Hezbollah warns US plan may permanently settle Palestinian refugees in host countries

Middle East Eye – May 25, 2019

Supporters of Lebanon’s Shia movement Hezbollah listen to recent speech by leader Hassan Nasrallah on large screen. Click to enlarge

The head of Lebanon’s Shia movement Hezbollah warned on Saturday that a long-delayed US peace plan may see Palestinian refugees permanently settled in host countries across the region.

Speaking days after the US announced a conference in Bahrain to lay out economic aspects of its long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah warned of an “ominous deal aimed at eliminating the Palestinian cause”, AFP reported.

Nasrallah urged Lebanon and the Palestinians to reject the US plans, the Jerusalem Post reported. He also praised the Palestinians for their unity in the face of US demands. Even though the Palestinians are divided between the leadership in Ramallah and Gaza, both Fatah and Hamas oppose the US plan.

He said the conference’s focus on economic issues “may open the door wide open to the question of naturalising the Palestinian brothers in Lebanon and the countries where they are located”.

The right of return for more than 700,000 refugees who were expelled or fled during the creation of Israel in the late 1940s – and their millions of descendants – is a key pillar of the Palestinian cause.

The vast majority cling tightly to hopes, enshrined in a key UN Security Council resolution, of returning to lands their families once owned, but which are now inside Israel.

About 174,000 Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon, according to a census by national authorities in 2017.

The UN estimates there are tens of thousands more.

Lebanon’s Palestinian camps suffer poverty, overcrowding, unemployment, poor and dangerous housing conditions and a lack of infrastructure.

Today, “it’s not enough to say we’re all against naturalisation – the danger of naturalisation is approaching,” Nasrallah said during a televised address marking the 19th anniversary of Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon.

He called for an urgent meeting between government and Palestinian officials in Lebanon to “develop a plan to confront the danger”.

The Palestinians have boycotted the US administration since December 2017, when US President Donald Trump broke with decades of international consensus and recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Trump has also recognised Israeli “sovereignty” over Syria’s Golan Heights, cut off funding to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees UNRWA and halted aid to East Jerusalem hospitals that treat Palestinian patients.

Palestinians consider the eastern part of the city the capital of their future state and fear the US plan will be heavily biased in favour of Israel.

The Trump administration is expected to unveil the economic segment of its long-awaited plan at the Bahrain conference next month.

The Palestinian leadership has said it will boycott the 25-26 June meeting in Manama, where the declared aim is to promote Palestinian prosperity as part of Trump’s “deal of the century”.

PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat said on Friday that the Palestinians have not authorised anyone to speak or negotiate on their behalf at the US-led conference, the Jerusalem Post said.

In an implicit criticism of Arab countries that have agreed – or are inclined to agree – to attend the conference, Erekat said in an interview with the Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Mayadeen television network: “As for those who are going – and this is their decision – we did not authorise anyone to speak in our name. If the Palestinian people are not there, and if the Palestinian leadership is also not there, why are they participating?”

The Bahrain conference may see large-scale investment pledges for the Palestinian territories but is unlikely to focus on the political issues at the core of the conflict, including the question of Palestinian refugees and that of a two-state solution.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s adviser and son-in-law who has been tasked with putting the plan together, has refused to even comment on whether the proposal would lead to an independent Palestinian state.


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    sometimes called the Greater israel project, means all non jews must be expelled from the area, israel says all the land is theirs, they want to oil minberal welath and water rights
    this is why they use USA money to fund the terror groups like Islamic state Al nusra Al qaeda Isis Arab Liberty, which are just mossad, same as the rockets fired from palestine onto israeli waste land, these are fired by disguised IDF troops, if it were not the c ase before even these rockets and firing gear were put in place, USA supplied F 16s and F 35s would be on them in under 5 minutes.
    Stage 2 of the roadmap according to whistleblowers like Moshe solomons and Dr D cohen
    is to push all the refuges over to europe but specially the UK, where mosad paid rabble rousers like Tommy Robinson will help bring about civil war

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    Children kidnapped by the IDF are tortured to give info on what their parents do
    plus US supplied planes with ground radar easily detect the tunnels, last time they were bombed a courageous doctor from a medical team was crawling though on hands and knees when the jews bombed the tunnels, in 2008 a medical midwife was also killed climbing through with medical gear

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  7. Oh Brother! Not This Old Story Again!!!

    Many of you people reading this may not be old enough to remember this but this story about “Palestinian Resettlement” has been going on since the 1948, when Israel was ILLEGALLY created.

    Over the years this story about finding the Palestinians a home always comes out just when the Israels are getting nervous about some kind of uprising that is occurring. Don’t believe me?

    These resettlement stories started back in 1948, read here: Israel’s own resettlement plan they reneged on!

    that time as you will read, it was killed off. Why? Because they knew they had the upper hand, and they could take even more land, which they did years later, with the Golan Heights.

    Resettlement talks were also discussed in the ’60s and ’70s (which I remember all too well reading about). Here read a history on this,

    The Palestinian Refugee Problem Resolved; Again, And Again, And Again, And Again!

    Yeah that last article is pretty long. And it should be, you know how many times this talk as occurred? Too many times to count.

    This kind of talk of finding the Palestinians a home is just empty talk to quiet down people, and to the give them false hope. The real plan by Israel is very clear. They are just delaying and delaying, and letting the Palestinians die out! Its been over 70 years now. They’re aren’t that many original Palestinians left, and when they are gone. Problem is resolved!

    That’s how evil Israel is, and all the countries that support this kind of evil.

    In reality there is no plan, never was, never will be. In another 10 to 20 years, there will be no more Palestinian Problem. It would have died out.

    What a horrible, despicable way to treat people. The West should be ashamed of it self! The real evil is Israel! Always was, always will be.