Who Are The Illuminati?

Who Are The Illuminati?

By Richard Stone 

“A loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires” (Paul Simon).
“The world is governed by far different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes” (Benjamin Disraeli).
“Give me control over a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes the laws” (Mayer Rothschild).

Conspiracy theory is the theory that most of the world is secretly governed by a small group of men who operate behind the scenes. Conspiracy theory is now an accepted turn of phrase but sometimes one hears the expression, sometimes whispered rather than spoken. “The Illuminati”.

What does this mean? Who are the Illuminati? They are, in essence, a cartel of international bankers and industrialists based in Western Europe and North America. The names of certain families persist over long periods of time. Some of the most important names are Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Lazard, Warburg, Schroder and Schiff.

The pivotal family is probably the house of Rothschild, the descendants of Mayer Rothschild (1743 – 1812) of Frankfurt. The male descendants of this family, for at least two generations, generally married first cousins or even nieces. The family established banking institutions in Vienna, London, Naples and Paris as well as Frankfurt. Ever since the middle ages, these families have been building their power by lending money at rates of interest to the monarchies and governments of Europe who were forever in debt, particularly in times of war. Sooner than tax the population to raise funds, always an unpopular measure, they usually preferred to borrow money from the money-lenders. This was the birth of the concept “the national debt.” The countries of the world are forever in debt but where there is a debtor there is a creditor – who is this money owed to? It is owed to this coterie of international bankers.

By the nineteenth century the power of the Rothschild family was immense. They increased their wealth with great cunning and cleverness, while maintaining a low public profile. A notable example of their methods was their exploitation of the battle of Waterloo. The Rothschilds had spies watching the course of the battle and as soon as became evident that Wellington had won, a Rothschild agent traveled at maximum speed to London, arriving hours before Wellington’s own messenger. Rothschild received the messenger and began conspicuously selling his stocks. The whole stock exchange assumed that Wellington had lost and Napoleon had won so everybody started selling, at this point, other Rothschild agents bought up huge stocks at give-away prices. Thus an already massive fortune was massively increased.

The Rockefeller family may be equally important. The pivotal figure in this family was J.D.Rockefeller, who made his fortune out of Standard Oil or Esso in Ohio and Pennsylvania. He also controlled the railroads. When rival road transport systems were established he attempted to block them by parking his trains across the roads at level crossings. His basic business technique was the elimination of competitors at all costs, followed by the establishment of a monopoly, followed by profit taking. He rapidly gained a name for huge wealth, secrecy and hard and dirty business practice. In his later years he had a harsh and gaunt appearance, so to counter his bad “public image” JD more or less invented the PR industry. He had short films of himself made, calculated to charm the public, himself playing golf with a pretty little child for instance. This film was shown on TV recently. It has a rather false and amateurish air but was very effective with the public of the day.

The Rockerfellers currently have controlling interests in Exxon (the world’s biggest company) and the Chase Manhattan Bank, which turns over trillions of dollars a week. With so many billions in their hands already, what does more money mean? Obviously it means more power and more control over other human beings, but to what end and in whose name?

Apparently in the name of Lucifer, the fallen angel also known as the bringer of light, hence the name “Illuminati”, which means “the enlightened ones”. Lucifer is also known for the characteristics of pride, deception and impermanence. The illuminati were apparently founded in Bavaria in 1770 by one Adam Weisshaupt, a student of the Jewish philosopher Mendelsohn, and backed by the Rothschild family. The society has always been based on the lodges of Freemasonry, which was taken over at the highest levels during the course of the eighteenth century by agents of the Illuminati. Freemasonry is a very secretive institution, to the extent that members at one level do not know what members at another level are doing. Hence it is an organisation which is full of bonhomie and good deeds at the lower and middle levels, while its motives and deeds at the highest levels veer towards the dark side.

Both Freemasonry and Judaism have strong roots in the ancient Egyptian systems of religious belief, and it was this very similarity which attracted the illuminati to Freemasonry, for most of them were Jewish. It is a source of controversy today to speculate whether or not they are still predominantly Jewish. No unfair racism intended – they either are or they aren’t. Certainly there is much evidence to suggest that they are not, George Bush for instance, a prominent illuminati figure and obviously not Jewish.

The all seeing eye on the U.S. Dollar Bill

The United States of America is more or less a creation of Freemasonry. The symbol of Freemasonry was placed on the cornerstone of the Whitehouse, while the assembled Freemasons lodges stood and watched the ceremony. The famous all-seeing eye in the pyramid appears on the one dollar bill. It is one of the main symbols of Freemasonry. This bill also bears the inscription, in Latin, “1776, the year of inception of a new world order”. If one joins the dots formed by the stars of the thirteen original states one obtains an exact Star of David.

The goal of the IlIuminati is total control of the world. The only nations, which are holding out against their power, are some Islamic nations and China but this resistance is limited because the Illuminati have crushing economic power.

There are certain methods of subjugation and control which are indispensable to this power. The first is, of course, complete control over all financial systems, all borrowing and lending. All banks, all building societies, all insurance companies have to be under their control. At the lowest level even the smallest bank will be forced to toe the line. At the highest level the World Bank decides the fate of countries. It is an interesting and amazing fact that both the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England are controlled by these Illuminati dynasties, in spite of the names of these banks, which suggest that they are run for public benefit. It is said that both Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy wanted to change this system.

The second essential component is control of the media. It is controlled through business fashion. If the board meeting, or the management meeting, or the sales meeting, or the training meeting suggests that facts should be presented in a certain way, who is going to present them differently? There is an implied threat to one’s job and one’s career. Few people would gladly face demotion, retrenchment or the dole and most people are so ambitious they will do nearly anything “reasonable” to court favour with their superiors. This is how business is controlled and the media is the most important part of business, for it controls people’s minds. People are very suggestible and often lend more credence to what they see on “the box” than to what happens on their own street. The Illuminati know this and use this suggestibility factor to the full. Lenin’s key move during the Russian revolution was the capture of the radio station.

The third factor in the control system is the universities, and through them the whole education system. Particular effort is put into the schools of sociology, politics, economics and education, hence “liberal” systems of education which are often degenerate and even violent. Their men are inserted into the universities through the power of funding by big business. They then spread their influence downwards through tertiary to secondary and primary education.

The fourth factor is the enormous influence wielded by two similar organisations, The Council of Foreign Relations in the USA and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England. These institutions are schools for statesmen, Illuminati statesmen. They are the stamping grounds of men such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinksi and Lord Carrington. These two “think tanks” have a crucial influence on all US and British governments, no matter which party is “in power”. The statesmen produced by these institutions can and do decide the fate of nations.The tax-exempt foundations are also instruments of Illuminati power. The Ford foundation and the Rockefeller foundation are two prominent examples of this type of “charitable” institution. They were heavily involved in supporting various communist powers when the cold war was at its height. Communism versus capitalism arms race = more money and power for the Illuminati. So these are some of the structures through which the Illuminati work but what methods do they use?

Pitting one side against the other, using a theory devised by Hegel, which is: Thesis versus antitheses – synthesis.

Every force tends to have an opposite counterforce. The conflict between the two results in a new situation, the synthesis. The illuminati make it their business to be the synthesis. Thus no problem situation is ever “nipped in the bud” it is rather fostered and used, just as the Soviet Union was fostered and used.

The insertion of immigrant groups into countries is a variation of this divide and rule process. Each group can be played off against the other.

“Double talk” and “double think”. George Orwell knew instinctively what was going on when he invented these two expressions:
I categorically deny = it will happen a bit later.
Peace = war by another means.

To say one thing and do another is fundamental to Illuminati practice. They believe that the public will accept these lies through laziness and wishful thinking. Unfortunately they are usually correct.

“Keep them busy busy busy, back on the farm with the other animals.” We are kept so busy with business (or busyness) that we do not understand or participate in the decisions and events that will crucially affect our future.

When a real power move is made it is usually done secretly and suddenly often with the pretence that nothing has happened. There is preparation for opposition, but conflict is often not necessary as most people have been trained to be so passive that they will probably not create an effective opposition.

Use of front men in important positions. These front men have the characteristic of “servile obedience”, probably because of a blot or blots on their character which they are anxious to conceal. Most of the Presidents of the USA fall into this category. The current situation springs to mind. Behind the opponent stands the man with real power, who has long been groomed for this position. Men like Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Bush are in this category.

The assassination of opposing leaders as quietly and as secretly as possible, so as to simulate a natural death. If this is not possible due to time constraints or other limited circumstances, surrogates are used and the lines of suspicion are covered by deception, false accusation and if necessary, multiple assassinations. Induced heart attacks, fake motor accidents and apparent suicides are also favoured methods of assassination.

Social engineering. An easily manipulated rabble is what is required. Mixed population groups with weak morals, weak traditions, low educational standards and weak group willpower are the aim. Those with special aptitudes can be taken out and trained to serve the illuminati for technical purposes, security purposes or as part of the propaganda apparatus. The middle class will become surplus to requirements and will be reduced to relative poverty.

Mockery and submission of the manners and morals of societies which show any resistance. Control of the media, the fashion industries and the education systems are essential components in this strategy. “Free love”, the cult of youth, mockery of the Christian and Muslim faiths also fall into this category. “I don’t give a rats ass about Jesus Christ” is one recent masterpiece from one of Hollywood’s biggest starts. He probably didn’t realise what he was saying, which makes him a “useful idiot’. A “useful idiot” is much more effective than a conscious supporter. By these means of subversion societies and nations are conquered from within and open battle is usually not necessary.

