The Unoccupied Heart

By Mike James in Germany – November 9, 2011

Why we should accept the Living Jesus Christ as our only true Revolutionary Leader

Each and everyone of us is hurting. It no longer makes sense to classify ourselves as the working poor, the overtaxed middle-classes, the unemployed, the infirm who live in pain, the elderly who have lost their entire life savings and their pension security, or the young who see for themselves a future of tax servitude and indebtedness to an evil system of corporate greed and global fascism.
We can point to those most visibly culpable in the despair and misery that has engulfed our planet and threatens to return humanity to a New Dark Age of feudalism. We are right to demand that those guilty of perpetrating economic and financial terrorism that has led to the impoverishment, homelessness, hunger and deaths of millions of ordinary Americans, Europeans and others must be brought to justice and, in the most severe of cases where the evidence bespeaks crimes of the utmost wickedness against the dignity of the weak and vulnerable, be served with nothing less than the sentence of death.
Both Lloyd Blankfein and Tony Blair, albeit for slightly different reasons, must be executed for crimes against humanity, no matter whether the assassin is a policeman or a conscientious citizen. These injunctions, which have been spoken into a divine fait accompli, cannot be rescinded and the the above executions will therefore transpire in due course according to plan.
Recent months have witnessed an upsurge of anger against the Satanic Parasitic Elites who have raped the wealth of not only hard-working individuals who strive for nothing else than to provide their children with a loving environment within which those youngsters are enabled to realise themselves as fully contributing human beings in a world that must surely promise deliverance from the economic servitude of an anti-human, farm management system of tax slavery and fear-based economics, which has openly declared and implemented its intention of destroying entire nations.
The response, at once spontaneous, has now become organised and, to an increasing extent, controlled by those who have the most to gain by replacing free-market capitalism with a global corporate hegemony and a One World government, at the apex of which the Rothschilds and their ilk shall control every aspect of your life. I find it rather tragic that, despite all of the salient and justified demands of the articulate disenfranchised who speak for those who have no voice, they singularly neglect to mention the one solution that could save mankind from the ruthless and unforgiving tyranny that awaits them: our warrior for Truth and Freedom, Jesus Christ.
Preferring instead to emblazon their chests with Che Guevara or Ron Paul T-Shirts, those who would change the world have somehow forgotten the one living and only true revolutionary Leader of the Resistance against Satanic dictatorship who could deliver them in the blink of an eye from the worst of their imagined torments, if only they would change their hearts and pray earnestly for the Return of the King into their lives.
For young people who have never heard of this “man”, who is as yet the same Creator who breathed the Living Spirit into their beings long before they were conceived, and to those who, through no fault of their own, were raised in faiths that deny the power of God, whose only name is Jesus, let me tell you that unless you ask him, as your Brother, to occupy your heart, you stand no chance of occupying your rightful place in this world as a fully empowered individual in whose presence entire governments and their bondsmen will tremble with fear.
The Kings, Princes, Presidents, Bankers, Oligarchs and Controllers of this world scoff at and betray not the slightest fear for those who call God by a million and one different names. So long as that name is not “Jesus Christ”.
They know. Which is why they murdered the true name of God in the hearts of men a long time ago. They began many thousands of years ago by murdering the Anabaptists and then cleverly co-opting the pure message of Christ into a martial religion that underpinned a plethora of Satanic empires. The European Union is the fledgling rebirth of the demonic Roman Empire and both Wall Street and the City of London represent the Whore of Babylon. The Khazar, Ashkenazi fake-Jew State of Israel, founded in strict prohibition of God’s commands and upon the blood of the descendants of Jesus (the Palestinians) is the False Prophet of our time, covertly and overtly guiding the thrust of world affairs.
Without understanding the message of the New Testament and embracing Jesus as the the only leader worthy of trust, all human attempts in obtaining a fair and just dispensation in this world are not only doomed to fail, but will lead to an even greater measure of repression, misery and loss of liberty.
I am deeply in love with my own people, the native indigenous English, whom I regard as the salt of the earth. Yet they, in their ignorance and at the propagandistic behest of a fake Royal Family, Tavistock change agents and the cunning wiles of debauched and evil Jews who live illegally in England in defiance of the Edict of Expulsion, and who have cunningly suborned their Antichrist, politically correct agenda into the mainstay of an English narrative that was once informed by the virtue and the celebration of a pro-human tradition, my people have fallen into slothful thinking and decadence, addicted to materialism, greed, and the ever-increasing banalities of television and the obsessions of gratuitous sex and violence that make of them sub-humans instead of the truly sovereign men and women God envisaged them to be.
The revolts, protests and fake, establishment-sponsored revolutions that we are currently witnessing are being manufactured by the self-same Satanic entities who are the cause of your despair. How is it that, in demanding international socialism as the panacea of your problems, you do not see that this is exactly what your enemy desires?
Howbeit, that you, my people, the English, and my brothers and sisters in America, have singularly failed to heed the message of the one True Revolutionary Leader of our times, Jesus Christ, a man, Our Father, who despises religion, human dogma, the systemology of warped humanistic thinking and the problem-reaction-solution trap that will lead you all into a One World government of economic slavery and financial terrorism?
Man has one leader. He is no politician. He is not not the Pope who espouses a fascistic-corporate and yet Bolshevik world government that will usher in a period of hug-me, squeeze-me, smiling feudal slavery. He is not the President of the United States. He is not a New Age “teacher”. He is not you.
His name is Jesus Christ. He has always been with us. He is with you right now, yearning to feel your embrace, take away your sorrows, dry your tears, and fill your heart with hope and courage.
But your hearts are so hardened you cannot see him in manifest form and therefore pay no heed to the message of His Living Spirit. You turn to idols in the form of political parties, false religions, manifestos based upon Satanic and Freemasonic doctrines and carnal, materialistic ideologies that are rife with calculated hatred and cleverly argued utopian solutions that will see neither a redress of your grievances nor the rule of natural law that will secure for you and your children and your grandchildren a life of plenitude and abundance, in peace and under a system of a loving and creatively egalitarian dispensation.
Unless you give your hearts over to God, whose name is neither Allah, nor Shiva, nor Buddha, nor Billy-Bob The Biscuit Man, but the True Living God, Jesus Christ, your chances of achieving an equitable world in which all free and independent nations are able to realise a degree of sovereignty commensurate to the needs of their people are this: Zero, Nada, Null, Zilch.
I know you shall not listen to me. You never listen to those who tell the truth. You’re far too clever and worldly-wise to heed the advice of “crazy believers” in Jesus, aren’t you? You’re so damned cool and the Zeitgeist owns not only your heart and your brains, but the very balls you clutch when the fear that you may be wrong has you grasping for your most cherished assets in a panic of self-affirmation.
And so I tell you this. Everything you wish to attain shall come of nought. For you may occupy Wall Street, the City of London, Frankfurt, Paris and every latrine frequented by greedy Pharisees placing put options on the last sinking turd to defy the gravity of the final flush of mankind.
But you will not only fail in your “humanistic” attempts to “save” the world, but also hand victory to those who despise you.
For a heart unoccupied by the Revolutionary Spirit of Jesus Christ is a heart that no longer beats to the drum of Liberty.

Michael James, an English republican patriot, is a blacklisted former
freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with
additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He
advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the
EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous
international cabal or entity.

Mike James, an Englishman, is a former freelance journalist resident in Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland

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