Evil Empire

Foreword – June 13, 2019

It needs to be emphasised that this website do not entirely agree with John Kaminski. In particular we do not concur with his blanket condemnation of Jews. As with so many other things there are good Jews and bad Jews, the latter being largely Zionist supremacist Jews.
One has to do what has become a dirty word in the modern world: one has to discriminate.
The fact that “discrimination” has been turned into a dirty word is an example of how language has been used to manipulate us. By constantly being associated with racial prejudice and hate the word has acquired its current negative connotation.
This has only happened in the last century, with the advent of the mass media. Prior to that discrimination had a more neutral implication and simply meant to discern and differentiate.
Anti-Semites fail to discriminate. They seem unable to discern that Jews comprise both good and bad and whether they are one or the other depends entirely on the individual.
Nonetheless, Kaminski makes some valid points so we leave readers to make up their own minds. Ed.

Evil Empire

John Kaminski – johnkaminski.org June 10, 2019

It’s your own country, stupid!

(no matter what country you’re in,
because the banks own every country
and the Jews own all the banks)

If the Jews wind up controlling the world it will prove that humanity was rotten to begin with and didn’t deserve to survive as autonomous beings anyway. I guess that’s why they call us cattle, if that’s what you want to believe.
Think about the supercilious shills who are running your country. They’re all the same. They aren’t in office to protect their citizens; they were put in place by the very rich and that’s whose bidding they do.
I still like the Old Testament command in Deuteronomy 28:56 that says your mother will have to eat her own children if she doesn’t obey God’s holy laws. I believe this is the barbaric essence of all the monotheistic religions, nothing but BS cloaking a megalomaniacal power grab that is gruesomely reflected in the corrupt nature of human governments.
Please regard the acronyms for sexual deviants as a gift from the Jews in their campaign to destroy the family structure, anonymize the society and alienate everyone into becoming obedient and remorseless worker bees.
There is nothing wrong with the traditional arrangement between men and women, except that many women seem to prefer their own isolated, promiscuous existences over raising children and joining forces with a male husband. Men bear much — but not all — of the blame for this. It is the first job of men to protect women, because then they protect themselves. It is the main pathway to human happiness and should not ever be abandoned.
Anybody who tells you different is out to steal your freedom and your sanity.
The highest goal of humanity must be for individual freedom. Notions and systems of order must remain subordinate to that, or face extinction.

The key to integrity is admitting your faults.
— José Argüelles, The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, 1990

