Dirk Zimmermann: A Modern German Hero

Few in Germany, Europe, Great Britain and the United States realise the import of the stupendous courage exercised by a young, married and loving fatherly man, recently sentenced to nine months imprisonment for simply exercising his Right to Free Expression, as ostensibly guaranteed by the now defunct and discredited German constitution (Temporary Basic Law).

As was the case with Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf and even those convicted of minor traffic offences, the BRD, its judiciary and police services have been acting illegally for at least 19 years. Every German citizen has had, for almost two decades, the right to tell such Zionist impostors: “Stick it up your ass!”

The Federal Republic of Germany (BRD) ceased to exist as a constitutionally validated regulator of citizenship in 1954 and became absolutely and irrevocably illegal on the same day that the already unconstitutional Federal Republic of Germany (formerly West Germany, BRD) merged with the Bolshevik German Democratic Republic (East Germany, DDR), automatically reverting to its true constitutional status as the Deutsches Reich. Deutschland (a nation) in no way resembles the BRD, which is internationally listed as a private banking concern, a corporation, similar to that of the United States, whose citizens are perennially indebted to the Federal Reserve and were sold out by Roosevelt as indentured assets to the Zionist United Nations as a pre-condition to war with their brethren: the Germanic race.

On 31 July 1973, the Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court) was forced to concede the following ruling in regard to an upcoming treaty between the BRD and the communist DDR: “It remains the case that the German Reich survived the collapse of 1945 and did not cease to exist, neither through capitulation nor the exercise of foreign power in Germany on the part of the allies; it possesses today, as it always has, legal and judicial sovereignty, although as a State it is lacking in organisation. The BRD is not the legal successor of the German Reich.”

However, it continues, like a vengeful disembodied poltergeist to deprive all within its jurisdiction of their God-given liberties to express opinions based upon reasoned, scientifically and mathematically sound research. Not that such considerations are important to an evil, anti-Christ state that sanctions the mass murder of millions of unborn white children each and every year. Germany boasts one of the highest abortion rates in the world, and most abortionists are heavily promoted by Ashkenazim organisations and ‘Feminist-rights’ groups. I wonder why.

Dirk is a German patriot and cares very much for the survival of all ancestral Europeans, including the indigenous Anglo-Saxon and Celtic people of the world, who now find themselves within an ever-diminishing (and criminalised) minority. Crime No. 1: He loves his own family. Crime No. 2: He loves his own country. Crime No. 3: He hates liars. Crime No. 4: He loves the Truth. Crime No. 5: He speaks his mind. Crime No. 6: He is guilty of Thought Crime.

Dirk, a hard-working and community-centred Christian in the prime of his youth, took a long hard look at the propaganda with which we, in Zionist-occupied Germany, are bombarded with every day, 24 hours around the clock: on television, via the radio and upon almost every page of the mainstream newspaper media. The wonderful thing about human beings – and this is how we progressed from savages to enlightened thinkers – is that we ask questions.
Dirk, being an overly intelligent and loving man who was deeply concerned about the direction in which his people were headed, began to ask a number of reasonably intelligent questions about what he had been taught at school.

Germany, in common with six other Soviet EU nations, prohibits their citizens from asking questions about what they were taught as a state religion. This religion is sacrosanct. It’s called the alleged Ashkenazi (non-Semitic) ‘holocaust’, which, as scientific objectivists have proven (even at risk of their own lives), has manifested itself as nothing more than mass hysteria based upon a tribal cognitive disposition to superstition, Kabbalism and the cult of mass victimology.

Following decades of research in regard to this alleged ‘atrocity’, billions of people the world over have been shown proof that no such ‘holocaust’ of the non-Semitic Ashkenazim ever took place; the myth, connived at by a cabal of evil men, forming only a pretext for the establishment of a hideously bloody land-grab that bore testimony to the genocide of millions of innocent Palestinians (the descendants of the Children of Israel) and the destabilisation of a world which had already suffered untold upheavals and wars that saw ancestral Europeans slaughter other ancestral Europeans in untold numbers.

