Iran Attack on Two US Bases, The “Evil Empire” Strikes Back. The Casualties?

Larry Romanoff — Global Research Feb 9, 2020

After their excessive and macabre display of delight and satisfaction, and even celebration, over the killing of Solemani, the White House was tight-lipped about Iran’s almost immediate retaliatory missile attack on two US bases in Iraq, with Donald Trump soon claiming only a bit of physical damage, announcing on Twitter a day after the attack, “No Americans were harmed in last night’s attack by the Iranian regime. We suffered no casualties.” Trump also stated there was no significant damage to the bases.

Ain al-Asad airbase following Iranian missile strike

CNN initially reported that there were only casualties among Iraqi personnel but then quickly dropped the story altogether, initially stating “After days of anticipation, Tehran’s zero-casualty retaliation came as a relief to many. (1) At the time, Iranian officials maintained that the US had suffered least 80 dead and perhaps 200 wounded in the attack.

That story is slowly unwinding to indicate something very different, with various Middle East media reporting multiple casualties, and statements from the US Central Command directly contradicting Trump’s comments.

First, Al-Qabas, a leading Arabic-language newspaper in Kuwait reported that after the attack 16 US servicemen had been flown in secrecy and “under tight security” to a US military hospital at Camp Arjifan in Ahmed Al-Jaber Air Base in Kuwait, and that the men were clearly suffering from severe burns and shrapnel wounds. Al-Qabas further reported that all had undergone surgery but remained in the ICU at the hospital (2) (3).

The paper later reported that another 8 casualties had been flown to Germany for treatment, with more to Camp Arjifan, and that many others with more minor injuries were being treated in Iraq. These flights were confirmed by the Pentagon, stating the soldiers had been flown to Germany and Kuwait for screening of “potential concussion injuries” and “possible brain injuries” and suffered in the attack.

But then it seemed that every week the casualty list enlarged, now at 50 and still counting. In keeping with the US government’s war on truth, the US Central Command said, “it is possible additional injuries may be identified in the future”, apparently committing themselves to the political safety of drip-feeding fatalities and injuries on the pretense of them being unrelated.

Nevertheless, the US continues to inflate the number of troops diagnosed with “traumatic brain injuries” caused by Iranian missile strikes.

It seems perhaps politically expedient but humanly bizarre for Trump to have claimed, “I heard that they had headaches and a couple of other things, but I would say and I can report it is not very serious”, adding that he didn’t “consider them serious injuries relative to other injuries I’ve seen.” (4)

Then, Brigadier General Ali Hajizadeh, a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, stated in a press conference that although Iran was not directly seeking to kill American soldiers, “at the very least, many tens of US troops have likely been killed”.

He said if deaths had been his intention, Iran’s missiles could have killed at least 5,000. He went on to document that the casualties from that attack “were transferred to Israel and Jordan on 9 sorties of C-130 flights”. The C-130 Hercules is a huge aircraft that can carry 100 passengers or 75 fully-equipped troops, so 9 flights would represent at least several hundred casualties.

Nevertheless, that military operation was described as merely “a slap in the face” to the US, and that “a harsher revenge” would soon come. (5)

Ali Hajizadeh also claimed that Iran had identified more than 100 critical US locations across the entire region, should the US “make any mistake again”. Reports are that Iran targeted the Ayn Al-Assad air base because it holds the highest number of US troops in Iraq, but also because that is the base location of the American Reaper drones.

It is interesting that the casualties were experienced on a major American airbase equipped with the Patriot missile defense system, and that the Americans received ample warning (more than 6 hours) of the impending attack from several sources – the Danes, the Swiss authorities, and the Iraqi government. Danish soldiers said on Danish TV that they were give a 6-hour warning of the attack by the Iranians and shared this information. (6) (7)

In spite of what one writer termed “almost ideal conditions from the point of view of defense”, the Americans appear to have miserably failed in their ability to protect themselves. It isn’t clear how or why American soldiers would have incurred so many casualties, and especially brain damage from an attack they knew was coming. (8)

After the Saudi Aramco attacks, and after failing to even identify much less intercept the Iranian missiles in Iraq, it appears that the Patriot missiles are indeed what Foreign Policy termed “a lemon of a missile defense system”. 9Reports are that not even one Patriot missile was fired in defense against the 15 incoming missiles.

Researchers at the Defense and Arms Control Studies Program at MIT performed a detailed study of all available video evidence of the use and effectiveness of the American Patriot missile system and stated there was “no unambiguous evidence” that Patriot missiles destroyed even one incoming missile. It stated that “The videos instead contain substantial evidence that Patriot’s success rate was very low, possibly even zero”. (9)

Several troops to whom CNN spoke, said the event had shifted their view of warcraft: the US military is rarely on the receiving end of sophisticated weaponry, despite launching the most advanced attacks in the world. “You looked around at each other and you think: Where are we going to run? How are you going to get away from that?” said Ferguson. “I don’t wish anyone to have that level of fear,” he said. “No one in the world should ever have to feel something like that.” (1)

On January 13, 2020, the Pentagon replied to a FOIA request from US Congressman B. G. Thompson on the casualties and damage sustained by the US in the Iranian missile attack. You can read his reply in the attached photo, but he stated the US military had incurred 139 deceased, 146 injured, and “extensive damage to 15 helicopters, 2 cargo aircraft and 3 MQ-1 Predator drones”. He further outlined “extensive damage” to the base command center, hangars and barracks, the aircraft control tower and the runways.

