More Terror Attacks Soon?

Never before have I put people or ongoing plans at risk by speaking of an operation that is still live. Historical intelligence operations are one thing, but ongoing ones are something else.

But this is different, informed sources tell me a very sinister operation in the “Strategic Deceptions” category is being planned to be unleashed soon by the British government “on its own people”.

Preparations are being made for a December Spectacular. We’ve already seen the US/Israeli 9/11 attacks, and the British 7/7 bombings, which were part of a series of False Flag operations that have been planned to happen periodically.

In 1929 the Rothschild banks were allowed to take the public for a huge ride with the latter day equivalents of the Bernie Madoff scam. So shafting the public is nothing new and what they did to the German economy helped bring Mr. Hitler to power.

In the early days of the Bolshevik regime, they set up what was called “The Trust,” which was a group formed in 1920 to coalesce the millions of White Russians who objected to communism into a single fighting group. The Trust pleaded for weapons and finance from the west to foment rebellion against the communist government.

The Trust said war would be unnecessary, as they would remove the Bolsheviks themselves

Britain’s M.I 6 donated a huge sum, but Rothschild agent Feliks Dzerzinsky with the GPU and the OGPU, were then able to neutralize all émigré and foreign intelligence agents at a stroke using their own donated finances.

The W W II “double cross” operations showed Britain could do this too, and the Kennedy administration in the US funded both anti-Castro and pro Castro groups, to monitor, control and extinguish the opposition, strangely the man who objected to this most was a certain Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Joint Intelligence Committee, (J.I.C.) was formed in 1936 to overview risk assessments from the other services, unfortunately this is now formed from dodgy party career politicians, to paraphrase Jane’s Intelligence Review:

“ each home and family bombed in Palestine, means a dozen new recruits against tyranny”

Virtually no one now believes the Dodgy Dossiers” propaganda that Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda were really planning to hit the West with Weapon of Mass Destruction. Or that Dr. David Kelly really committed suicide for speaking out on this.

However the corrupt Rothschild agent Gordon Brown and New Labour Government need to frighten people into accepting new control mechanisms such as I D cards, wars on terror, and yet more foreigners invited in to take our land jobs and homes.

The coming terror spectacular will be another anti-Muslim operation on British soil.

No one seems to ask the question: “If these guys are so dangerous, why invite them in, in the first place ?”

Watch out for some sort of false flag attack this winter by this government on its own people.

This usually takes the form of an information deception assault, followed by loads of publicity, propaganda and hot air over terrorism and bombing threats.

T Stokes

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The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence