Withdraw All Consent: You Cannot Eat Democracy

NO GREATER HOLOCAUST, has been committed against humanity than that of the mass murder of little human beings in the wombs of their mothers

After The Rain

After The Rain

Mike James looks back to the events in his life one summer nearly 18-years ago

The Theft Of Our Dreams

Beyond the fact that he decided not to take his own life – a real crime against the creator – some good news from the hugely popular writer

Last Days On Earth

A cry of despair from the hugely popular (on this website), Mike James and note: we believe that higher powers may have intervened and prevented Mike from committing a real spiritual crime – taking his own life

A Letter of Advice: to a Young American/British Patriot

May the Great Spirit bless you in your lone, brave efforts, no matter how small or even insignificant they may seem. For a million cuts doth a mortal wound make. Now go out and slay the beast

Revealed: British Premier Gordon Brown Is A Paedophile

Revealed: British Premier Gordon Brown Is A Paedophile

Mike James reveals how the highest levels of political power in Britain are linked to a hidden world of child sexual abuse and murder

The England I Love, And Shall Forever Love

I was raised a Geordie, born on the banks of the River Tyne and I yearn to return to my homeland. Mike James laments on what may be gone forever

An Angry Gnostic Englishman In Cowardly Agnostic Germany – Part 1

The strange but true story of “Testicular Warming” and global “Underwear Change” in a land of insane bureaucrats

Our Alamo Against The Jewish New World Order

Our Alamo Against The Jewish New World Order

We have been taught to be ashamed of pride in our own kind. Yet the sad irony is that we are now the true minority

Israeli Bolshevik Murderers Terrified Of Foreign Arrest

Israeli Bolshevik Murderers Terrified Of Foreign Arrest

And yet we call these Ashkenazim and Freemasonic ‘Jewish’ international financial swindlers, and rapists and assassins of Palestinian boys and girls “our allies”

What if?

What if?

What if God walks amongst us and brings Tears of Shame to our eyes?

The Freemasonic Bible And The Destruction Of The New World Order

Mike James (left) with a polite riposte to Bob and Suzanne Hamrick in regard to their intelligent observations regarding “The Revolutionary Bowel Movement”

The Revolutionary Bowel Movement

No priest, pastor, bishop, imam, rabbi, guru, pope, deacon, television evangelist or maharaja or conman has ever spoken to God

Dirk Zimmermann: A Modern German Hero

Mike James reports from Zionist-occupied Germany on yet another martyr incarcerated for trying to establish the truth

Zionist-Soviet EU Dissidents Face Charges Of Sedition, Possible Execution

The independent nation states of Europe no longer exist. Our respective parliaments and High Courts represent nothing more than the rubber-stamping underlings of the unelected, parasitic elites who now govern us by decree from Brussels

The Fight Of Our Lives: Destroying The Lisbon Treaty

All those whose snouts are firmly entrenched in the New World Order’s trough of rewarding delicacies have had their necks measured for the lampposts that await them. I have the rope. Just help me tie the knot.

Lisbon And The Zionist Nightmare

Why I love my people and why I choose to fight

The Last Shout

Word from Mike James who has just been facing the judicial synagogues in Gulag Europa

Word from Mike James

Forced offline and with no telephone, the authorities are doing their utmost to silence him

When the Jews first came for ….

A few words from Mike James in Germany