The Truth of Silence

T Stokes – April 7, 2011

Almost 70 years ago on May 10 1941, Hitler sent his deputy Rudolph Hess to Britain to try to stop to World War II before it became the all-consuming conflict we know of today.

The offer was for Germany to pull back all its forces and put the map back to where it was before war broke out. Hitler also sought an agreement to put an end to the bombing of civilian targets.

In short Hitler wanted a peace accord with Britain and its Commonwealth allies so he could concentrate his efforts on what he saw as the real threat to Germany, Communist Russia.

The year before in late May through early June, most of the British Expeditionary Force had evaded capture by Germany’s invading armies in France. When in Churchill’s words “the whole root and core and brain of the British Army” had been stranded at Dunkirk and seemed about to perish or be captured.

It was almost as if they had been allowed to escape, as if even then Hitler still had hopes for an alliance with Britain. 

For much of what follows I owe a debt of gratitude to the Bletchley Park code breaker John Burrows whose remit was the Hess coded signals, and Churchill secretaries Joan Bright-Astley and Patrick Kinna.

Patrick claimed that the Focus group that backed Churchill were vampire like Jewish bankers who twisted everything backwards and were jocularly known not as the Focus group but the Sucof group. These bankers wanted revenge on Germany for banning them and their usurious banking practises. These same bankers under Juan March had also bribed Franco to keep Spain out of the war; so Churchill was afraid that their apparent anti communism might make them side with Hitler.

Even at that late juncture the war could have been stopped had Winston Churchill and his financial backers not been committed to it.

However as I’ve claimed at lectures, Hess’s seizure was an MI6 ‘sting’ operation to bring him into British hands. This despite the fact that most British intelligence personnel were against the war, which is why Churchill started the Special Operations Executive recruiting them from left leaning, pro communist linguists.

The TV producer John Leighs statement fits what we know; when he said Hess’s arrival was expected and his father who was in MI6 was told, and I quote: “get into your motorbike and sidecar and go and pick up a senior German official and bring him back here, use utmost haste before the others get to him”.

The “others” I take to mean Churchill’s men.

Remember that Neville Chamberlain previously commissioned a secret 4-year investigation into Hitler and the Third Reich, which concluded that Germany was not a threat to Britain but to Russia; which is why when Britain was the world’s biggest sea power, Germany did not build up hers believing that Britain could join them against Russia.

Incidentally Chamberlain, like intelligence chief Vernon Kell, the king’s brother the Duke of Kent and Polish leader General Sikorski were all murdered because they disagreed with Churchill’s plans for war. While the head of the British naval intelligence Admiral Barry Domville was incarcerated without trial throughout the war for insisting that the Soviets, not Germany, was the real threat.

So closely did Neville Chamberlain’s government work with Germany against the Communist threat prior to WWII that Joachim Von Ribbentrop, the German diplomat asked permission from both governments if he could retire to Cornwall. The author Andrew Lanyon spent 3 years researching this and claimed that Ribbentrop loved the region, particularly St Ives. While Hitler himself wanted Britain to be a holiday retreat for all Anglo-Saxon peoples.

Because the Russian royal family were murdered in 1917 in the Rothschild sponsored revolution, Britain’s own Royal family who were close to their Russian cousins, were terrified of a communist take over and secretly supported Hitler. Even while the Queen Mother was being particularly vocal about how awful Hitler was, she was secretly sending money to the Nazis.

This despite her well-known miserliness reveals how afraid the Royal Family was of communism. While the real reason for the abdication of the immensely popular King Edward VIII had nothing to do with Wallace Simpson, but his continual peacemaking efforts with Nazi Germany.

The British Home Secretary Herbert Morrison, a senior member of the Jewish underground supporting Russia, is on record as saying that he “wished to see Bolshevisation all across Europe”.

The records for Manton Court where Rudolph Hess was held are still in the restricted archives. Although Hess was continually drugged and beaten, never once did he tell who the supporters for peace were either in the Royal family or outside it. And although he was locked up throughout the war he was still found guilty at Nuremberg and remained imprisoned for the rest of his life.

There have been many questions about whether the man held at Spandau was indeed Hess and if he did in fact commit suicide in 1987.

The war department propaganda operative Sefton Delmer said in a rare radio interview that Hess was incarcerated and subsequently murdered to stop him from telling what really happened. Now I don’t have any political leanings either way but I do feel that after 70 years we should know the truth of why we declared war on Germany when WWII could have been stopped with Hess’s visit.

As far as I’m concerned this exposes Winston Churchill for the traitor he really was.

T Stokes London

With thanks to many people including arresting officers, Spandau guards and intelligence personnel over many years.

Also see: ‘The life and death of Rudolph Hess’. by Wolf Rudiger Hess, his son.

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence

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