Jews can’t admit their faults. It would reveal all the crimes against humanity they continue to commit. Therefore there is no such thing as Jewish honesty because it would reveal to the world how they have abused and retarded the progress of human enlightenment. How about drag queens reading stories to first-grade children?
Jews make laws to hide their crimes because they are unable to defend themselves against the charges made against them without a judge they have bought and paid for.
You can’t argue with a Jew. Their attitude is nothing that they say is ever wrong. That’s one of the many things that reveal Jews seem not completely human. Their attitude that other people are just cattle might have something to do with it. They are immune to reason, which profoundly cheapens their claim to being authentic human beings, and not some alien species sent here to prey on humanity.
And Jews can’t win these arguments in court without a Jewish judge to suppress the real evidence and tilt the trial, something we see every day in the world.
Some of these things might be obvious to those who have been paying attention. When they took homosexuality off the sin list, you knew all the churches were as good as dead.
People aren’t interested in the truth. They are only interested in the lies that make them comfortable. Interesting pastimes that steer them clear of thoughts about their ultimate destination.
America is clearly the evil empire, and yet most Americans deny it, they pay no attention to it.
Israel is using black Africans and other ethnic minorities to destabilize white countries. White genocide is definitely real and under way, daily it is promoted by Jewish media and their chosen superstars.
Blacks don’t have the character to turn on the Jews; they’re getting too much free stuff because they are largely unable to support themselves without the plum jobs created for them by Jews.
Jews seek to create a world full of slaves to serve their purposes. Africans are the best role models, totally amoral and without compassion. Stealing is like breathing to them.
There aren’t many genuine Americans left these days; only Judaized simpletons remain, regimented by their compulsions and addictions. Teaching first graders about gay rape guarantees the dissolution of any society, and especially the nuclear family. Our children are being stolen by lesbian activists and being manipulated into fagdom.
Everything in America is second best, economy size for easy consumption, slipshod quality and not much nutrition.
Tick tock, tick tock, oh oh, mortality approaching.
5G will get the planet down to a more manageable population, say, 1 billion down from the present 7+ billion. Once those towers get operational people will be dropping in the streets (what? oh, sorry, they already are operational) and a future growth industry will be companies and employees tasked with scooping up the bodies. You may also want to rewatch Soylent Green while you feast on your next McDonald’s burger.
The time when America was built on necessity, practicality and thrift is no longer. Now it’s all about the swindling, perversion and the big score.
The freaks running the world today are carrying on with a paradigm that stems from ancient times, when sheer power overwhelms good sense.
Prepare to die, honorable sirs and ladies. Only then will you ever be able to live, with yourself and with others.
Chickenshit preachers fawn over Jews as Israelis murder thousands of Palestinians which Jewish media inevitably cover up.
All these things are true and you are fearful about hearing any of them.
It is constantly making wars on luckless peasants that have nothing to do with the behavior of the locals, it’s always about some commodity that the banks need to collar. The latest nightmare concoction of the banks is coltan (used in cell phones) and Ebola, the UN’s population control mechanism, radically reducing the population in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Further down the road in South Africa, former U.S. President Obongo went there and praised what the new black regime was doing, which was commandeering land from whites without compensation. This is a sure sign this policy will eventually be started up in the United States; Obama actually proposed that during his time in the White House, which he stained with blood, as all U.S. presidents do.
If you think this is an exaggeration you should study the way blacks kill whites in South Africa, in the most brutal and ignorant way possible, utterly fulfilling the dictionary definition of savage. If this is what Obama and his Negro cohorts want for America, then the debate is over and it’s past time to seriously take action.
But first we must consider our criminal government. It’s all out in the open now, deliberate lawlessness as a political system. Not only are all other countries victims of this continuing crime spree, but so are all American citizens, who are now being constantly devalued by the imprudent addition of unassimilable Third World savages.
This is the crowing achievement (among many) of the Jewish destabilization template.
Too few people understand about the Jews, who have now made laws throughout the world prohibiting discussion of their influence. Their control of media guarantees no one receives the real truth about anything, especially in medicine where poisons pass for cures while doctors pad their bottom lines.
Any American who thinks their government is ever working for peace is a complete idiot. The latest in a long line of psychotic American atrocities is infecting children in Yemen with cholera.
America is the evil empire, and for the past 200 years, being driven by foreign Jews to its doom. These no politician on scene that I know of who is not participating in this project to destroy the United States.
They all have Jewish money coursing through their veins.
They say there’s a difference between civilized and savage.
If the Jews wind up controlling the world it will prove that humanity was rotten to begin with and didn’t deserve to survive anyway.
Or as Douglas Reed said it:
“. . . at the super-State founded in slave-labour and in “the confiscation of human liberty” (as de Tocqueville wrote in 1848)
. . . (bribery, blackmail, corruption, subversion, sedition, mob-incitement, terror and violence), which thus become virtuous too.
These are the components of today’s widespread sense of dread as the Jews prepare to blow up the world and overrun civilization with savages.
Stick your economic analyses and political forecasts where the Sun don’t shine. They’re coming for us, and have been for a long time. Donald Trump isn’t going to save you, because he’s one of them.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.

8 responses to “Evil Empire”

  1. “Anti-Semites fail to discriminate’ . . what a ludicrous statement especially when the so-called definition of an “Anti-semite” is . . . one who is hated by Jews?

    Perhaps a more accurate sentence would have been . . .”Jew haters: fail to discriminate.”

    The Jewish Question is a very difficult one for most of us Goys. On the one hand, a minority of Jews are generally law-abiding and productive citizens, but, on average however, are both far more cunning and wealthier than whites in a myriad of ways.
    They have come to dominate politics and finance, which is not necessarily bad in itself, but is bad rather because their influence is used contrary to the best interests of white Americans, not the least of which is getting the country into costly and pointless Mideast wars.

    This resulting in financial abuse and chaos with their domination of the banking system (viz, depressions and inflation via the Federal Reserve), seeing that zillions of taxpayer dollars are made available to “that shitty little country” Israel, and using their media control to condition the population to accept doctrines like multiculturalism and political correctness which are both contrary to American interests and the exact opposite of the policies of Israel.

    Beyond this, the history of the 20th century leaves no doubt that Jewish leadership — sometimes referred to as Organized Jewry or the Jewish Establishment — has an enormous animus for whites, and in pursuit of this animus, has brought Western civilization to the brink of collapse and the white race to the brink of extinction.

    The fact is that Jews, are now the ruling elite in America. As in Weimar Germany, the Jews make most of the money and help to create a culture of neo-paganism and nihilism, decadence and despair. Nothing has changed except the country.
    Most of the Judaics in America and Israel who call themselves “Jewish” are actually Khazarians and carry no Hebrew Blood at all. Therefore they are not real Semites compared to 80%+ of the Palestinians that do actually carry ancient Hebrew blood and are true Semites.

    This hard reality means that these Khazarians pretending to be Hebrews can no longer legitimately plead Antisemitism when folks criticize them for their rabid hatred for the Goyim.