The conduct of unrelenting economic warfare. This is the real war and continues even while the bombs are falling and the bullets are flying. The important part is the control of the enemy’s economy after the conflict. The recent economic crash in the far-eastern countries is in reality an assertion of the Illuminati’s economic power, an expression of economic dominance. The Illuminati now control 10-15% of the Japanese economy. This is public knowledge, that is what has been bought at bargain prices. In reality they probably control much more.

Control and exploitation of the standards of public health. The sale of prescription drugs is a huge business generating mega profits. Medical operations and treatments can also be very profitable to big business. These extreme treatments have their place but are over-used for the sake of profit.

In fact big business, particularly the big drug companies, have a vested interest in the ill health of the population. These companies, working through the US Food and Drug Administration, have tried to suppress the health food industry. In this they have largely failed but now the game is to own it and control it so that health foods can only be afforded by the elite.

Argument through defamation of character. The factual debate is ignored while characters are defamed. This is usually a very effective technique as many human beings are very suggestible and seem reluctant to use their reasoning abilities. Thus a “smear campaign” can easily draw attention away from the facts.

To conclude, it is growing increasingly evident that a world government is developing, and many would say that it is probably no bad thing, but few have asked for what purpose this “new world order” is created. Nor have they asked themselves what the consequences will be. These consequences (or some of them) will probably be as follows:

• Increasing profits for big business, increasing poverty for the middle class (who they despise). A rapid decline in moral standards and the promotion of social decay.

• Transience. Jobs that don’t last; neighbourhoods that don’t last.

• Increasing levels of crime and violence.

• Decline and demise of public services; replacement by private enterprise – good service for the few who can afford it.

• Ongoing ill health for the bulk of the population because of stress; poor quality foods; food additives; genetic engineering; pollution and drugs. There may be good health for those who can afford it – only the rich and well informed.

• The gradual phasing out of national governments, which will have powers more like the regional governments of today.

• The formation of several conglomerations like the United States.

In time a world leader will be announced, a real one this time. A pity he will have a cynical contempt for the most of humanity. Do we deserve it?

Gillette’s Ad About “Toxic Masculinity”: When Marketing Mixes With Social Engineering

The Gillette ad campaign about “toxic masculinity” marks a new era of marketing where advertisement is mixed with aggressive social engineering. Here’s a look at the deep absurdity of this ad campaign.

Vigilant Citizen — Jan 17, 2019

gillette toxic advert

Gillette, a company that made billions by selling overpriced razor blades to men for decades, has launched an ad campaign targeting “toxic masculinity”. And the ad is … toxic. Through stereotypes and generalizations, it accuses 50% of the human population of terrible wrongdoings and calls for a drastic modification of its behavior. The admitted goal: To shape the men of tomorrow. Welcome to an era where marketing mixes with Orwellian propaganda.
On Gillette’s official website, the campaign is described using a vocabulary coming directly from social-engineering think-tanks.
Thirty years ago, we launched our The Best A Man Can Get tagline.
Since then, it has been an aspirational statement, reflecting standards that many men strive to achieve.
But turn on the news today and it’s easy to believe that men are not at their best. Many find themselves at a crossroads, caught between the past and a new era of masculinity. While it is clear that changes are needed, where and how we can start to effect that change is less obvious for many. And when the changes needed seem so monumental, it can feel daunting to begin. So, let’s do it together.
It’s time we acknowledge that brands, like ours, play a role in influencing culture. And as a company that encourages men to be their best, we have a responsibility to make sure we are promoting positive, attainable, inclusive and healthy versions of what it means to be a man. With that in mind, we have spent the last few months taking a hard look at our past and coming communication and reflecting on the types of men and behaviors we want to celebrate. We’re inviting all men along this journey with us – to strive to be better, to make us better, and to help each other be better.
From today on, we pledge to actively challenge the stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be a man everywhere you see Gillette. In the ads we run, the images we publish to social media, the words we choose, and so much more.
“A new era of masculinity”? “Types of men and behavior we want to celebrate”? This is all pure social engineering.
Before we go any further, let’s look at this ad.

The Worst Men Can Get

Continues …

The Memo That Helped Kill a Half Million People in Syria

Daniel Lazarre – Consortium News Jan 13, 2019

Hillary Clinton, alongside Britain’s William Hague, spearheaded the infamous ‘Friends of Syria’ (2011-2012) the US-led coalition’s front group – together with Gulf states, organizing the proxy war against Syria

Hillary Clinton, alongside Britain’s William Hague, spearheaded the infamous ‘Friends of Syria’ (2011-2012) the US-led coalition’s front group – together with Gulf states, organizing the proxy war against Syria. Click to enlarge

memo sent to Hillary Clinton that WikiLeaks made public in 2016 has not gotten the attention it deserves. Now is the time. After President Donald Trump tweeted that he was pulling American troops out of Syria, Clinton joined his vociferous critics who want more war in Syria.