Dirk, like me, found such anti-free-speech laws to be repugnant to the dignity of men. He issued a so-called ‘Selbstanzeige’, a means by which he sent legally forbidden, but truthful and scientifically researched evidence compiled by the internationally-esteemed chemist and physicist, Germar Rudolf, to his local mayor, pastor and Catholic priest within his Heimat, Heilbronn. He simply asked his recipients to refute the validity and integrity of all that had been objectively, scientifically and empirically proven to be nothing less than a monstrous lie.

Would you find such a request to be unreasonable in a so-called ‘democracy’ that ‘constitutionally’ defends freedom of speech and enquiry?

Not so in Zionist-occupied Germany, now fully controlled by the illegal Soviet European Union.

Dirk, like Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf and other warriors who have fought to restore the honour of the German people against an outrageous blood-libel that has traumatised three generations of intelligent, caring and egalitarian children, was sent to prison for Holocaust Heresy. His wife and his children are now deprived of the adoring attentions of a dedicated father and bread-winner because a small group of Culture Destroyers, who have worked unceasingly to desecrate western civilisation ever since Cain murdered his honourable brother, Abel, in a fit of jealous rage, see themselves as bearing the Mark of the Beast that protects them, as anti-humans, against all who care for their fellow men and women.

The Mark of the Beast, as all geometricians know, incorporates within its delineation the Satanic number 666. It is the Star of David: an invention of the 15th century Cabbalistic Ashkenazim. Isaac Newton, among others, was amongst the first to identify this mafia of non-Semitic anti-Jews, who hailed from Asia Minor, as representing the most evil people existent upon the face of the planet.

I must admit to a certain admiration for this breed of Deceivers. They make for the world’s best liars, actors, bankers, storytellers, financial parasites, falsifiers, tricksters, publishers, film-syndicators, culture disruptors, lawyers, bankers, insurance swindlers, attorneys, politicians, comedians, usurers, media-owners, gangsters, terrorists and conmen.

Let’s face it. These guys are geniuses, although, as Henry Makow has sapiently observed, they have within themselves an innate destructive tendency, which riles both against everything that we, as Patriotic Nation First advocates yearn for. Let’s take our hats off to them and give them all Jew respect. They’ve had us tightly held by the testicles for centuries, and it looks like they are going to win. In the Darwinian scheme of things, unless we can learn to dissimilate ourselves from the guilt they have imposed upon us, they actually deserve to win. We have nobody to blame but ourselves: stupid, naïve, blue-eyed, ancestral Europeans who have been indoctrinated with the myth that these people, none of whose forefathers ever set foot on Palestinian soil, and who originated from Asia Minor, are somehow the ‘Chosen People’ as explicated by the deeply Freemason-coded Old Testament accepted as ‘God’s Word’ by millions of incredulous ‘Christians’ worldwide.

This is known, and should be known, as Our Lord instructed us, as “The Great Deception”.

On the plus side, these false ‘Jews’ (originally Edomites, who, being separate from the Twelve Tribes as the despised and thoroughly hated descendants of Esau and, later, the usurious tribe of semi-Mongolian Ashkenazim, much of whom are behind the conspiracy to usher in a Freemasonic and Satanic New World Order), have spawned from amongst their ranks some of the most outstandingly brilliant scientists, actors and wittiest writers. Walther Matthau remains one of my favourite actors, as does Leonard Cohen, the writer and poet of conscience; small recompense, however, for the misery and despair into which the machinations of their own kind have brought our former civilisations to the brink of moral and financial collapse. However, one must never forget that there exists within our ranks loyal and patriotic Jews who swear allegiance to the Nations in which they were born and reject all forms of Zionism.

Henry Makow, for example, is a man of exemplary moral scruples, as is Brother Nathanael, also known as Brother Nathaniel. Both have renounced the evil and deceptively esoteric religion of Talmudic Judaism (the blueprint for a New World Order) in favour of a world in which the Celtic Christ (a man from the Valley of the Gaels) ordained that every man and woman be free to choose, according to their own will and spiritual self-consciousness, the path upon which they choose to take.

