levels of violent crime and anti-social behaviour. As a result basic services are no longer being delivered

Self-Hating Whites

Decades ago Jean Raspail described a fictional French government and media that welcomed Third World immigrants, who later overran France and extinguished the nation. Today Macron speaks exactly like the political characters in that novel

Hungarian government poster depicting George Soros and Jean-Claude Juncker. Click to enlarge

Brussels Cries ‘Conspiracy’

After Hungary’s government publishes adverts that depict a smiling Soros behind EU immigration agenda

Immigration: We're Paying to be Replaced

Immigration: We’re Paying to be Replaced

Don’t expect them to tell you this. Christian Western civilization is in mortal danger. This threat extends to our concepts of goodness and truth, to Reality itself.