“Actions have consequences, and whether we’re in Syria or not, the people who want to harm us are there & at war,” Clinton tweeted in response to Trump. “Isolationism is weakness. Empowering ISIS is dangerous. Playing into Russia & Iran’s hands is foolish. This President is putting our national security at grave risk.”

Actions indeed have consequences.

The memo shows the kind of advice Clinton was getting as secretary of state to plunge the U.S. deeper into the Syrian war. It takes us back to 2012 and the early phase of the conflict.

At that point, it was largely an internal affair, although Saudi arms shipments were playing a greater and greater role in bolstering rebel forces. But once the President Barack Obama eventually decided in favor of intervention, under pressure from Clinton, the conflict was quickly internationalized as thousands of holy warriors flooded in from as far away as western China.

The 1,200-word memo written by James P. Rubin, a senior diplomat in Bill Clinton’s State Department, to then-Secretary of State Clinton, which Clinton twice requested be printed out, begins with the subject of Iran, an important patron of Syria.

The memo dismisses any notion that nuclear talks will stop Iran “from improving the crucial part of any nuclear weapons program—the capability to enrich uranium.” If it does get the bomb, it goes on, Israel will suffer a strategic setback since it will no longer be able to “respond to provocations with conventional military strikes on Syria and Lebanon, as it can today.” Denied the ability to bomb at will, Israel might leave off secondary targets and strike at the main enemy instead.

Consequently, the memo argues that the U.S. should topple the Assad regime so as to weaken Iran and allay the fears of Israel, which has long regarded the Islamic republic as its primary enemy. As the memo puts it:

“Bringing down Assad would not only be a massive boon to Israel’s security, it would also ease Israel’s understandable fear of losing its nuclear monopoly.  Then, Israel and the United States might be able to develop a common view of when the Iranian program is so dangerous that military action could be warranted.”

This document, making the case to arm Syrian rebels, may have been largely overlooked because of confusion about its dates, which appear to be inaccurate

The time stamp on the email is “2001-01-01 03:00” even though Clinton was still a New York senator-elect at that point. That date is also out of synch with the timeline of nuclear diplomacy with Iran.

But the body of the email gives a State Department case and document number with the date of 11/30/2015. But that’s incorrect as well because Clinton resigned as secretary of state on Feb. 1, 2013.

Central to the Great Debate

Consequently, anyone stumbling across the memo in the Wikileaks archives might be confused about how it figures in the great debate about whether to use force to bring down Syrian President Bashir al-Assad. But textual clues provide an answer. The second paragraph refers to nuclear talks with Iran “that began in Istanbul this April and will continue in Baghdad in May,” events that took place in 2012. The sixth invokes an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Rubin’s wife, conducted with then-Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak “last week.” Since the interview took place on April 19, 2012, the memo can therefore be dated to the fourth week in April.

The memo syncs with Clinton’s thinking on Syria, such as calling for Assad’s overthrow and continuing to push for a no-fly zone in her last debate with Donald Trump even after Gen. Joseph Dunford had testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee that it could mean war with Russia.

The memo was sent to her shortly before Clinton joined forces with then-CIA Director David Petraeus to push for an aggressive program of rebel military aid.

Needless to say, the memo’s skepticism about negotiating with Iran proved to be unwarranted since Iran eventually agreed to shut down its nuclear program. The memo, which Clinton twice asked to be printed out for her, underscores the conviction that Israeli security trumps all other considerations even if it means setting fire to a region that’s been burned over more than once.

But the memo illustrates much else besides: a recklessness, lack of realism and an almost mystical belief that everything will fall neatly into place once the United States flexes its muscle.  Overthrowing Assad would be nothing less than “transformative,” the memo says.

“…Iran would be strategically isolated, unable to exert its influence in the Middle East. The resulting regime in Syria will see the United States as a friend, not an enemy. Washington would gain substantial recognition as fighting for the people in the Arab world, not the corrupt regimes. For Israel, the rationale for a bolt from the blue attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be eased. And a new Syrian regime might well be open to early action on the frozen peace talks with Israel. Hezbollah in Lebanon would be cut off from its Iranian sponsor since Syria would no longer be a transit point for Iranian training, assistance and missiles.”

It was “a low-cost high-payoff approach,” the memo says, that would eliminate one enemy, weaken two more, and generate such joy among ordinary Syrians that peace talks between Damascus and Tel Aviv will spring back to life. The risks appeared to be nil. Since “the Libyan operation had no long-lasting consequences for the region,” the memo supposes, referring to the overthrow of strongman Muammer Gaddafi six months earlier, the Syrian operation wouldn’t either. In a passage that may have influenced Clinton’s policy of a no-fly zone, despite Dunford’s warning, the memo says:

“Some argue that U.S. involvement risks a wider war with Russia. But the Kosovo example [in which NATO bombed Russian-ally Serbia] shows otherwise. In that case, Russia had genuine ethnic and political ties to the Serbs, which don’t exist between Russia and Syria, and even then Russia did little more than complain. Russian officials have already acknowledged they won’t stand in the way if intervention comes.”

