A Letter of Advice: to a Young American/British Patriot

This incisive letter was written by Mike James in Germany in reply to a correspondent via my site, GnosticLiberationFront.com, who wished to ascertain from Mike the viability of his proposal for an umbrella organization pertaining to disparate groups he perceived to be fighting ‘as one’ against Zionism, financial parasitism, and the Jewish world order. I felt compelled, with permission of the author, who consequently expanded upon it, to make this very fluid stream of reasoning and simple logic available to a wider public. I believe there are so many truths and insights to be found here that it would be a travesty not to publish it.

Holger W. Haffke

Dear Sir

I very much appreciate your kind and gracious comments inasmuch as feedback from readers rather takes the sting out of the social isolation I’ve experienced since my fall from ‘polite society’ in Germany some one and a half years ago and my having to adapt to new circumstances caused by the sudden and dramatic loss of commissioners in the PR sector, most of whom were previously unaware of my having already been blacklisted as an unconventional journalist.

You’re absolutely correct in stating that only broad-based opposition to the Zionist World Order, even at this late stage in the day, will save us and future generations from a global tyranny once envisaged as the highly desirable outcome of manufactured conflict and crises by the likes of Stalin and his Jewish Marxist-Leninist forebears (all financed, according to Anthony Sutton et al, by New York and London Zionist banking interests).

I expect that each one of us will be faced with a serious personal decision in the very near future, and the decision you reach will mark you forever as one who either succumbed to the small comforts of slavery or refused to go down on his knees and kiss the whip of his Zionist-Bolshevik tormentor. I’ve already been there, and I just took a look at my train ticket. It’s a return.

Back in 2008, prior to, during and after my fight and ultimate victory against the never before defeated Central Council of Jews, I received a number of warm-hearted, deeply insightful and humorous e-mails from Joseph Bruce Campbell in the United States. Yes, that self-same legendary hero of the Rhodesian War of Independence and an intellectual giant among midgets within the American Patriot Militia Movement.

Bruce offered me shelter and a job on American soil as a PR writer for his engineering company. The job was to be an alibi for my involvement in helping to reconstitute his militia brigades, which had been disbanded in the wake of the false flag Oklahoma bombing. I was offered similar positions in Australia to help shore-up Fredrick Toben’s revisionist anti-Zionist movement and in South America by patriots looking for an English-language spokesman and polemicist to assist them in their struggle against the creeping Jewification of society.

I very much regret my having declined Bruce’s generous offer, although, in retrospect, I now realise that I would not have been able to fulfil what he required of me owing to the very sudden onset of a number of age-related health problems that came to the fore as from June 2009. I just turned 50 last December and I’m finally paying for the sins of my youth.

It’s worth mentioning my having participated in a number of tentative discussions with two high-ranking and still influential former Bundeswehr officers worried about the drift of Germany toward a commitment to never-ending NATO wars, and I quickly realised that, without the backing of the military, any patriotic national revolution (as opposed to a Jew-led international socialist faux revolution), no matter how well organised, would inevitably fail. At least here in conformist, brainwashed Germany.

I’m aware of a number of movements within Europe, some of which are using the Jew tactic of infiltration and subversion within the already existing corrupt power structures. These groups of loosely associated individuals are semi-autonomous in nature and hermetically sealed for very good and obvious reasons, just as the success of the Jew elite was attained by persistent social and business networking over many centuries in a vein similar to that of their Goy allies within Freemasonry. The problem is, we have less than four or five years, not centuries.

I would dispute your view that those who comprise elite Jewry only “think they are like us”. They see themselves as far superior, regarding us as little more than dumb animals, the literal interpretation of the term ‘Goyim’. Certainly they are of a kind without scruples, instigating numerous wars and financially backing both sides (the ‘left and right hand’ strategy) to obtain for themselves not only vast personal fortunes, but also regimes that will do their bidding and expedite the steady erosion and depopulation of European and nominally Christian nations by stealth of cunning, murderously turning brother against brother and sister against sister — all against the backdrop of a process of continued social demoralisation and degradation promoted by Fabian cultural ‘change agents’ in key governmental positions and by sinister Quangos such as the Tavistock Institute in Britain, the Stanford Research Institute in America and the Frankfurt School in Germany (citations: “The Aquarian Conspiracy”, Lyndon LaRouche; “The Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Committee of 300”, Dr John Coleman).

