The Men in the Little White Trucks

John Kaminski – April 6, 2020

They’re coming to take you away — permanently


We are now all refugees from the terror government that rules from Washington and all the banks of the world.

Who gave Donald Trump the right to suspend our Constitution? Answer? We did!

It happened because we failed to question the official story. Which official story? There were dozens of them, each one a fictional government fairy tale that was covered up by a self serving lie which deceived the people into thinking they knew what was happening when they didn’t. All were based on the mistaken perception that the government was here to help us. Wrong answer. Very wrong! Likely fatal.

Now we’re locked in our houses, fearful of getting any closer than six feet to the ones we love. Has there ever been a more effective mind control scheme?

Note to American dummies: Viruses don’t cause anything. Viruses are our body’s response to the poisoning of our body’s cells. Viruses are generally good things, reflexive biological substances that purge poisons from our bodies.

Coronavirus is therefore an oxymoron, like Army intelligence or political morality. The two descriptions can never go together, unless you’re a dupe eager to be fleeced. Or murdered.

And about that vaccine you were contemplating?
Maybe you should trust Bill Gates. After all, he’s very rich.

And about those men in their little white trucks?

Stop them. Get them to stop in any way you can. But be careful. Most of the time they have a protective cop nearby.

They are installing 5G, mostly in the schools but also in your own neighborhood. They’re making good money, especially with all that overtime. Too bad they won’t have much time to spend it.

When they ultimately turn on it this new Internet of Things system, yes, you will be able to download your favorite trendy video in an instant, but you are just as likely to drop dead in place, just like all those unfortunate people did in Wuhan. And Milan. And Seattle. And New York City.

Blow up the cell towers or burn them down before they start killing the next generation of schoolchildren with the horrendous diseases they will deliberately trigger to make the world plantation a more comfortable place to live for trillionaires like Bill Gates and his conscienceless clone conspirators who have no regard for the sanctity of human life, nor for the religions people need to feel happy.

The reason why all these people have died, many of them perfectly healthy, simply couldn’t have been a virus. In addition to the fact that viruses will never cause such reactions, there is no way any disease could spread around the world so quickly and start killing all these people at precisely the same time. It is mathematically and logistically impossible.

As Arthur Firstenberg has documented, ably and amply, in his book The Invisible Rainbow, altering the electrical properties of the atmosphere by some new electronic device or practice always results in mass death that is quickly blamed on some other flimsy reason used by the powers that be.

I’m no technologically savvy biologist but the perception is growing that 5G changes the character of oxygen. That’s the great secret they’ve been keeping from you. Under the influence of 5G the oxygen won’t bond with the hemoglobin in your blood. You will drop dead in place. That’s what happened to all those people in Wuhan, China the day they turned on the 5G. I’m a betting man, and I’d bet on that.

Welcome to 9/11 all over again. Only this time it’s much worse. The entire world is at risk. This is the great population culling the conspiracy theorists have been talking about for years.

The emergency rooms are now all empty. Hospitals are laying off personnel because they have no business. Yet on television, plastic pitchmen continue to prattle that the death toll is rising and that long lines of victims are stressing out our beleaguered medical profession heroes. They’re backing up giant trailer trucks to the ERs to cart away the corpses.

Until you talk to some of these overworked healthcare “heroes” or watch the growing profusion of videos that show all the hospital parking lots are empty.

So last night around midnight, I was clicking away at my computer, watching videos from Dana Ashlie and other heroes trying to defuse the scamdemic, when suddenly I heard a familiar rap on my window. It was my wheelchair-bound friend Greg, who mostly only comes out at night. So I popped outside for a chat.

It wasn’t more than a few minutes later when a helicopter appeared overhead and began circling our location. On about the twelfth circuit it clicked on its powerful spotlight, trying to illuminate these two dangerous characters who were clearly in violation of the governor’s recent dictum of his enforced curfew to stay in your house at all times and practice social distancing.

Now the world is realizing that this edict is exactly the distance between us and our lost freedom as we cringe in constant fear of our own government perpetually lying to us about the nature of the world while insisting it is acting in our own best interests.

Either the quarantine breaks or we break, in which case everything we have worked for all our lives will be lost to the lies of phony politicians and deceitful doctors who clearly cannot be trusted with the health of the people.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.

6 responses to “The Men in the Little White Trucks”

  1. The helicopter thing doesnt seem quite credible UNLESS you have been subject to it…..

    I got the helicopter experience while driving in the South of England….at night….First I was parked up outside a town and sleeping in my car to save money on accommodation. I had one of the helicopters hovering overhead for maybe ten minutes…..
    After dismissing this as paranoia….I forgot about it until the following evening….quite some distance away and well into the country…..another helicopter or the same one showed up at night…..same story.
    After that I was of the opinion that was TOO much of a “coincidence”.
    Without doubt my cell phone was hacked…..and it still is today!…….cell phones save the secret police from having to put a tracker on you.
    The NZ Police are illegally hacking my phone…..and guess what TRY FUCKING PROVING IT…’ll get nowhere and the cunts know it…….there is no restraint on their activities…and you’ll get no help from your elected representative……they DONT REPRESENT…..and NZ MPs get one of the highest salaries in the OECD…..they’re not going to jeopardize their privileged position for some “political crank” now are they.

  2. In one place we look down upon the those that willingly
    accept conditional release while asking for a war on 5G we know will force a crackdown placing further conditions on the release. We know they will double down, that 5G and beyond is a much needed element of sustainable development which is a multi pronged attack in which no single front can be taken. To waste 5G you’re going to have to waste sustainable development first.
    I do not believe this is autonomous not for a millisecond some elements maybe but this is being pushed and corona is just an excuse. If you’re a fly staring down the spider good luck.

  3. Two thousand years ago the very corrupt and deceitful Hebrew and Gentile establishments crucified truth, freedom, honor, decency, faith, brotherly love, and the love of the true God, who came to us in the form of a man. These week their inheritors are about to crucify the last vestige of these gifts and virtues in all of humanity. For this holy week for many they have banned worship and the Lord of truth, justice and love from their lives. May this Easter be the Easter Up-Rising for all who want to be FREE.

  4. The point about changing O2 seems apropos,
    What was an ancient technology to determine it was safe for humans to be in an underground mine, given all the gases with no smell which can quickly kill you, e.g., 100%nitrogen, CO, et al.?
    Answer: Don’t put rats in the mines, they can survive when people die. Rather, put caged birds in the mines; the smaller the better.(E.g., canaries.) Why? Because birds die way quicker than mammals as O2 fails and the smaller the bird the sooner.
    So, what are we seeing, (at present) as the main indicator of 5G problems? Bird Deaths!

  5. @ Fred

    Tomorrow April 8th is Passover the most important of the Feast in our Creators Scriptures.
    Jesus was crucified on this day, a Wednesday as explained in this :

    Christ’s Resurrection Was Not on Sunday

    Easter is a Pagan feast.

    It’s not hard to find information about the customs of Easter. It turns out that Easter is an old pagan worship day which Yahuwah hates. Our modern day version of Easter is just a remake of some very ancient pagan traditions and practices. If the Christian would really think about the source of “Easter” he would most assuredly abhor it.

  6. Good observation R.C.!

    You can’t even say 5G is for the birds…
    It’s certainly not for the birdies!