(DHL) The package giant stops its deliveries to Rosengård

Expressen.se – Feb 23, 2019 (Machine translation)

The Malmö area Rosengård is too dangerous for the shipping company UPS.

For two months, the company has not made any home deliveries in the area, writes Sydsvenskan.

Burnt out police car in Malmö, Sweden, 2016. Click to enlarge

Two-child dad Marco Padoan lives in a villa at Västra Kattarp and the whole family is thrilled.

Recently, Marco Padoan, who is a freelance photographer, ordered business cards and asked to have them sent home.

The day the package was coming he was at home and took care of the children.

UPS did not come home

Suddenly he received a message that the company UPS had tried to deliver the package at the door, shortly after he received a new message that the package had instead been handed over at the company’s delivery point at Rosengård Centrum.

– They can’t have been here at all, not with the short time span, says Marco. He contacted the business card company to ask about the delivery and received a reply in an email on Friday evening.

There they write that UPS no longer delivers to home addresses in the Rosengård area because the risk of being exposed to robberies or other crimes is too high.

Kvällsposten has applied for UPS for a comment without success, but in a conversation with Sydsvenskan, a customer service employee confirms the situation.

– Our drivers have been attacked and therefore we have decided not to hand out packages at Rosengård, the employee says.

UPS stops home driving in the Stockholm area

An armed police officer stands guard after an object exploded next to a police station in Rosengard in Malmo, Sweden on January 17, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / TT News Agency / Johan NILSSON / Sweden OUT (Photo credit should read JOHAN NILSSON/AFP/Getty Images) Click to enlarge

The stop was introduced two months ago, according to UPS. In addition to Rosengård, there are also a number of areas in Stockholm, says UPS without specifying in more detail which areas apply.

For Marco Padoan, the stop is discriminatory.

– It is several thousand people who have their postal address in Rosengård and who now cannot expect to be able to receive packages via UPS home delivery.

– I live here with my family and we enjoy it very well, I do not understand their decision. But it is well founded in the bad rumor that exists. There are many who say both one and that and the other about Rosengård, he says.

In contact with Sydsvenskan, UPS announces that the stop does not apply forever but that it is unclear when the company can start delivering to home addresses in Rosengård again.



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  1. Good look with with that Marco and not meant in a mean way As I remember the damage done my truck as I drove in no-go areas of my country. On the odd occasion I heard live rounds pass close by.

    The lone policeman in the above pic of course was not a common site here though as we had them in the dozens or more.(Not to mention soldiery of course.)

    We could I suppose take heart though as we watch our traitorous so-called leaders destroy Celt, Norman. Norse, Danish, Brethon and any older culture we nurtured oer aeon…..

    Bought and paid traitors indeed as most of said leaders will never have children. Much less children who grow up to deliver your mail to war zones.

    PS, Marco. If there are so many cultures from other worlds in your country. Why not pick one of their cultures to emigrate to and enhance to your hearts content ?.