The silent takeover of gentile nations has been ongoing for time immemorial, but hastened at an alarming pace just prior to the Zionist-manufactured First World War and the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, financed by the Rothschild banking dynasty through its agent Kuhn & Loeb. Almost all of Lenin’s Christ-hating Politburo ministers and chiefs of the secret police who tortured and murdered patriots by the millions in an enthusiastic orgy of terror were Jews. Prior to the bloody convulsions that ripped the heart out of Old Russia, Leon Trotsky, born Lev Davidovich Bronstein, in common with history’s greatest mass murderer, Joseph Stalin, lived in splendour with other Jewish communists in New York as a programmed asset and alleged blood relation of the Schiff and Warburg financier families:

“Trotsky’s headquarters was on the lower East Side in New York; largely the habitat of Russian-Jewish refugees. Both Lenin and Trotsky were similarly bewhiskered and unkempt. In those days, that was the badge of Bolshevism. Both lived well yet neither had a regular occupation.

Neither had any visible means of support, yet both always had plenty of money. All those mysteries were solved in 1917.

“Right from the outset of the war; strange and mysterious goings on were taking place in New York. Night after night; Trotsky darted furtively in and out of Jacob Schiff’s palace mansion and in the dead of those same nights there were a gathering of hoodlums of New York’s lower East Side. All of them Russian refugees at Trotsky’s headquarters and all were going through some mysterious sort of training process that was all shrouded in mystery. Nobody talked; although it did leak out that Schiff was financing all of Trotsky’s activities.

“Then suddenly Trotsky vanished and so did approximately 300 of his trained hoodlums. Actually they were on the high seas in a Schiff-chartered ship bound for a rendezvous with Lenin and his gang in Switzerland. And also on that ship was $20,000,000 in gold; the $20,000,000 was provided to finance the Bolshevik takeover of Russia.”


It’s worth noting that Jacob Schiff, whose demonic hatred of European-Americans, their love of freedom, their Christianity, their inherent creativity, their pioneering inventiveness and their willingness to work hard to provide for their children, was the founder of the subversive Jewish gangster organisation, the Anti-Defamation League.

From 1984 to 1992 I worked within the London media as an agency writer and freelance scriptwriter, and I became only too aware of the disproportionate number of Jews in powerful and very influential positions. Being, like you, non-racist myself, and having grown up with affable and intelligently witty Jewish boys throughout my Grammar school and university education, I only marvelled at it with an air of wistful amusement. I was quite naïve.

Please note that it’s very important to differentiate between racism — which is bigotry, codified into law by the terrorist mafia state of Israel and dutifully observed by the leaders of International Jewry as part of their long-term survival and conquest strategy — and racialism, which is a natural desire for individuals to live in harmony among people who share a common culture, hold mutually assistive values and social mores, and are ordained by God and nature to fall in love with potential wives or husbands of the same genotype to produce physiologically healthy and psychologically centred children within a stable political and economic environment.

By deliberately blurring the distinction between the natural order of racialism (which informed the way Europeans lived for centuries) and racism, Jewish political gangsters and their Marxist gentile ‘change agents’, such as we have most prominently today in the shape of the Illuminist adept Hillary Clinton and the foreign-born ‘President’ Barack Obama, have made all men and women of good conscience and presence of mind ‘hate criminals’.

As recently leaked to the British press in regard to the Labour government’s immigration policies since 1997, it is no accident that many European countries, at the behest of the Judeo-Freemasonic fifth column, were deliberately flooded with North Africans, Turks, Asians and Arabs of the Muslim faith prior to the attacks on the World Trade Center towers, engineered, Dr Watson, in all probability based upon the deducible evidence available in the public domain, by a faction within NATO working in tandem with a specialist Israeli demolition team.


Notwithstanding the fact that former CIA operative and anti-Russian Mujahadeen mercenerary Osama bin Laden (codenamed Tim Osman) is still not on the FBI’s suspect list and no proof has ever been provided that any Arabs were involved in the events of that traumatic day, the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan (to secure the world’s main heroin supplies and a base for the parting shots of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s ‘Encirclement of Russia’ policy) and the illegal invasion and destruction of Iraq placed untold stresses upon the social fabric of Europe. Whereas, with some success, the mischievous Jewish culture destroyers fanned the flames of Islamophobia at home, the people were repulsed and sickened by the systemic annihilation of some 1.5 million Muslims abroad.

The induction (by evil Jews) of such a high level of dissonance, even schizophrenia, in regard to those who live among us like fish out of water finds an equivalent in the dark arts of Satanic Ritual Abuse. And to suggest that we acknowledge the differences between races and their respective needs within the context of sovereign national development, and help those who are willing to resettle in their countries of origin while concomitantly expelling the scourge that opened the Gates of Babylon is to risk condemnation for ‘racism’ in the first instance and ‘anti-Semitism’ in the second.

That practically no Jew alive today has one single drop of Semitic blood in his or her veins, and that the Palestinian people, as proven by geneticists in their comparative studies of Arab and Jewish DNA samples, are true Semites and the genuine possessors of the land known as ‘Israel’ for as long as recorded history is able to maintain belies both charges.