So, there was nothing to worry about. Sixty-five years of Arab-Israeli conflict would fall by the wayside while Russia remains safely marginalized.

How it Turned Out

Needless to say, that’s not how things turned out. At that moment, Libya seemed under control. But three or four months later, it would explode as Western-backed Islamist militias blasted away at one another, imposing strict Sharia law, re-instituting slavery and rolling back decades of social progress. Once President Barack Obama approved a modified version of the Clinton-Petraeus plan, Syria would plunge into the same abyss as jihadis funded by Saudi Arabia and the other oil monarchies, many of whom came from Libya, spread sectarian violence and fear.

The memo’s assumption that the U.S. could neatly and cleanly decapitate the Syrian government without having to worry about broader consequences was little short of deluded.

The notion that ordinary Syrians would fall to their knees in gratitude was ludicrous while Clinton’s disregard for the intricacies of Syrian politics was astonishing.

There is also the memo’s blithe suggestion that Washington “work with regional allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to organize, train, and arm Syrian rebel forces.”

In late 2009, Secretary of State Clinton sent another diplomatic memo made public by Wikileaks saying that “donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.” So what made her think two years later that the kingdom would not fund Syrian jihadis of precisely the same ilk?

The 2009 memo slammed Qatar for allowing Al Qaeda, the Taliban and other terrorist groups to use the sheikdom “as a fundraising locale.” She was well aware then that a pro-Al Qaeda autocracy would now help Syrians “fight for their freedom,” as the memo she sent puts it.

There is a remarkable continuity between the Syria policy that Clinton backed and earlier policies in Afghanistan and Libya. In the first, U.S. military aid wound up flowing to the notorious warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a religious sectarian and raging anti-western xenophobe who nonetheless was “the most efficient at killing Soviets,” as Steve Coll put it in “Ghost Wars,” his bestselling 2004 account of the CIA’s love affair with jihad.

Hekmatyar’s cutthroats wound up with the lion’s share of American arms. More or less the same thing happened in Libya once Clinton persuaded Qatar to join the anti-Gaddafi coalition. The sheikdom seized the opportunity to distribute some $400 million to various rebel militias, many of them extreme Islamist. The Obama administration said nothing in response.

Once again, U.S. arms and materiel flowed to the most reactionary elements. The same would happen in Syria where U.S. and Saudi arms went to the local Al Qaeda affiliate, known as Jabhat al-Nusra, and even to ISIS, as a meticulous report by Conflict Armament Research, a Swiss and EU-funded study group in London, has shown. (See “Did Obama Arm Islamic State Killers?” Consortium News, Dec. 21, 2017.)

Insurgency Mix

By August 2012, a secret Defense Intelligence Agency report found that Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda were already “the major forces driving of the insurgency” and that the U.S. and Gulf states backed them regardless. The report warned that the U.S. and some of its allies were supporting the establishment of a “Salafist principality” in eastern Syria to pressure Assad that could turn into an “Islamic State”–two years before the Islamic State was declared in 2014. Clinton was among senior Obama administration officials who had to have seen the report as it was sent to the State Department among several other agencies.

In 2016, then Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed this policy in a leaked audio conversation saying that the U.S., rather than seriously fighting the Islamic State in Syria, was ready to use the growing strength of the jihadists to pressure Assad to resign, just as outlined in the DIA document.

“We know that this was growing, we were watching, we saw that Daesh [an Arabic name for Islamic State] was growing in strength, and we thought Assad was threatened,” Kerry said. “We thought however we could probably manage that Assad might then negotiate, but instead of negotiating he got Putin to support him.”

Speechwriter Ben Rhodes summed up the problem of “moderate” rebels who were indistinguishable from Al Qaeda, in his White House memoir, “The World As It Is.” He writes:

“Al Nusra was probably the strongest fighting force within the opposition, and while there were extremist elements in the group, it was also clear that the more moderate opposition was fighting side by side with al Nusra. I argued that labeling al Nusra as terrorists would alienate the same people we want to help, while giving al Nusra less incentive to avoid extremist affiliations.”

The problem was how to separate the “good” Al Qaeda fighters from the “bad.” Rhodes later complained when Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he and his fellow Obama officials were “trying to climb a spruce tree naked without scratching our ass.” This was “smug,” Rhodes writes. But Putin was merely using a colorful expression to say that the policy made no sense; which it didn’t.