Jesus, being God, was the wisest beyond all human belief. Like Socrates, he told us: We should not judge before judging the merits and deficits of our own sins. This Man of Galilee, who despised the Edomites (the original Jews) knew us even before we were born: for he fashioned each and every one of us according to the delight of his own heart’s desire. When we die (for there is no concept within God’s Plan such as ‘death’, we shall all, and that includes individuals amongst all races and all various denominations, be judged, satirised, laughingly scorned, adjudicated, and sent into the inner-most regions of his or her pre-existent consciousness to rectify or justify all that was unacceptable in the Face of Our Lord), we all return to the Body of Christ.

Whether Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Judaic, or whatever the hell you conceive of as being a man-made religion of political and social control. The True Creator, who has no name, and who escapes any conceptualisation on the part of human beings (as testified within the Satanic-Judaic Old Testament in which He says, almost as a defiant whisper against the Usurper Jehova: “Those who do not know me have misrepresented me”) has the world in derision. On this planet, we who live, within the context of ‘time’, as fleetingly as the time-span afforded to a day-long firefly, are held within the omniscient presence of the True Creator as mere mortals, none of whom can ever over-ride the Just Laws of He who has created us. He has the ‘world’ in mirth. He laughs at our vanities and pretensions to grandeur.

But here on Planet Earth, Satan (Zionism) is ‘The Boss’. Mafiosa Boss Number One. He calls all the shots. His dupes, and their equally stupid stooges, are what we now know and recognise as Zionists and their willing, pro-Israel, gullible ‘Christian’ cohorts. That Zionist, Palestinian-murdering traitors to the True God, such as the Satanist and Freemasonic Hagee and his fellow shower of so-called, profit-oriented television evangelists continue to live without immunity to legal prosecution or execution before the Face of Justice is a mystery to me.

Take a look at this photograph:


Your tax dollars and tax euros at work.

Israeli settlers, themselves a living metaphor for the New World Order to Come, are explicitly instating their intentions for what you can expect living within a Zionist-controlled system of World Governance controlled by the elite Ashkenazim Financial Politburo.

You, my British, Irish, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, or other English-speaking compatriots have the power in your hands to defeat the tyranny that will turn your children into unthinking robots of the state. In your hands, and, most importantly, in your minds, lies the destiny of your children and your great-grandchildren. I preach no intolerance, but only a modicum of respect for those who claim the so-called rights of ‘minority status’. Let us observe, discover and examine those behind which their claims ‘for preferential treatment’ are based. Let us examine and prioritise our own definitive rules and codes in a world bamboozled by false-flag ‘terrorism’ and the myth of ‘Global Climate Change’.

To deny the lie of ‘man-made’ global warning has been deemed by the (illegal, Satanic, undemocratic) United Nations Assembly as a form of ‘heresy’. The charge of ‘heresy’, also brought against scientific historical revisionists (‘history’ is classified as an objective science in accordance with the Encyclopaedia Britannica) implies a counterweight to an incontestable religion. Of which religion do I speak? I refer to the worship of Mammon, our faith in the invincibility of International Ashkenazim-Jewish Capitalism and its coinage flipside, International Ashkenazim-Jewish Communism. Both work together hand-in-hand.

In the year 1993, prior to my marriage with Helen, the woman whom I loved most (now superseded by the most beautiful Geordie-Celtic girl I have ever encountered), I was given a flu vaccine (containing Mercury and Squalene) that physically crippled me for six months, and which engendered within me a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that lasted for almost a decade. Even to this day I am struggling, on both a physical and intellectual level, to reach about eighty-percent of what I was formerly capable of achieving in an intellectual capacity. BigPharma damaged me beyond repair. Never, ever allow a ‘doctor’ to inject this poison into your bloodstream.

