Sweden’s PM won’t blame immigrants for surge… in immigrant crime

RT – Nov 20, 2019

Burnt out police car in Malmö, Sweden, 2016. Click to enlarge

With gang crime soaring in Sweden, the country’s Prime Minister still refuses to blame immigration for the problem. The statistics prove him wrong, but in Sweden, social justice is more important than actual justice.

The country that gave the world ABBA and IKEA is now famed for a more sinister export: crime. Amid a wave of bombings and shootings, Denmark last week closed its border with Sweden, reintroducing passport controls and police checks for the first time since the 1950s. The tightening of security is necessary “to counter the threat from serious, cross-border crime,”said Denmark’s minister of justice, Nick Haekkerup.

Thirteen explosions and a double murder on Danish soil prompted the lockdown, but in Sweden, the problem is worse. There were 162 bombings in Sweden last year, and 120 in the first seven months of 2019 alone. The right have blamed immigrant-led gangs for the crime wave, but Sweden’s Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, isn’t having any of it.

Deny, deny, deny

While Lofven admitted that the threat of gang violence is real and rising, he told Swedish TV network SVT on Sunday that the sources of the problem are “segregation,” poverty and unemployment.

The segregation is because there is…too high unemployment in these areas. But that would have been the same regardless of who had lived there. If you put people born in Sweden under the same conditions, you get the same result” he said.

“Because of the economic gaps, the social injustices would have been the same.”

More people are killed by firearms in Sweden now than Mexico. Click to enlarge

Blaming ‘segregation’ in one breath, then telling Swedes that the problem would still exist without immigration in the next, requires a delusional level of doublethink and a willful ignorance of the facts.

Sweden’s unemployment rate peaked at 8.6 percent in 2010, in the aftermath of the great recession. Sven and Nils didn’t start offing each other though, and the country saw 17 people killed by firearms the following year. By 2018, the unemployment rate had fallen to 6.3 percent, yet 43 people were shot dead. That number looks set to rise again this year, with 23 fatal shootings reported in the first six months of 2019, and more since.

All in all, murder and manslaughter more than doubled between 2008 and 2018, according to government statistics.

Loath as Lofven was to admit it, the link between migrants and crime is not just the stuff of right-wing fantasy. A 2017 investigation by newspaper Dagens Nyheter found that migrants were behind 90 percent of shootings in Sweden. The majority of shooting perpetrators, the report found, were men of Middle Eastern or North African origin

Grenade attacks too seem to be an imported phenomenon. Sweden saw a handful at most explosive devices detonated every year until 2016, when 39 hand grenades were used in attacks. Of course, 2015 was the year that Sweden welcomed in more than 160,000 migrants and asylum seekers, more per capita than any other European country.

Unemployment and immigration linked

But correlation does not equal causation. The fact that grenade attacks increased nearly fortyfold at the same time that Sweden was flooded with new arrivals could just be a coincidence. However, if the true cause is indeed unemployment, as Lofven suggests, then the problem is again linked with immigration.

Soon as many shootings in Sweden as in Mexico

A government report last year found that the unemployment rate for individuals with migrant backgrounds stood at nearly 20 percent. Another report last month revealed that up to 90 percent of asylum seekers who arrived since the 2015 migrant crisis were unemployed.

Amid the denialism of Lofvten’s government – which has launched a concerted effort to downplay the problem internationally – police in Sweden have concocted some hare-brained schemes to tackle the violence. Less than a week after a 15-year-old boy was shot dead in Malmo, police invited gang leaders to a sit-down with legal professionals and relatives of crime victims. Pizza was served, and the cops presumably asked the criminals politely to stop murdering each other.

Sweden’s own in-house PR shop, Sweden.se, is meanwhile luring more migrants north with Arabic-language advertisements promising free health and dental care, sizable children’s allowance payments and the world’s longest paid parental leave – if the newcomers manage to find a job in the first place.

With a government hell-bent on burying its head in the sand, Scania CEO Leif Östling warned last month that clashes between migrants and locals could drive the country into “internal war.” The truck tycoon’s prediction is borne out by a recent study from the Swedish Defence University, warning that the Swedish justice system is ill-equipped to handle the parallel societies developing in immigrant neighborhoods.

If Lofven continues to ignore the problem, and if Östling’s worst predictions come to pass, then the Social Democrat leader will one day be able to hold his head high and declare “at least nobody called me racist,” as his country burns.

By Graham Dockery, RT


11 responses to “Sweden’s PM won’t blame immigrants for surge… in immigrant crime”

  1. Obviously Swedes MUST face the fact that sooner or later they will have to overthrow the entrenched elites who are destroying Sweden bit by bit.
    Action will probably have to come from within the Swedish armed forces….but the upper registers will no doubt be elite members….Jews or Freemasons etc .Britains armed forces hierarchy are DEFINITELY infiltrated which no doubt explains why soldiers with nationalistic leanings ,(patriotic in other words) are being targetted and dismissed from the services on the flimsiest of grounds….No doubt the British secret police tip off the military police.(MI5)

  2. Just keep in mind that just was the British and American soldiers invaded and destroyed libya syria iraq lebanon etc and left them occupied countries, for israel
    so israel repays us by making us an occupied country with millions of foreign nationals.
    whole old English cites are now muslim enclaves where UK folk have been pushed out
    The Black knife gangs government allowed into the UK and lets them run rife. School teachers are afraid to discipline them for cries of racism, and the police turn a blind eye for the same reason, another teenage white boy stabbed where i live last night for his BMX bike, i saw the black gang saunter down the road after,
    Knockout drop attacks on white folk are a regular thing, nothing in the papers of course when blacks pass someone and turn quickly and pun sh them in the face, if the person is knocked out, it counts as a score.
    The elderly polish man who died back in August has meant a warning from the polish community that if it happens again, there will be severe reprisals
    Police are not doing their job, hindered by political correctnes
    talk of vigilante groups has been on local lips for some time here