The cost of the Clinton-backed policy in Syria has been staggering. As many as 560,000 people have died, and half the population has been displaced, while the World Bank has estimated total war damage at $226 billion, roughly six years’ income for every Syrian man, woman, and child.

A cockeyed memo thus helped unleash a real-life catastrophe that refuses to go away. It’s a nightmare from which Trump is struggling to escape by trying to withdraw U.S. troops in his confused and deluded way. And it’s a nightmare that warmongers from arch-neocon John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, to “liberal” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to Hillary Clinton are determined to keep going.

Daniel Lazare is the author of “The Frozen Republic: How the Constitution Is Paralyzing Democracy”(Harcourt Brace, 1996) and other books about American politics.  He has written for a wide variety of publications from The Nation to LeMonde Diplomatique and blogs about the Constitution and related matters at Daniellazare.com.


Green Berets Targeted After Anonymous Email Exposed Lowered Standards

Introduction – Jan 16, 2019

War is an ugly thing. Particularly if you’ve seen active service you will know that it’s no exaggeration to say, “war is hell”.
Nonetheless, if a war or conflict erupts you want to ensure victory, which is why you want your soldiers and equipment to be the best; to maximise the chances of winning.
In this regard your frontline troops, particularly Special Forces, are crucial. They will be sent in first, against critical high value targets that could determine the outcome of the entire conflict. Will it turn into a long and bloody war of attrition that takes its toll on soldiers and civilians alike?
Or will lightening strikes by Special Forces teams take out high value targets and force the adversary to the negotiating table? Before the conflict can turn into a war of attrition that ultimately brings ruin.
So it’s a given that an army’s Special Forces are made up of its best: its fittest, most combat-capable and hardened soldiers. To that end candidates for Special Forces are put through rigorous selection procedures to see if they have what it takes. In the process they are pushed to the limit, and if necessary beyond.
Or at least they should be. For it now seems that U.S. Special Forces are lowering their standards so that they can recruit women in their ranks. This is obviously being done in accordance with the dictates of political correctness but perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Western Special Forces lost their combat prowess.
After all, in recent years they have collaborated closely with militants in Syria rather than fighting them, as Western governments claim. Making Western Special Forces political pawns and terrorist collaborators, rather than defenders of civilised values.
So perhaps it’s only right, or indeed Karma at work, if Western Special Forces lose their edge in combat. Because as a former paratrooper with extensive combat experience I can say with absolute certainty that this is what will happen if woman are enrolled in Western Special Forces. And as the following report reveals, rank and file U.S. Special Forces N.C.O.’s feel the same. Ed.

Green Berets Targeted After Anonymous Email Exposed Lowered Standards

Kristina Wong – Breibart Jan 15, 2019

US Special Forces Green Berets

Two Army Green Berets are fighting for their military careers after being associated with an anonymous email that accused their commanders of lowering standards to enable more soldiers — particularly female — to graduate from its prestigious Q-course.

The anonymous email, signed, “A concerned Green Beret,” accused the leaders of the school of “moral cowardice” for lowering the standards, and weakening instructors’ ability to discipline students as they look to get further through the pipeline.

“[The school] has devolved into a cesspool of toxic, exploitive, biased and self-serving senior officers who are bolstered by submissive, sycophantic, and just-as-culpable enlisted leaders,” the email said. “They have doggedly succeeded in two things; furthering their careers, and ensuring that Special Forces [are] more prolific but dangerously less capable than ever before.”

One of the specific complaints was that the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC), commonly referred to as “Q-course,” was restructured so that there were “no physical barriers to earning the coveted Green Beret.”

The email, which was blasted out to the entire U.S. Army Green Beret force in November 2017, became known as the “letter heard around the world.” It was then published by a news site started by former special operations forces, and it generated stories from the Associated Press, NPR, and other major news outlets.

Maj. Gen. Kurt L. Sonntag, the commander of John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, which runs the course, responded at the time that the selection process before the Q-course, known as Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS), has evolved into a “proven, challenging process” that allows the training regiment to predict whether a Green Beret candidate will be successful operationally.

“If SFAS is correct, and we believe it is, the SFQC is not a place where high attrition rates should occur. Instead, the mission of the SFQC cadre is to train to standards,” he said at the time. Sonntag also said no “fundamental SF standard” has been “removed,” but that some comments in the email “warrant further evaluation.”

But in the months since, soldiers have been quietly punished for the email, according to the two Green Berets.

The commander of the company of instructors was relieved around April, and later given a 15/15 on his Officer Evaluation Report, the lowest score one can get, affecting his chances for promotion, and thus, staying in the military.

The author of the email was given an Article 15 around June for disrespecting a general grade officer. An Article 15 is an administrative, non-judicial punishment, according to the United States Code of Military Justice, which hurts one’s ability to be promoted and to stay in the military.

Now, the two additional Green Beret instructors, Sergeant First Class Micah J. Robertson, 33, and Sergeant First Class Michael Squires, 31, say they are being punished by association.

