Propaganda and Provocation

The recent fury among Muslims over the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed was not what it seemed. As with all these things, a look at the timing, and what else was happening at the time, reveals more than was immediately apparent.

Israel has a privileged position in the Middle East being the only country in the region to have nuclear arms along a horrific catalogue of biological weapons.

No U.N inspectors are allowed in here of course and no international condemnation or the threat of sanctions, as is the case with Iran’s nuclear program.

Remember, Salman Rushdie’s book Satanic Verses and the furore it created? Strange to say, when first published it hardly sold and it was actually being considered for pulping, when suddenly with a bit of publicity all hell broke loose. Everyone and his granddad seemed to want to read it, libraries had waiting lists, and overnight it became an instant “best seller”.

The author must have known the impact it would have but remember: he was provided with permanent and hugely expensive protection by the British government, as worldwide Muslims issued a fatwa, or a price on his life.

Many flags were burnt.

Not bad for a crap book.

Who gained from pitting Muslims against Christians?

Then we had the theatre that staged a play about sexual abuse and perversion in a Sikh temple. This ignited a blaze of anger among Sikh communities in the north of England, mobs threatened to burn down the theatre and widespread demonstrations were held.

Again, permanent and hugely expensive protection was granted to the author as curious people now wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Many flags were burnt.

Not bad for a crap play.

Who gained from pitting Sikhs against Christians?

The latest episode was newspapers publishing ‘satirical’ cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, an act of obscene sacrilege to Muslims. Predictably, we again saw riots and widespread demonstrations with more threats of reprisals,

Flags appeared from nowhere to be burnt before the cameras, it was all very dramatic. Trouble is: nobody took much time to look at who and what was really behind these events.

But do you see a pattern here?

Ask yourself: who gained from this?

During the run up to the J.F.K killing, the U.S senate voted to secretly fund both pro and anti Castro groups in Cuba. Just as in W.W.II when covert Intelligence funded pro Nazi groups here in Britain.

The reasoning behind this was simple. If you want to flush out your enemies, the best way to do so is through provocation. Get some unscrupulous hack to write something offensive and then watch from the shadows and film everyone who turns out to protest.

Intelligence can then scan these films using facial mapping and gait posture programmes, so as to pick these same people out on future C.C.T V camera footage.

A good friend, a British Rabbi with Mossad connections, says the Jewish newspaper owners must be laughing themselves silly. Muslims have been conned again and are protesting against Christians.

Not bad for crap pictures.

Who gains from inciting Iraqi Shiite’s to fight Iraq’s Sunni Muslims? Certainly not the Iraqi people but it takes some of the heat off the Coalition forces while Iraqis fight among each other.

Pitting brother against brother. Divide and conquer. It’s the oldest game in the book and people still fall for it every time.

T Stokes

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence