Italian girl murdered by Nigerian migrants likely dismembered alive, court hears

Gerard Clarke – The Liberal March 12, 2019

Italian teen Pamela Mastropietro who was murdered by migrant Nigerian mobsters last year was likely dismembered alive Italian media reports.

The horrifying revelations come from the testimony from Vincenzo Marino, a key witness in the trial of Nigerian drug dealer Innocent Oseghale who stands accused of murdering the teenage girl.

Mastropietro had become estranged from her family became addicted to drugs after a brief relationship with a Romanian man her mother claims.

Marino claims to have overheard Oseghale admit to the murder while he was detained at the same time as him.

The dismembered corpse of the 18-year-old Mastropietro was found in a number of suitcases last February and psychiatrist and criminologist Alessandro Meluzzi has alleged that the murder was associated with Nigerian organized crime gangs.

The killing also led to allegations of ritualistic cannibalism that is known to be practiced by Nigerian crime gangs that are operating across Italy and Europe, including in Ireland.

According to Marino’s testimony Oseghale stabbed the teen immediately after the two had sex. He and another man then set upon the girl and began to dismember her from the feet up while the teen was still alive and conscious.

Italy has experienced a massive crime wave since the influx of hundreds of thousands of Sub-Saharan migrants, particularly from Nigeria.

The migrant induced crime wave is credited with being at least partially responsible for the nationalist, populist government that took power in the country after elections last March.

The Italian government has sought to stem the flow of migrants and crack down on violent foreign crime gangs but its efforts have, of course, been met with stringent opposition from the EU.


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  1. Speaking of third world immigration into Western countries ….NZ has and is experiencing an epidemic of the measles….a disease once virtually eradicated from the country.
    This “brand” of measles is said to have originated from immigrants from the Philippines…but this information is unreliable….it could have come from a large number of third world immigrants.
    Jacinda Adhern the NZ PM is NOT subject to scrutiny about this….infact she is NZs Obama where the media let’s her off the hook….because she is so darn perfectly politically correct.