Robertson said in an interview that after the email was sent out, commanders put together a list of about seven suspects, including them. He said he believes they were suspected because they had previously brought up concerns during town halls with leaders that were held to solicit their feedback.

Both have been instructors since 2016, before Sonntag took command in June 2017, and say they have witnessed the changes.

“Although Micah and I had nothing to do with it, it spoke true to what’s happening in the regiment. This guy Sonntag, who’s basically the one who’s trying to screw us over — he’s trying to make his career about putting a female through the course,” Squires said. He added that he did not oppose women in Special Forces, but opposed lowering the standards.

“Not only doing that, he’s changed it to where the guys who are coming through the Q-course are not even the same quality of guys we had back in the day. Guys who should have been kicked out for several different things … As instructors, they took our power away.”

Both Robertson and Squires were also served with Article 15s related to the email, as well as to an online app they started building in September 2017 named Kayu, aimed at helping travelers and veterans with similar interests connect.

The Article 15 accused both men of using their positions as instructors “for the purposes of personal gain” by “sourcing information from students that had no relevance to training,” or having their students sign up for the app. Robertson called that “hogwash.”

Robertson and Squires rejected the Article 15 and requested a court martial — which they knew was a risky course of action, given the potential for a more severe punishment. However, they said they were so confident of their innocence they wanted to fight the Article 15s, and tell their side of the story.

In November, they were notified that Sonntag had decided to drop their Article 15s. They were then both sent a General Order Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR) — a letter of reprimand from a commander that requires zero evidence. GOMORs either stay on one’s record temporarily or permanently, and if permanent, can hurt a soldier’s ability to be promoted and stay in the military.

“It’s a hate letter, and you can’t fight that,” said Guy Womack, a military trial lawyer and analyst, about GOMORs. “You can ask your commander not to put it in your permanent file…but you have no real right to due process like you do with criminal proceedings.”

He said Sonntag likely dropped the Article 15s  because he knew he would lose in a court-martial. Robertson and Squires “called their bluff,” and the GOMOR was a “face saving” measure, he said.

“Unfortunately, that’s a common way to shoot someone in the back and that’s what it amounts to,” Womack said. “I’ve had cases — a few of them in recent years — where the evidence was not there to convict someone of a crime, but the command believed they had done something wrong. So they say, ‘We’ll give you this GOMOR.’ It’s a common tactic.”

In December, both Robertson and Squires received word that their GOMORs would stay on their files permanently. And just last week, both were told they were being discharged from the military within 60 days.

“Based on what? I said take it to court martial so I could have my day in my court, so I could have my voice, and give my testimony, and show how jacked up this is, and I was not given my chance to tell my side,” said Squires.

Robertson has served over 13 years in the Army, and Squires have served over 12 years. Both joined after 9/11, in 2005 and 2006, when they were 20 and 19 respectively, and have both served multiple deployments overseas. Both have three children.

“They could care less about what we’re going to do about our families and our jobs,” Squires said.

“They’re even getting to the point now where they’re trying to make us work very long hours just to keep a handle on us because they’re worried we’re going to go crazy, and they basically want us to be in the office all day long, and at the end of this, we’re just going to get dropped off, out of the military,” he said.

“So I can’t even go search for a job, look for a job, they’re holding us, and they’re just going to kick us out, no money, no paycheck, on the streets, my kids with no food, no health care, nothing,” Squires added. “They don’t care what happens to us.”

Sonntag has also come under fire for trying to punish an Army chaplain and his assistant after the chaplain said he could not conduct a marriage retreat with same sex couples due to the requirements of his chaplain-endorsing agency. Both were later exonerated.

It is not clear whether any of the comments in the email that Sonntag said “warrant further evaluation” have been addressed.

In response to a request for comment, U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s Director of Public Affairs Lt. Col. Loren Bymer said in a statement:

Army Special Operations Command is predicated on high standards and character attributes that define a Soldier’s service. There was not an all-inclusive investigation launched, but all allegations of misconduct were handled by commanders at the appropriate levels and adjudicated accordingly. The Special Warfare Center and School has a responsibility to ensure each soldier attending training is prepared to meet the needs of the nation now, and in the future. This includes ensuring professional instruction, consistently strenuous mental and physical standards, inclusive training, and upholding the expectation that cadre and candidates demonstrate the Army Special Operations attributes at all times.

The issue of standards will likely continue to be a heated topic of debate, as the military continues to integrate more women into the combat arms.

The Obama administration began lifting restrictions on women serving in the combat arms, and services have been slowly implementing those policies.

The Marine Corps, which was the most resistant, has made recent headlines for integrating a female platoon into a previously all-male battalion at Parris Island, S.C., and for its first female Marine officer graduating from the Scout Sniper Unit Leaders Course.