And yet we allow these born deceivers to issue our currency, charge interest on the fiat cash they lend so that we remain in bondage to their system of usury, hold our governments to ransom, write our laws, control the flow of information, ‘educate’ our children, revise and publish our history books, tell us what we can and cannot say for fear of imprisonment, and slam us with lawsuits lest we opine that the frenzied yet silent holocaust of gentile babies in the wombs of their mothers resembles the sacrificial murder of innocent lambs to the strange gods that haunt the neurotic Judaic mind.

You really want to see environmental activists under that same umbrella?

As you can see, we’re up against forces so subtly cunning that we’re even led to support elite Jew-financed and controlled depopulation fronts such as Greenpeace (Red-war) and Friends of the Earth (Enemies of Mankind: F.O.E.). Greenpeace, many of whose members have no idea as to the origins of their movement and who sincerely believe that they are serving the interests of humanity, was established by Rockefeller money under the auspices of the 1960s so-called ‘Green Revolution’, a humanitarian Public Relations front for an altogether more sinister agenda, which includes, among other ideas, the complete control of the world’s food supply by GM food corporations such as Monsanto and genocide by means of synthetically manufactured viruses — and the ‘solution’, perniciously deadly vaccines sold to governments at vast profits to enrich the Jew-owned pharmaceutical cartel.

FOE has very close ties to the Duke of Edinburgh’s World Wildlife Fund, which was from the very start itself only a front for eugenicists working toward the stated intention of reducing the world population of (quoting the Jew Kissinger) ‘useless eaters’ to around 500,000 people living under Noahide Law, sufficient to service the needs of the Chosenite elites. Read the Judeo-Illuminist Georgia Guidestones, and weep.

Just as you would practise caution in your choice of girlfriends for fear of infection, so too should you inform yourself to the hilt about the nature of the groupings you envisage as potential allies.

If you’re aware of the history behind the CIA’s Operation Gladio and its 1970’s ‘Strategy of Tension’ which connived at the formation and financing of extreme communistic terrorist organisations that bombed train stations, civilian centres and small banks (Bologna, Berlin, Frankfurt) and kidnapped and murdered businessmen in Germany (Red Army Faction) and Italy (Red Brigades) in order to procure a public outcry and demands for the expansion of the national security state (“Please deprive me of my liberty to protect my freedom!”), you’ll understand why those who fight Zionism and the imminent New World Order are rather wary of new ‘umbrella organisations’ and choose instead to believe that multiple semi-autonomous groups inured against collateral damage and leaderless non-formations constitute the best form of resistance.

I’ve given you an extreme example of ways in which lawless ‘intelligence’ agencies, answerable not to the people who pay taxes to finance their bloodlust, create false fronts and wreak havoc on a scale that surpasses any conception of pure evil to such an extent that one must wonder whether such beings are really human or the manifestation of a wickedly demonic race of sadistic, robotic humanoids with neither the ability to empathise nor the heart to love.

And yet if I were to avail you with verified reports attendant to their infiltration and subversion of a myriad of citizens’ pro-Freedom groups striving toward the restoration of their God-given liberties and rights to a life of dignity in a natural society, this letter would never reach you, for I would be dead long before I could possibly hope to finish it. Needless to say, an ‘umbrella organisation’ designed to group anti-Zionist patriots with lobbyists controlled by Zionists is an obvious non-starter, and if the former were to sail out on the same big ship, so to say, then you can well imagine just how convenient that would be for the Pirate Race and their gilded sharks.

You wish to bring all of the 9-11 truthers together. Take a long hard look at many of the so-called 9-11 truth movements, research the backgrounds of those who lead them and write for their websites, examine some of their most fanciful notions intended to poison the well and discredit genuine conspiracy realists (not theorists), and you’d be quite shocked as to the extent to which Jews have infiltrated and wholly taken over the shaping of ‘dissident opinion’. Ask yourself why it is that almost all of them disavow the only reasonable explanation for the carefully planned and orchestrated attacks:


As you should already know, most ‘Truth Movements’ are, in the true Orwellian sense, ‘Lie Movements’, the gatekeepers of dissident information, discouraging genuine enquiry and publicly ostracising investigators who study too closely the involvement of Israel’s ‘black ops’ military and NATO’s ‘black budget’ intelligence squads in the events of September 11 and their subsequent ‘War on Terra’ – Terra: that’s you and everyone else but a tiny Parasitic Elite living on this terrain we know as planet Earth. Oh, how they love to make the truth known in phonetically Kabbalistic word games.