  3. “School teachers are afraid to discipline them for cries of racism”
    I understand this is a terrible situation but let’s look at the school system as a start for making change. Why would any thinking person continue to “teach” in a school where the teachers are effectively afraid. It would seem to me that teachers should resign en mass and shut the system down. No one can “teach” academics in an environment of fear. If there is no order, there will not be little or no learning taking place.
    Also, why would parents send their children to such schools when their children could be attacked at any time? Parents must rebel. Keep the children out of schools and teach at home.
    We have effectively allowed the school system to become tyrannical. One of the best ways, in my opinion, is to shut the system down by NOT supporting it. If we never take a stand against what is happening, we are allowing the rot to continue happening.

    I presume the material being taught there is the same as that being taught in American schools so I would say there is little learning going on anyway.
    Removing children from schools and teachers refusing to teach, are peaceful ways of making a point and starting action for the clean up process. Someone has to start with effective action…keep the children out and teachers walk off the job.
    If the monsters come after you, you will need to form groups for protection. Solzhenitsyn said they would never sit around again while the “jack boots” made their way in. In looking back, he said, they would fight. They would use axes, rakes, pitch forks and any other thing they could get their hands on and FIGHT. I have noticed that white people especially, let things happen too easily. When something goes wrong they think it’s just a minor thing and won’t make a difference, but it will. They take over, one step at a time. If we do not stop them after the first “assault” which could be teaching graphic sex education for example, the system will just keep on going and unload more of their perversions and insane rules on teachers and children. We have to say, “NO MORE.” and mean it. Take action. Tell parents and teachers when ever you talk to them to look at these options. We need to plant the seeds of survival. This is a question of saving our people. Why are we so weak?

  4. Look people, what’s happening in Sweden is a good thing and I don’t have to tell you that. Years upon years of ideological subversion of their society has created this living hell and it’s only going to continue getting worse. It will reach a point when eventually, the people will arm themselves, start fighting back and that means not only against the immigrants but the police (who are seriously part of the problem) and of course the government, who is clearly communist. Lots of people will die, but it will awaken the majority, to make them realise that they either fight back or die. This is the essential reality that Swedes are facing. They have allowed themselves to be taken over by a fifth column and the result is what they now have.
    Sweden is the future of the rest of the European nations, well ‘western’ European nations as the former soviet block countries certainly have had their fill of communism. France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the UK, the US, Australia etc all have this to look forward to and you really DO have all this to look forward to.

    I strongly suggest that people, throughout Europe, start HEAVILY arming themselves, because war is on its way, like in Sweden, not just against the growing immigrant population, but the police and your governments. Look, it’s really simple to understand – the police ARE your enemy. The government ARE your enemy. The sooner you realise this, the sooner you can do something about it.
    Think about it people? Who in the hell do these people in government or the police think they are to tell you that you are not allowed to arm yourself to defend yourself? The police cannot protect you. The police will not protect you. It’s you against your attackers all of the time and as the European population diminishes, the non European population will increase.
    Prepare for war people.
    It’s already here and time for you to wake up and do something about it.

  5. The British public en masse were against mass immigration
    and most people are still but the 3 main parties dont listen,this horrific racism by these main political parties has alienated their electorate, who are angry at losing the country that their fathers and grandfathers fought 2 world wars to kep british.
    What we need is a political party that puts British people first or at least on a level playing field with the incomers like the old National Front had, but of course the racist governments
    we had smeared and smashed them

  6. Re.above….Covert action is the best idea…..sooner or later they’ll work out why it is happening…..essentially borrowing from THEIR handbook.The Daily Mail therefore wont be able to run sensationalist Nazi stories about it……they love manifestos they can publicise…why provide ammunition for them to use.Assume your house/car is bugged and under surveillance by miniature cameras….etc etc.Democracy is very definitely under threat….expect them to kick off a new conflagration in order to maintain their control and it would allow them to introduce laws which would otherwise be impossible.The out of control knife crime actually seems to have been ALLOWED…..never underestimate the sick bastardry of these fiends.

  7. “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    Nathan General Bedford Forrest and General Stonewall Jackson used this advice.

  8. Great comments above. Can we legislate that a bear, deer, or moose cannot defend themselves??? Take a lesson from nature. These animals would fight to the death if attacked and so must we, the people. Let that sink into the heads of those liberal lunatics. A method I read a while ago…give them the peanut butter treatment…Take those “leaders” out to the meadow. Strip them. Tie them up. Put peanut butter on their privates. Armed guards standing over them while the squirrels etc, feast on them. Not too expensive and don’t need lawyers and corrupt courts.

  9. Corruption is rampant.. Are these politicians being influenced by ideology, or greed? I like tereskova`s peanut butter solution, non violent, and entertaining..

  10. Of course the Swedish PM knows its the third world peasant immigrants that are the cause of the huge increase crime!! That’s why they’ve allowed them in. Its a systematic agenda by all western governments to wipe out the Caucasian /Christian people and their religion, family, nation and culture which are the four goals of Communism.

  11. When there is no Law, there is no law you can beak.
    When you must fear everything, there is nothing to fear.
    When it seems all is lost, you have nothing to lose.

    Time to act, people.
    Just do it!

    — GWW