He said further that “initial assessments indicate mentioned damages will cause “total impairment” … of air base activities for at least 3 weeks.”

I want to make a request here. I don’t mean to tease you, but this is a trick question. Please read the above paragraph again, and identify what is to you the most important point.

* An elected US Congressman – the US Government in fact – had to resort to a Freedom of Information Request to learn the facts of a critical adventure experienced by his own military – a request that could easily have been refused on grounds of ‘national security’.

Thompson is not only an elected Congressman but the Chairman of the Department of Homeland Security, not a trivial position by any measure, and yet his personal requests for information must have been refused if he were forced to resort to FOIA for an answer. Who is the servant and whom the master? On this one metric alone, on what grounds can you rebut the double assertions that (1) the US government is not in control of the US and, (2) democracy in America is a dead corpse wearing a Disneyland shroud?

Iran Retaliates in Afghanistan

When the Taliban in Afghanistan claimed to have shot down an American military aircraft in Ghazni, Afghanistan, the US initially denied the event, then, after clear and graphic images were posted publicly, admitted the loss of a Bombardier E-11A plane. The US at first disclaimed knowledge of the number or identity of the crew or passengers, then claimed only two occupants, later revised to 6 after more photos emerged. Russian intelligence sources almost immediately claimed that American Michael D’Andrea was killed in that crash, the aircraft apparently serving as his mobile command post in Afghanistan. (10)

D’Andrea was a prominent figure, the head of Iran operations for the CIA, and the man who orchestrated the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani as well as other targeted murders. The New York Times claimed D’Andrea had overseen hundreds of drone strikes which “killed thousands of Islamist militants and hundreds of civilians”. The US government has officially denied his death and has refused requests to display him in public, which almost certainly means the claims of his death are accurate.

It was also speculated that Iran organised the downing of that aircraft, having previously provided considerable anti-aircraft hardware and training to the Taliban, and not being without intelligence sources of their own. Several Iranian journalists posted comments on social media that “the name of Iran will emerge in this case”, and “We are attacking them on the same level as they are attacking us.” An Italian reporter, Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio, first published in Italy the news of D’Andrea having been killed, stating “The news is so big that we have to write it running the risk of a denial”. (11)


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Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He can be contacted at: He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

Video: Trump Calls Upon Iran: “We Should Work Together”




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  1. The US gets its ass kicked in Saudi land in an action that will go down in all history, the US is still dumbfounded obviously because although the Iranians suspect the yanks have the smarts to correct the mistakes evolving, every indication is showing they simply lack the intelligence all round the board. One trick ponies are being lead out of the stall while you can run in the middle east but now you can’t hide.
    The yanks play warfare by moving the goal posts(googles quantum computer haha) and are truly running into no more room to move them any further. Washington, the Pentagon and the alphabet agencies might be able to fool westerners all the time they can’t now fool the world even some of the time. Hate to break it to you yanks you aren’t the world, revenge of the heartland is coming. Now do you what you do best, buggar off and go root a kid on behalf of Israel.
    Fancy having to inflate financial figures with repo`s, fancy having to lie constantly about your achievements. China builds a skyscraper in four days but hey America is so great they can bring 3 buildings down in a day all on camera.
    Who gives the world the biggest wank asked Mr alien to the farmboy, well that’s easy sir that would be a yank. Cop it sweet.

  2. Is missile attack now impossible to defend? Especially as their technological advances seem to be in advance of those of defence, in the above article. Doubtless cat and mouse will ply their wits to the end of time. Humans are war and war is human. Peacemakers inheriting an Earth can only happen by some Divine intervention, surely? I think Western Powers know they can’t conquer the world. But what an arms industry they have. Profits for ever. Ordnance has to be replaced. Weaponry becomes obsolete. Replace. Vast projects long term costing trillions of dollars……….what a way to run an economy. Swords into ploughshares could work. The peacemakers of this world could green the deserts, be ecologically sustainable. The transformation over the years would be beyond anything these hell makers that run the planet, could imagine. Irony is that most of the 7 billion people here ARE peacemakers. And that’s why they can’t get rid of the controllers.

  3. Days before the attack Trump’s regime sent thousands of fresh, know nothing, troops to the Middle East. Images from the TalmudVision of US troops getting on board that huge gray aircraft reminded me the opening scene in the movie ‘Platoon,’ one of my favorite movies. The troops have barely enough time to dig trenches – the comfort place of the infantry man – for this missile attack the trenches should have sand bag roofs, to protect against cluster ammunition. Were the soldiers at least commanded to dig in? I can’t believe such incompetence in a military waging war for centuries! War has its mysterious ways…

    The US bases were bombed few days after the infantry reinforcement. Instead of denying target to the enemy the US high command decided to provide target to the enemy.

    Nice move Trump, good job!

  4. I think the key info was that Iran hit the command center. Knowing an attack was imminent, this would have been a busy place. The Isreali Iron Dome system is rubbish and it now appears the Patriot System is also pants. We have no idea what tech Iran has on its missiles or where that tech came from. Russia has a good working relationship with Tehran, but it’s not a party. Make no mistake, the Russians and Chinese don’t want Iran to fall by attack or instability. I think the US military and It’s political elite have had a big shock. They now know that any attack on Iran or a full-blown war will incur serious losses and Israel also knows that its sacred lands will be peppered will missiles, unlike the deliberate duds from Hamas that Iron Dome can’t stop. The Dimona facility just sits in the desert waiting to be cracked open like an Easter egg.

    Why has the US and Israel miscalculated? I think its pretty simple. No one dare speak out. It is a career killer, and job loser and if your words of wisdom makes it to the fake news, you’ll be called a yellow bellied LIBERAL & investigated for talking to Russians.

  5. The killing of Soleimani appeared to be a mistake by the US in looking at the way they allowed Iran to save face and retaliate. However, it was deliberate and if the US really did the killing and not Israel then the US high command is somehow split. My view is that Israel did it with a US drone and was trying to provoke a war with Iran or remove a knight on the board before some envisioned war. It left the US authorities scrambling to defuse the situation once again. To make it look like the Iranian attack was significant the military simply sent a group of military off for “treatment” for alleged concussions. It clearly is all such bullshit to cover a very stupid assassination by some meant to provoke a huge hostile reaction and even a major war.

  6. Where are the links to the claims about the Congressman’s FOIA and 136 otherwise unreported deaths results? I don’t see it in the article, nor (surprisingly) even at Global Research.

    The ‘attached photo’ twitter link { } yields nada!


  7. We will continue to be lied to and misled, get used to it !

    The chess war game has commenced. There exists an underground army in every nation that is working toward the same goal. They will pit both sides against each other and catch everyone else in between to reach fruition of their ultimate plan.

    Join the illuminati in Iran … or anywhere else …

  8. Thanks NBTT for that backstory on the troops sent in to get attacked by Iranian missiles as part of the script setting up WWIII. Yes, America a tribal colony since day one has started almost all its wars by deception. Iran too is masonic. Not its people- I have crossed Iran twice on foot in 1977-8, camped in a puptent by the side of the road, hitchhiked with Iranian drivers picking me up, etc. The gentiles everywhere behave similarly OK. It is the criminals in high places you got to worry about, because the main focus of high priesthoods is human sacrifice, yet we let them continue to play this game on us.

    This Iranian stageset actually began in 1979 with Russia in Afghanistan, the Teheran hostage crisis, the Jonathan Conference, and Isser Harel’s revelation of a plot to take down the Twin Towers in NYC. People are intended to believe Iran has habitually slapped America in the face and poses an existential threat to it. because war on Iran is the obvious goal of WWIII to prepare prophecy world there in Jerusalem with Al Aqsa probably planned to be ‘hit by enemy fire and destroyed’ or something along that line. You can find plenty of jews in Israel saying this is the plotline involving war on Iran, the smokescreen they need for humanity’s final management solution.

  9. 2020.
    “Days before the attack Trump’s regime sent thousands of fresh, know nothing, troops to the Middle East.
    The US bases were bombed few days after the infantry reinforcement. Instead of denying target to the enemy the US high command decided to provide target to the enemy.”

    Late US Pres. Johnson allows the jews to attack and murder as much members of the crew of USS “Liberty” sailing in the Mediteranean. A corrupt US Navy admiral gave the order to abend the counterattack started by the navy, floating in the Mediteranean, to defend ship and crew of the USS “Liberty”. A big fail again.

    Poor American people, not knowing what happened to their sons & daughters returning in body bags and why. They got killed while “defending the pledge of their Congressmen and -women to the Zionists in Israel”.
    IMO, the HQ of the US Military is in Tel Aviv/Jerusalem. Not in Pentagon.
    Congress and WH are all “Israhell Firsters”.

  10. ON 1/15/2020, Congressman Thompson stated that the “1/13/2020 Pentagon Letter” with the 139 deaths WAS A FAKE!

    That was 25 days ago. Why is it being presented as valid? The ‘139 deaths’ is falsely created DISinformation. Please at least place a caution-note and a link to the above statement Congressman Thompson!

  11. Truthseeker, 1) I applaud you for approving my above comment.
    2) Same PROVES that 25 DAYS ago the claim of 139 DEATHS et al., was, and IS, false.
    3) I am shocked to see that the article stands as if it were valid, WHEN IT IS NOT! THAT IS NOT TRUTHSEEKING!