Last Days On Earth

This article, perhaps my last, is dedicated to Jim Kirwan in honour of his superb exposition “Illusions of Freedom” and also to my very best friend, Holger Haffke, the dedicated American-German patriot who has sacrificed his health and welfare in maintaining his brilliantly incisive site,

I always had this feeling, even as a child, that I did not belong here. I have tried to come to terms with it as best as I can; but this has proven impossible. This morning, for the forth time in my life, I slashed my wrists.

I took an overdose of blood-thinning aspirin and warfarin. But the ‘gods’, whoever these evil archon bastards are, saw to it that the blood in my arteries dried all too quickly into a clot. Swiss Army knives leave a lot to be desired. If I were a Jew, I would sue for misrepresentation and win handsomely, forever availed of a life-long pension in a luxury apartment at the expense of a people who live only to service their ‘eternal guilt’ to the purveyors of victimology.

Jews have every right to sue the Swiss for their blunted knives. After all, they are almost bereft of Asiatic hooked noses and once compiled a report, now suppressed, that gave lie to the so-called “holocaust” that allegedly claimed the lives of God’s six trillion chosen people in microwave ovens designed by evil, soap and candle-obsessed Germans who commoditised their currency on the world stock-exchange on the basis of gold-filled teeth, second-hand spectacles, a million dead lice and an untold number of forged passports.

I live in a world populated by robots, mindless automatons and consumers of the mainstream media, television and the ever-pernicious jingle-jangle of “Aquarian” culture-change radio. I destroyed both my television set and radio long ago. I hate liars. I hate this world. I despise the matrix.

They have made morons out of thinking men and women who live only for themselves and all they can grab. Me, me, me. Fuck everyone else.

I don’t need no “education.” I don’t need no “thought control.” Hey, teachers (communists), “leave them kids alone.” We live in a world of fiction. Everything you know is simply not true. All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall.

I know I’m full of myself and do go on a bit. I’m a neurotic. I cry ever so easily. Folks tell me that I’m too sensitive. Hey, I can take it on the chin. I try to tell the truth, but few know it or even want to hear about it. I’ve been beaten senseless for asking too many questions. I even need to have my broken nose reset following a bout of unwarranted fisticuffs. Wrong girl, wrong question, wrong time. I guess I’ll never learn: though I went down fighting seven goliath-sized thugs and took four of them out of the picture before the rest overwhelmed me and turned my face to a pulp.

It really doesn’t matter. I think most folks are pretty happy with the way things are. Who am I to disabuse them of their illusions? Yes, they register with various online protest groups and signature a myriad of petitions. They sign-on with all manner of Internet pressure groups, vote for one of the least worst system parties they offer you every now and then. I feel so sad that my fellow human beings, if and when they can bring to think themselves out of the box created by the false political and religious gods of their own mendacity and gullibility, are so enamoured by enticements that drain them of their own ability to think for themselves. All of these information gatekeepers work for the system.

Can you not see this?

Do not play the game by their rules. Smash the chessboard and kick the pieces in their faces. Fight, Godammit. Fight! You are a human being and have every right and every reason to be angry. Fight for your very lives; for though I am taking mine, I do so for you!

Don’t listen to a single word I say. Listen to the still, small voice within yourself and act accordingly.

I love all my fellow human beings. Yes, even the fake, non-Palestinian Ashkenazi Jews who threaten to destroy all that is beautiful and worthy of even a world created by the demiurge Master of Pain, who is their ‘god’. (And, boy, such love requires of me an ocean of forgiveness within which even the most proficiently compassionate swimmer is liable to drown.)

I have tried the best I can. Nobody understands a word I say. I really see no point in writing any further. If you, dear reader, know my own heart better than all the women to whom I have ever given myself, and still do not understand the simplicity of my message, then I ask myself: “Who can?”

I love my people. The British, like the Germans, were always a fine and proud race of warriors, intellectuals, natural rebels, dreamers, creators and brave men and women. What has happened to my people?

One day, the British, Germanic and American people will rise and astonish the world. You are the Chosen from the beginning of time; yet what was yours as of right has been extinguished from your minds by a Jew World Order that has made of my people nothing more than cattle to be sold and slaughtered.

The most beautiful word in any language is “Freedom”. Without freedom we cannot love, learn or live as the men and women we were meant to be.

I love you. You are my people.

I bleed for you, even as I write. Even as I die.

Michael James, an English patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and is working towards a free and independent England.

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland