Extradite Toben, Declare Total War on Michael James

One thought criminal reflects on the arrest of another writing: I openly deny the holocaust narrative in the heart of Germany; yet not one lawyer has hairs enough on his testicles to arrest me because I would make a laughing stock out them in court

Germany’s Forbidden Words

The past few decades has seen the rise of a new religion in Germany. The cult of the Holocaust, the Shoah or sacrifice has been like all religions that seek to entrench influence in the material world, it has been ruthless in its treatment of heretics

Game Over: Top German State Attorney Backs Mike James, Jews Silent

Against the odds Mike James has won the latest round in his fight with International Zionism

German Kids Beg For Food While Berlin Elites Drink Vintage Champagne

Mike James reports from Germany where the rich are getting richer … and the poor are growing poorer

This Side of Midnight

As the mainstream media continues with falsehood and distraction, those who are aware watch and wait

Jews Run Scared of Mike James, German State Attorney Cites Insanity

What happened in Stalin’s Russia is now happening in Europe. As Mike James discovered when he found himself in a high-security psychiatric clinic being prepared for a pharmaceutical nightmare. Welcome to the European Soviet Union of Zionist States

Six Million Monkeys. One Banana.

A new article by Mike James [censored] in the Truly Free and Absolutely Gloriously Intellectually Inquisitive German Democratic Republic of Free Opinion and Academic Research [cut it right here – ed.]

Mike James Sues German Jews for Incitement to Bear False Witness

Mike James explains why he intends taking the B’nai Brith-related Central Council of Jews in Germany to court

I Want My Freedom Back

Mike James recounts how he was summoned into the Bad Homburg Polizeidirektion (police headquarters) for interrogation about his politically incorrect views

End This Evil Holocaust Deception and Let Angelika Live

This article is dedicated to that great American patriot and Rhodesian war hero, J. Bruce Campbell, whose website, judicial-inc.biz, has been shut down (but now brought back online. Ed) for having exposed “Austrian Dungeon Monster” Josef Fritzl (left), as

Let’s Get This X**X!! Straight

A polite request to “German” Jews concerning the “six million” figure

The World Starves as Antichrist Jewish Bankers Grow Fat

You’re concerned about growing reports of food shortages. And someone, somewhere, wants you to take that concern to bed with you and sleep on it. If it worries you they intend feeding off your fear

The Baphomet Conspiracy and the Laboratory of Fear

The Baphomet Conspiracy and the Laboratory of Fear

How Satanic Jews and the German Secret Service Use Psychological Terror and Assassination to Silence German Patriots and Prevent the Restoration of the German Reich

Wall of Silence: Zionists Foment Race War in Germany, Part 2

Wall of Silence: Zionists Foment Race War in Germany, Part 2

German government kills police investigation into Jewish false flag operation and places banning order on subservient, cowardly journalists

Germans Enraged by Merkel’s Grovelling Goy Show

Mike James reports on reactions to Angela Merkel’s apologies to Israel – a week after Israeli forces killed over one hundred Palestinians, many of them civilians, including children

The Prophet Before The Storm, Part I

Each generation gives rise to men and women of unique courage and insight. More often than not, they are pilloried, ridiculed and sidelined as eccentrics or worse. Mike James interveiws a modern example

Zionists Foment Race War in Germany, Leave Clues

Arsonists left pointers as to who was really behind an alleged “Neo-nazi” attack on immigrants last Saturday. Quite clearly, Mossad is finding it very hard to recruit calm-headed and coherent Sayan terrorists these days

Germans Now Denying the Holocaust Telepathically, Say Jews

A lighter look at a serious issue

Ernst Zündel: A Prisoner in a State That Does Not Exist

A Rebuttal to Criticism of “Telling the Truth in the Realm of Lies” “Es wird daran festgehalten, daß das Deutsche Reich den Zusammenbruch 1945 überdauert hat und weder mit der Kapitulation noch durch die Ausübung fremder Staatsgewalt in Deutschland durch die Alliierten noch später untergegangen ist; es besitzt nach wie vor Rechtsfähigkeit, ist allerdings als […]

Blackout in Britain

Alleged Paedophiles at Helm of Britain’s War Machine