Why another US destroyer is prowling the Black Sea

Introduction – April 20, 2019

On April 14 France 24 reported:

‘No NATO country will taunt the Russians’ in the Black Sea

Washington is working on a plan to send new NATO ships to the Black Sea in response to the November armed clash between the Russian and Ukrainian navies off the annexed Crimean Peninsula.

On April 3, the United States announced its intention to strengthen NATO‘s military presence in the Black Sea by sending new ships. “We will ensure that we have the capacity to deter a very aggressive Russia,” said US Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison. She assured that the US proposal was aimed at “ensuring that there is a safe passage for Ukrainian ships through the Kerch Strait”

Now this…

Why another US destroyer is prowling the Black Sea

Mark D. Faram – Navy Times April 18, 2019

USS Ross in Souda Bay, Greece, shortly before sailing into the Black Sea. Click to enlarge

The guided-missile destroyer Ross arrived in the Bulgarian port of Varna this week for another round of military exercises in the Black Sea.

Maneuvers alongside the Bulgarian navy were slated to begin Wednesday and are designed to “strengthen interoperability with NATO allies and partners and demonstrate the collective resolve to Black Sea security,” according to a prepared statement released by the U.S. 6th Fleet.

Based in Rota, Spain, the Ross is the fourth U.S. warship to visit the Black Sea since Jan.1 and this bilateral exercise comes amid simmering tensions with Russia across the region.

In 2014, Moscow annexed Kiev’s Crimean Peninsula, sparking an ongoing civil war in Ukraine’s eastern provinces.

In November, Russian forces seized three Ukrainian vessels and their crews in the Kerch Strait, escalating the conflict.

The Russian state media outlet Tass reported Monday that Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet “is monitoring the movement of the USS Ross destroyer,” with the patrol vessel Vasily Bykov and reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs specifically detailed to shadow the warship.

On Feb. 26, a sister Arleigh Burke-class destroyer — Donald Cook — made a port call in the Ukrainian port of Odessa following a visit to the Georgian port of Batumi.

The Ross is scheduled to visit Georgia and conduct exercises with Tbilisi’s forces, too.

Backing separatist movements in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, in 2008 Russia battered Georgia in a brief war.

“U.S. 6th Fleet assets routinely operate in the Black Sea and Ross is part of our long-standing effort to exercise and engage in the region,” said 6th Fleet commander Vice Adm. Lisa M. Franchetti in the release.

“Having the opportunity to conduct training alongside our NATO allies and partners enhances our ability to work together at sea across the full spectrum of maritime operations.”



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  1. Poor navy boys, peddling in a “closed” Black Sea.
    What a brilliant incompetent US admirals they have nowadays.

    This is the “Deep State” under direction of the AIPAC Government in Washington which is getting impatient with themselves seeing and knowing lying all these “resource treasures” in Russia of which they think “that is what we want, that belongs to us, that is ours, we got all the rights, we are The “indispensable” Nation, The Chosen Ones!

    Their profession is “Cheating, Lying and Stealing”, learned in special trainingcourses in Texas. According to own words from Sec of State the honorable Mr. Pompeo.

    Yes he can!

  2. The warmongering yanks, are just as delusional as their masters, who think they are the chosen ones, giving some wet dream rise, to the belief that they are invincible, “which may be the truth, in Hollywood, run with their own script” — however in the real world, they are in their last dying moments, as a short lived supper power: — not worthy of being placed in the history books, but only remembered for their lying, backstabbing, theft, and deceit.