Pentagon says 34 US soldiers suffered traumatic brain injury in Iran strike

Julian Borger, Joanna Walters – The Guardian Jan 24, 2020

US soldiers clear rubble at the Ain al-Asad military airbase in Anbar province after an Iranian missile strike. Click to enlarge

Thirty-four US soldiers have been diagnosed with concussion or traumatic brain injury from an 8 January Iranian missile attack on their base in Iraq, the Pentagon has revealed.

The Pentagon spokesman, Jonathan Hoffman, said on Friday that eight service members who had been previously transported to Germany had been moved to the United States.

Donald Trump had previously said that the US “suffered no casualties” from the attack, which was a reprisal for the US drone strike assassination of the Iranian general Qassem Suleimani.

Questioned later about reports of brain injury, Trump downplayed their severity: “I heard that they had headaches. And a couple of other things. But I would say, and I can report, it is not very serious.”

But Hoffman confirmed the injuries on Friday, adding: “This is a snapshot in time, what he wanted to make sure is that you’re provided with the most accurate numbers.”

Of the 34 injured service members, 17 have returned to duty and the other 17 were taken to a US military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. Of those taken to Germany, eight were deemed serious enough to be flown to the US on Friday. Hoffman said that if the symptoms of those in Germany worsened, they also could be sent to the US. He added that the injured soldiers both US and Germany were being treated as out-patients.

Michael Kaplen, the chair of the New York State Traumatic Brain Injury Services Coordinating Council and past president of the Brain Injury Association of New York State said that he was “shocked at the ignorant statement” made by Trump.

“To equate traumatic brain injuries as just a headache is insulting and disrespectful to the thousands of military service members suffering from the signature wound of the Iraq/Afghanistan conflict,” he said.

He added that the condition, also known as TBI, is a “life-altering” injury.

“It’s physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral consequences affect every aspect of an individual’s life,” he said. “A brain injury is only ‘mild’ if it is someone else’s brain. There is nothing ‘mild’ about a mild brain injury.”


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  1. America deserved this for its acts of terrorism
    Inviting that General to a peace talk, then bombing him was disgusting
    its the behaviour of jews. not civilised people

  2. These heavily indoctrinated mercenary robots who follow orders from the pentagoons had boggled brains to begin with. A good concussion might be the best thing that could happen to these terrorists who are so stupid they haven’t even identified the enemy…18 years after 9-11…!

    How I wish these missiles had hit the less than useless White Sepulcher House in Brainwashington. That would be a REAL war on Terror!

  3. There is a report on by Benjamin Fulford that 139 Americans were killed in the Iranian missile strike. Fulford is a Canadian living in Japan and has inside contacts in the intelligence community.

  4. Benjamin Fulford is another Greg Hallet, they spew more verbal shit than Tony Blair
    they are bollox merchants, and not to be taken seriously

  5. “Thirty-four US soldiers have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury…” Whatever. Anyone voluntarily joining the Jewnited States military over the past 20 years is already either mentally retarded, completely without morals, or an outright psychopath, so “traumatic brain injury” can only be a step up for those knuckle-draggers.