The doctor who insisted that I take the ‘jab’ was Jewish; but he admitted that, under no circumstances, would he allow any other doctor to administer the same to himself. It is something of an irony that a dedicated and hard-working Jewish doctor, Mr Najman, whose practise is located on the Schweizer Strasse in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt, saved my life. He immediately recognised the symptoms of autoimmunity (an inherent and thoroughly natural predilection against BigPharma vaccines) and helped me to overcome the worst. Yes, a Jew, with all the best contacts to his co-religionist medical compatriots in Frankfurt, saved me from a life torn asunder by Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Without his help, you would not be reading this article; for long ago, I would have died.

Let us therefore exercise the utmost discretion in dealing with the ‘Jewish Problem’. Some, if not most, are loyal patriots. They consider themselves as fully integrated citizens of the host nations within which they live. They, despite their evil religion and ethnicity, are our natural allies. When overcome by compassion, in rebellion to the indoctrination they appertained as young men and women, they crossed the line. They are with us, not against us. They despise Zionism and all of its anti-human creeds.

I’ve taken on the Jewish-Zionist Lobby twice in Germany. And, last year, I won. Twice. I shall always defeat the Jewish-Zionist Lobby in Germany because I can outgun them, outwit them, outrun them, out-talk them, out-philosophise them, out-intellectualise them, out-subpoena them, out-confuse them and totally out-fuck them. They call me a “mad-dog Englishman” and regard me as one who is infected with a kind of ‘Socratic’ rabies. For sure, nobody survives my bite.

I shall never accept defeat. I was brought into this world by the will of Jesus Christ, and He told me to fear no man, no dogma, no tyranny. I was born free, and I shall go to my grave a free-thinking man.

Here, in Germany, there is no trial by judge and jury: twelve men, good and true. Lawyers are debarred from defending their clients on issues pertinent to the Big Lie lest they too incriminate themselves. The Zionist and Soviet European Union is nothing less than a broker for Zionist imperial rule.

The Beak, Judge Haberzettel, showed much more leniency toward Dirk than that handed out to the long-suffering Ernst Zundel by the psychopathic, Ashkenazim-brainwashed Judge Meinerzhagen, whose evil and vindictiveness shall one day be repaid in an unexpected and rather remarkable form. (His recent familial and health problems are not unrelated.)

However, Haberzettel did warn Dirk that a non-retraction of his opinions could see him behind bars “for the rest of his life”. I very much fear for Mr Haberzettel’s life. God, who is not the evil, fictional Jehovah of the Judaic and Freemasonic Old Testament, but the all-loving Spirit that resides within the soul of all men and women, will bring this man to justice forever and an eternity. Let cancer take his life.

Dirk was sentenced to nine whole months, without suspension. Nine months: rather symbolic, don’t you think? Another ancestral, true born child lost to Germany.

I have tried, without success, to establish the whereabouts of Dirk Zimmermann. The German media singularly failed to report the location of his Gulag imprisonment for speaking Truth to Power. I am enraged. I have a right to communicate with a man who has demonstrated a degree of courage sufficient enough to defy the impositions of the Zionist New World Order.

The Zionist-controlled German government, which is, in terms of international law and decisions handed down by the Supreme German Constitutional Court itself, deemed to be unconstitutionally illegal (and is still listed by the United Nations as a ‘hostile entity’) works only for the state of Israel.

Let us, as Anglo-Saxons and Celts, be brothers and sisters unto one another. Let us disabuse ourselves of the notion of ‘white shame’. For we, and we alone, by the sheer craft of our inherent intellectual superiority kindled the spark that gave birth to the Higher Ideas that set mankind free from Tyranny.

Whether you are struggling to survive on a middle-class income, are out of work and dependent upon the Fascist-Bolshevik state to pay for your daily needs, or even find yourself homeless, living as a beggar, know this: You are my People. I love you. I shall fight and die for you.

But think not of me, but of Dirk Zimmermann.

Michael James, an English patriot, is a former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates an independent leaderless resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and is actively working towards a free and independent England.

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland