German Government Classifies as Secret Number of ‘Refugees’ Arriving By Plane

Paul Joseph Watson — Summit News May 15, 2019

The German government has made secret the number of “refugees” arriving in the country by plane after previous figures showed it was as high as 30 per cent.

The idea of refugees risking their lives to flee war torn countries, whether by land or even more dangerous boat journey, has been popularized by the media.

However, at least a third of asylum seekers who enter Germany do so via a quick flight.

Previous figures released a year ago by the Federal Ministry of the Interior showed that 30 per cent were arriving by air.

In an attempt to discover which European countries were allowing migrants to continue on to Germany, AfD MP Leif-Erik Holm attempted to get up to date numbers.

However, he was told that the German government now considers this information to be a “secret classified matter” in the interests of “state welfare”.

Holm can view the numbers privately in the Bundestag but cannot reveal them to the public. He asserts that this has been done to deliberately hide the true number of asylum seekers arriving by plane from the public.

The AfD MP is demanding to know how asylum seekers are allowed to be waived through airports and board planes destined for Germany without papers or visas given the obvious security threat this represents.

Holm has now asked Interior Minister Horst Seehofer to “end his blockade and secrecy policy immediately” by telling the public the true numbers of refugees arriving by plane.

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6 responses to “German Government Classifies as Secret Number of ‘Refugees’ Arriving By Plane”

  1. The liverpool care pathway, was designed to kill elderly UK citizens and steal their homes and bank accounts, why was this enacted just against UK people ?
    An independent inquiry should be held into the deaths of people declared “fit for work” by the Government, according to a Labour MP.
    Debbie Abrahams (Oldham East and Saddleworth) said the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) needs to be more open with the results of its own reviews into these matters, and hand over evidence of wrongdoing to the police.
    Speaking during work and pensions questions in the Commons, she said: “My concern is the number of people who are dying after being found fit for work.”
    She called on secretary of state Amber Rudd to commit to publishing internal investigations on those who have died, as well as holding an “independent inquiry”.
    In 2015 the DWP revealed 2,380 people had died between December 2011 and February 2014 after being declared fit for work, a rate of 90 a month.
    Abrahams also asked if there was found to be “wrongdoing by somebody in a public office” in relation to the workplace assessments that evidence would be forwarded too officers
    In response the disabilities minister Justin Tomlinson said: “This Government is committed to working with stakeholders and those with front-line expertise to continue to make improvements.
    “With the work capability assessments there’s been two independent reviews for which we accepted and implemented over a hundred improvements and we will continue to do all we can to improve the process for claimants.”

  2. So one person who has been on the dreadful Jeremy “jewboy” Kyle show has committed suicide and there has been an outcry to get this shit show banned…. What about all those people who have committed suicide because of DWP decisions and universal credit ?…
    I dont see them reviewing anything and preventing any further innocent people who have been unfairly sanctioned from feeling so low cold and hungry they feel suicide is the only answer.
    Why did the Government people traffic in so many foreign nationals to be given our jobs and homes ?

  3. keep in mind all these muslims have been pushed over here so the israelis can have the whole middle east for the greater Israel programme
    sometimes called the Road Map, it calls for the expolsion of non jews from this region
    it means we now have to deal with all these people
    thanks jews

  4. When a visiting politician is arested going about his business
    thats the time for everyone to boycott everything jewish

  5. > Ellis C Taylor,
    The “chosen ones” need the immigrants so they can pass anti-British (or German in Germany etc etc) legislation that makes it illegal to complain about anti-British (or German) behaviour by the immigrant community. They can then bend that legislation to include themselves under the protection provided by the brought and paid for “politicians”.
    It’d be very interesting to get the figures for the “refugees” arrivals by plane, and not just for Germany, including where they come from and if they are getting any assistance – other than the over-looking of the travel documents at departure customs. I suspect there’s a Soro’s funded NGO somewhere in the mix!

  6. Icelend wants to be the first to ban genital mutilation
    It is known Princess Diana did not want the Rabbi to circumcise her kids
    this was against the wishes of the royals who are secret jews
    BTW Ernest Freeman claimed that of the bodies taken at the wartime German concentraion camps, very few were circumcised, so not jewish
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