Your idea, my friend, is worthy in spirit, yet riddled with perils in its execution. Notwithstanding the given that many freethinkers are libertarian and non-collectivist at heart, the sort of people you would more easily recruit would be of the sort inclined toward an international socialist world view, albeit unaware of their role as dupes in manifesting austerity and global Bolshevism for the formerly free under a Chosenite Jewish hegemony.

Collectivism has its advantages, particularly in times of crisis when the parasitic few grow fat on the backs of the many whose lifeblood is poisoned by the despair of unemployment, debt slavery and the prospect of homelessness. The question should be: “What kind of collectivism would be more attuned to highly individualistic people whose patriotic, populistic and/or libertarian outlook does not predispose them to join groups and who generally eschew the hive mentality?”

It’s a tough one to answer. How to square the circle? Should we really be trying to make independent-minded ‘misfits’ somehow fit? Should we attempt to fight fire with fire by emulating the collectivist operational modality exercised by elite International Jewry only to find that we have fallen into a trap and become as them?

Umbrella organisations, no matter how noble their intentions at the outset, are easily infiltrated, co-opted and subverted by agents of the state and Sayanim with a flair for acting the part. The Parasitic Elites like to see all of their enemies under one roof, registered, stamped, documented, observed, and controlled.

Strength can sometimes lie in numbers, yes, but not necessarily identifiable and quantifiable numbers. Our adversary, the many heads of the serpentine Zionist and Judeo-Freemasonic Hydra (rel. Sanhedrin. Greek: ‘synedria’, from ‘syn’ and ‘hedra’), fears nothing more than a faceless combatant who disappears into the shadows once his work is done, leaving memes and inspiration behind for others to do the same. For every self-styled leader or organisation taking the fight to the enemy, and ultimately playing the game by THEIR rules, there are hundreds, if not thousands, working quietly and diligently on the fringes, unheard and unseen.

We live not in 1776, but in 2010 – in a world of advanced surveillance and monitoring technologies and highly-trained operatives well-versed in all the arts of psychological and spiritual warfare. A visible, moving target makes their life just too damned easy. It must conform to democratic strictures. Democracy, a tool of Jewish ‘change agents’ and Satan’s preferred form of governance, inclines toward internal compromise and imposes unnecessary restraints on those who yearn for freedom and a spontaneous means by which they can deliver their message. I’m not talking about violence against other human beings, but intelligent system wreckers, spanners in the works, ghosts in the machine. You’ve got a computer. Get a proxy and start hacking.

To be sure, counting yourself a part of the Leaderless Resistance is a lonely affair. You cannot safely use a phone or the internet to organise, for everything you say will be dutifully logged and monitored. There’s no camaraderie to sustain you; but yet you place none of your fellow patriots in danger through ‘guilt by association’. Organisation comes much later once determined nationalists, patriots, populists and libertarians have spread sufficient hard-hitting memes throughout society that bypass the mainstream media and take substance in folklore. Think ‘Robin Hood’ or ‘William Wallace’.

When ordinary people are inspired to see that they, as free-thinking individuals created in the image of a non-Jew God who told them that His Kingdom lies WITHIN, have the power inside of themselves to slip under the radar and join the invisible movement, the Leaderless Resistance, withdrawing their consent to be governed by traitors in ‘high places’, switching off their television sets, throwing not one more vote at the duopolistic one-party system, asserting racial majority rights over the constant pandering to the epidemic of parasitic minorities and the culture of victimology created by Jewish lawyers and ‘change agents’ at a litigious whim or the dispatch of a position paper, know this: the game is over.

Then, and only then, will true leaders emerge; and such leaders will never impose upon a liberated people, but bow down before them in all humility and offer themselves as servants, not masters.

I’m telling you all this not as an exercise in textbook tutorship (and always beware of so-called ‘gurus’ and ‘advisors’, even me), but in the capacity of someone who himself became embroiled in organised oppositional politics and had leadership thrust upon him, sometimes enjoying an unexpected triumph, but, more often, only to see defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

I’ve written the above not as a discouragement, but as something for you to consider and use as the basis for refining your ideas. Time is of the essence, my fellow patriot, and we do indeed need visionaries who can think not only in terms of how to defeat our common enemy, the Ancient Foe of Mankind, but also in terms of the sort of post-Zionist societies that are able to harness the creativity and productivity of their peoples to provide abundance for all men and women, and freedom from oppression and Jew-instigated war.

I look forward to your feedback and welcome your using me as a Socratic ‘sounding board’ against which you can test your ideas.

May the Great Spirit bless you in your lone, brave efforts, no matter how small or even insignificant they may seem. For a million cuts doth a mortal wound make.

Now go out and slay that Beast.

Michael James, an English patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and is surreptitiously working towards a free and independent England.

Source: http://gnosticliberationfront.com/a_letter_of_advice_to_a_young_am.htm

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland