NWO Plans Exposed

NWO Plans Exposed

Why some of Britain’s royalty secretly supported Hitler during WWII and how the Rothschilds effectively blackmailed them through Sir Anthony Blunt (left)

Halloween Karma

What goes around comes around

The Masonic Plot

T Stokes recalls his involvement in preparations for a military coup in Britain over twenty years ago and how its echoes can be seen today

Dirt in High Places

T Stokes recounts some recent police actions in Westminster and what they reveal about modern Britain and, indirectly, about President Obama’s family

A Child and Spirit

A Paranormal investigator and exorcist explains the ties between blood and lower astral entities and his first encounters with them as a child

Space Shots and Psychics

T Stokes recounts his personnel experience with one of the pioneers of PSI research and its early use by U.S. Intelligence

Who Really Sunk The Lusitania?

Who Really Sunk The Lusitania?

Voltaire said: ”history is a lie commonly agreed on” and the sinking of the Lusitania is a prime example. T Stokes probes a web of treachery that involved not only German U Boats but Churchill and the Rothschilds too

Was Churchill a “Holocaust Denier”?

Recently uncovered transcripts of Churchill’s wartime meetings reveal he was anything but the patriotic figure of popular imagination

The Biggest Secret of World War II

The Biggest Secret of World War II

T Stokes looks how ordinary Britons were betrayed during WWII and how deceit, treachery, sexual perversion and debauchery all played a part

Intelligence and Olympic Games Interference

Many people think that the Olympic games are about sport, but nothing could be further from the truth. T Stokes explains

A photo never lies? Or does it?

A photo never lies? Or does it?

Every picture tells a story: T Stokes analyses a recent photo of Prince Charles and deciphers what exactly it says

Adolph Eichmann, Iran and the Holocaust Conference

Adolph Eichmann, Iran and the Holocaust Conference

T Stokes takes another look at Adolf Eichmann, the supposed architect of the ‘Final Solution’ who was kidnapped, tried and executed by the Israelis as a ‘War Criminal’

Royal Butler Linked to Vampire Cult

T Stokes reports on the unfolding horror in the Jersey care home scandal, which now appears to involve a former royal butler

The Girl Who Came in the Night

We all have to face the consequeces of our actions in life. And as T Stokes relates, for some that’s more difficult the closer they are to death

Operation Paperclip and Werner Von Braun

He was seized in a race against time with the Russians and spirited back to the U.S. where he went on to lay the foundations of modern space research

A Typical Near Death Experience

A regular contributor to this website tells of his own encounter with a Near Death Experience

British Criminal Cold War Experiments

A brief history of the London Cage and how the British Government conducted experiments on its own people, which resulted in cancer for many, under the guise of fighting the Cold War

Demonolatry and Devilry in Modern Britain

A tale of modern sorcery as told by an exorcist

Propaganda and Provocation

Pitting brother against brother. Divide and conquer. It’s the oldest game in the book and people still fall for it every time

The War on Terror

In the guise of fighting the “War on Terror”, writes T Stokes, the British government is now waging covert war on its own citizens