  2. Kaminski’s Words Speak For Themselves: I Take Issue With The Forward!

    Lets break this forward down part by part….

    Forward Author(s): “It needs to be emphasised that this website do not entirely agree with John Kaminski. In particular we do not concur with his blanket condemnation of Jews. As with so many other things there are good Jews and bad Jews, the latter being largely Zionist supremacist Jews.”

    Dorian: Does this statement include all of Israelis? Let us not forget then the entire country of Israel was ILLEGALLY seized by the Jews. Palestinian lands and homes where taken, payment for these lands and homes were never given, Jews just took it as if it belonged to them all along. People who lived Palestine for millennia were now not allowed to call their land and homes their own. So which Jew in Israel is going to make restitution to the Palestinians? Which Jew is going to vote to allow ALL NON JEWS to have EQUAL representation of their land that is now called “Israel”? So if there are some “good” Jews as you put it, where are they? Which of these good Jews are going to leave their houses and give it back to a Palestinian?

    Forward Author(s):” One has to do what has become a dirty word in the modern world: one has to discriminate.”

    Dorian: “Has to discriminate”? REALLY! Why! I thought we were all human beings. But then again where does this “discrimination” come into the discussion? What “discrimination” are you talking about? Are you referring to the difference that Palestinians are to Jews? Could it be of color, or just some sort of nefarious identity complex that is causing this discrimination. Get this perfectly clear in your ignorant, distorted understanding. The issue about Israel and Palestinians HAS NOTHING, I REPEAT….H A S N O T H I N G T O D O W I T H D I S C R I M I N A T I ON!!! The Jew thinks he is better than the rest of humanity, they think “they are God’s people, the chosen ones!” What has discrimination have to do with that! These people have put themselves UP ABOVE THE REST OF HUMANITY!! Israel does not exist because there is a group of people that call themselves Israelis! Israel exists because there are group of people called Jews whom think that their YAHWEH SEES THEMSELVES AS ONLY HIS CHILDREN, NO ONE ELSE! That makes all of us, AND MOST LIKELY THE IGNORAMUS AUTHOR OF THE FORWARD nothing less than goyim, and the goyim to the Jew is unworthy to be treated as an equal! That’s not discrimination, that’s a psychotic “god complex”!!

    Forward Author(s):”The fact that “discrimination” has been turned into a dirty word is an example of how language has been used to manipulate us. By constantly being associated with racial prejudice and hate the word has acquired its current negative connotation.”

    Dorian: To continue on my last point. How do you bring racial prejudice into this discussion. It shows that the authors of the forward are totally ignorant what is at work in Israel, or why there are Jewish people at all. JEWS ARE NOT A RACE! There is no physical attribute that distinguishes Jews from the rest of humanity, like there is with Africans or Chinese and etc. JEWS THINK THEY ARE BETTER THAN THE REST OF HUMANITY ALL BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE GOD’S CHOSEN ONES. Where is the race in that! To put it more bluntly, Jews believe they are more superior to the rest of us all because they “are the chosen ones”. That’s not about discrimination, or race, that is about “superior beings” dismissing “inferior beings”. And lets not forget, “GOD’s PROMISE”, once all the Jews are back in Israel, A NEW AGE is to begin! Where does your “discrimination” thesis deal with DIVINE INTERVENTION!

    Forward Author(s):”This has only happened in the last century, with the advent of the mass media. Prior to that discrimination had a more neutral implication and simply meant to discern and differentiate.
    Anti-Semites fail to discriminate.”

    Dorian: Only the last century!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me! History is filled with the discord between Jews and the goyim. Read the Bible, read the Torah, read the history, this has never been about to “discern and differentiate” between Jews and non-Jews. Don’t you know the story about Moses and how he had to go twice to the mountain all because his people failed to behave like Jews should? That story was about US, the goyim, who didn’t follow the word of YAHWEH. You want to talk about discrimination. Well look how the Jews discriminate with the non-Jews in Israel. There is a separate set of laws, non-Jews are treated like 3rd class citizens, is this how you want to “discern and differentiate”. I know this for a fact, I have been to Israel, and its a bloody heinous crime how non-Jews are treated!

    Forward Author(s):” They seem unable to discern that Jews comprise both good and bad and whether they are one or the other depends entirely on the individual.”

    Dorian: You have got to be kidding!! And so “the chosen people” (I might add, they are “chosen” by non other by themselves), have nothing to do with them being “Jews”? Its all an “individual” thing. If that is the case, just try going to Israel as a non-Jew and see how far you can get living there, as an individual!

    Forward Author(s):”Nonetheless, Kaminski makes some valid points so we leave readers to make up their own minds. Ed.”

    Dorian: Kaminski makes A HELL OF A LOT VALID POINTS. It is the Forward that is delusional and supercilious to history. This is why we have these nightmares in the world, when people like the authors of the Forward are either too ignorant or too afraid to say what is the truth. So here it is for all you to read, the truth about the Jews….


    This was a “good” (really evil) idea many centuries ago. But now with so many people in the world, along with education and “common sense”, the Jew is finding it very hard to stay not just relevant but in control of their self-imposed egotistical and sanctimonious superiority they think they are entitled to and should be bestowed exaltation by the rest of humanity. It has nothing to do with discrimination, the Jew has “a god complex” issue. And you all know non Jewish people with god complexes are put in the asylum! That should now start making it clear why there was never a “Jewish persecution” problem, it was always people rebelling, granted sometimes violently, all because the Jew sees and has treated the goyim like their slaves, or worse, like savage animals! Well as time went by, more and more people became educated, and more and more people uncovered that much that the Jew said about themselves was a lie.

    And so here we are today. With people, like these authors of the Forward, still deluded into thinking about the Jews as being just another race. Jews are not a race. Its never been about a race issue. It is about a group of people who think they are better than the rest of humanity. That’s why they control the banks and other instruments of financial destruction are in their hands, because they all think they should be controlling the lives of everyone, especially those known as the goyim, namely the rest of us!

    If you don’t think this is evil, then you are just as demented as the Jew is, and I say that with literal meaning. How else can you refer to people to whom think of themselves as “God’s chosen people”?

  3. Ah….at least Kaminski is in touch with reality….his remarks on Trump prove it.

    Any fool who believes Trump is genuine almost deserves to be duped.
    The wall has not even started and Hillary Clintstein still remains at large…what more proof do you need to know Trump is a phoney just like Zio-Bama was a phoney with his Change B.S.
    Both Trumps daughter and Clinton’s daughter have something in common…they both married Jews…..and that is emphatically NOT a coincidence…Trump and Clinton are BOTH crypto Jews.
    Theresa May,Macron and Merkel are also crypto Jews….so it was NOT in the case of May a coincidence that immediately after becoming Prime Minister May dines out with the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain.
    Sorry….her presumed successor Boris Johnson is a Jew as was her predecessor Cameron and his very wealthy wife.
    So you can say with certainty the next PM will be a crypto Jew.However the Elders of Zion may install a “minority”….there’s a bald Muslim in the running (his wife may be Jewish)….

  4. “All these things are true and you are fearful about hearing any of them.” !

    Totally agree.

    Thank You John, You are the best !


  5. The only sure-fire solution is to invent a time machine, go back to two months after Abram’s mother missed her monthlies, and kick her in the stomach. Excuse the crudeness, but it’s a fact.

  6. While we are busy living life, trusting our leaders and elected officials … Crypto-Jews ( false Jews, Ashkenazi ) have hidden their origins and infiltrated and control every aspect of life in every country. All of this is being done under our noses and in plain sight with clues and warnings as to what is being done and what will be done.

    This is the outline for actors in the New World Order and their Modus Operandi.
    Our form of government is being changed.
    Agenda 21, Social engineering and Regional sustainable redevelopment for the “common good” are being implemented as you read this. ( explained in video )

    While We Were Sleeping


    This channels main purpose is to expose the lies of this world by putting the pieces of the puzzle together in a…

    Please look at the links for more information.

    The chosen Hebrews were the ones God had the Old Covenant with (not with converted Jews). They’re all dead.

    “The LORD was very angry with Israel, and removed them out of his sight… And the LORD rejected all the seed of Israel, and afflicted them, and delivered them into the hand of spoilers, until he had cast them out of his sight.” 2 Kings 17:18,20

    Today, the Ashkenazim constitute the majority of those who are known as Jews.
    Since they are not Hebrews, it is very important to understand what the bible and history have to say about them, while bearing in mind that
    1) Abraham was a descendant of Shem – hence the term Semite or Shemite;
    2) his son Jacob and his twelve sons were the true biblical Hebraic Israelite nation with whom God had the Old Covenant (not with converted Jews);
    3) the true Israelite nation no longer exists, and their land inheritance expired with them.

    After the destruction of Khazaria, the Ashkenazim scattered East and West throughout Europe and reinvented themselves as Errant Jews or Wandering Jews – meaning Roaming (Khazarian/Sakadean or Scythian) Jews.

    Consequently, they stole Palestine and renamed it Israel in order to reinvent themselves as Hebrews and hoodwink gullible Christians in the West.

    Please do you own research on the content in the video. Don’t take any of the content here as the final say.

    Seek the Truth, always

    P.S. Trump is a Crypto-Democrat and also a yamaka wearing Jesuit Jewish Deceiver and a cousin to whoever is his opponent in 2020 !
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