Eris - the Greek Goddess of strife and discord (Roman Discordia)

Daughters of the Night

John Kaminski on the revenge of the dwarf planets. With an astrological update that, for the U.S., could hardly be more ominous

The Men in the Little White Trucks

They’re coming to take you away — permanently

Bill Gates - Man with a mission.

The Bill Gates death tattoo

John Kaminski warns that Bill Gates wants mass microchipping and how Covid-19 is being used aa a means toward that end

Flu is Not Contagious

Flu is Not Contagious

John Kaminski reviews a book that echoes Rudolph Steiner. Flu is NOT contagious, argues Arthur Firstenberg, it is caused by disruptions in the electrical field around us

The Beginning of the End

While we don’t necessarily agree with or endorse what John Kaminski writes, he makes some valid points and we do endorse free speech

The Road to Hell is Paved with Lies

Few Americans yet realize Donald Trump has given America her “forever reputation” — a bloodthirsty nation that murders people working for peace!

Unable to Wake-Up

Media induced moral slumber has brought the imminent demise of the family and the elevation of homosexuality as “normal”. John Kaminski explains

Chronicle of a depraved empire

400 years of tyranny and deceit, 1620-2020,

Puppets for President

John Kaminski argues that Americans DO NOT VOTE FOR THEIR PRESIDENTS. America’s leader’s are CHOSEN FOR THEM

Evil Empire

These no politician on scene that I know of who is not participating in this project to destroy the US, writes John Kaminski. Trump isn’t going to save you, because he is one of them

Poisoned Minds, Poisoned World

U.S. legislators prioritize their campaign contributions much higher than they do the freedom of their country.

Everything is OK. Click to enlarge

Zero chance for freedom in Game Show America

The people who run the world want only one gender — workers, preferably neutered.

Are you afraid to tell the truth?

After disappearing from the web John Kaminski has returned with a new website

Kaleidoskope Virtual Reality Event at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, 22.3.2016 / Copyright: Raum11/Jan Zappner

Against Nature

Going against nature is a dead end street, and we’re on it



Our leaders are criminals who should be punished!

The Thin Line

The Thin Line

The thin line between sanity and savagery. Once you cross it you can’t come back

Fooling Ourselves

Fooling Ourselves

“Who’s the new boss, same as the old boss” – Includes video interview with Morris108

Casino Nation

Casino Nation

Betting our life savings on thieves who will steal it

Coming Unglued

Coming Unglued

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are stone cold killers. They hired al-Qaeda mercenaries to rape and kill Qaddafi in the streets and they laugh about it.

Is American Patriotism Treason to Humanity?

Is American Patriotism Treason to Humanity?

Our government, in case you hadn’t noticed, doesn’t even pretend to be our benefactor and protector anymore. They are interested only in getting rich.