At the same time, the military is facing recruiting shortages, and an ever-increasing demand for Special Forces.

Only 29 percent of young Americans between 17 and 24 are eligible to meet the requirements to join the military, according to the Heritage Foundation. Only one in eight wish to serve in the military, according to the Associated Press.

“We have some recruiting challenges, and I think the trajectory is not good over the next few years,” Mark Mitchell, principal deputy assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict, said February at the 2018 Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict Symposium, according to Military.com.

Former Green Beret and Ultimate Fighting Champion superstar Tim Kennedy said Army recruitment challenges hit the Green Beret force especially hard.

“[For] Special Forces specifically, we are gonna have the biggest deficit of eligible… population, to select from,” he said on The Joe Rogan Experience on May 17. “You have to have a certain level of intelligence, a certain level of physicality, just to be eligible for Special Forces to pick you…that pool is the smallest that has ever been in history.”

Sonntag himself acknowledged those challenges shortly after taking command. He said at a symposium in November 2017 that all three of the Army Special Operations regiments are facing serious challenges in “force structure changes, pipeline production, and recruiting.”

“We are currently not meeting our production numbers. The restructuring of the 85th [Civil Affairs] Brigade has created an imbalanced CA force structure. And our recruitment is down. If something doesn’t change soon, we will short the operational force drastically over the next five years,” he said.

Robertson said lowering standards in order to produce more Green Berets goes against a fundamental SOF truth that every Green Beret is taught.

“They were basically telling us to not uphold standards,” said Robertson. “The reason they were doing that is because they were trying to make quota…In Special Forces you don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.”


When did the Infamous Red Coats become Cheap Cannon Fodder?

Jean Perier – New Eastern Outlook Jan 15, 2019


In the aftermath of the disastrous Libyan campaign of 2011, the United Kingdom would demonstrate a certain degree of restraint in its foreign policy endeavors, getting particularly picky every time a politician would go as far as to even mention military interventions overseas. To be more specific, London chose not to support France in its military campaign in Mali back in 2013. On the same year, the British parliament would refuse to support David Cameron’s warmongering urge against Syria, putting a foot in the door of a punitive campaign that Washington was prepared to launch against the legitimate Syrian government in Damascus under the dubious pretext of it unleashing chemical weapons against its own population.

Back then such a turn of events looked like a personal failure of David Cameron, while certain analysts would go as far as to describe this situation as Britain’s mutiny against Washington. However, this debacle was provoked by nothing else than the peculiarities of the British government composition that forces British PMs to remain mindful of the views expressed by their voters at all times, and back then the latter were opposing the very idea of London engaging another state on the field of battle, especially in the light of the bitter combat experience that British servicemen acquired within the ranks of the US-led coalition in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But this massive public uproar did not prevent British generals from developing a plan aimed at arming and training up to a hundred thousand members of the so-called moderate opposition, as it was reported by the BBC. This idea was a brainchild of a senior officer of the British armed forces, the then chief of the defence staff, David Richards. At the same time, London abandoned the very idea of sending its troops to Syria, trying to employ both Turkey and Jordan in the capacity of massive training camps for militants instead.

However, by 2015 David Cameron decided that he had a change of heart in his approach to the situation in Syria. That is why by the month of December, Cameron announced that the UK was going to to start conducting military operations in Syria under the pretext of providing support to Washington. Thus, Britain returned to its familiar role of a satellite state following in the wake of somebody’s else policies aimed at securing somebody’s else interests elsewhere.

However, all across Britain numerous experts would openly express their doubts about the difference the UK could make in Syria within the US-led coalition. For instance, back in 2015 in the Daily Telegraph released reports evaluating first British air raid against the oil infrastructure controlled by ISIS. It’s funny that back then the journalists couldn’t help themselves, as they start questioning the very intent of the US illegal intervention in Syria, as there was no logical way to explain how could these radical Islamist groups remain in control of such a formidable network after a total of 2900 sorties allegedly carried out by the US Air Force. Additionally, those who remained critical of the US-led illegal operation would point out that there was a rapidly mounting civilian death toll caused by Western coalition air raids, the toll that could not be justified by any goals.

Although the British parliament in 2015 did not allow British soldiers to be deployed in Syria out of fears of inevitable losses, an ever growing number of reports would suggest that British boots actually on the ground and in fairly large numbers.

According to the Sunday Express, a total of 120 members belonging to the elite SAS regiment 22 are currently operating in the war-torn country, covertly dressed in black and flying ISIS flags, engaged in what’s called Operation Shader – that is attacking Syrian targets on the pretext of combating ISIS.

It’s nearly impossible to track the activities of the elite 22nd SAS division in Syria, as reports about their operations are scarce and far apart. Occasionally, London would mention engagements of this unit in specific regions of Syria, but that’s pretty much it. Sometimes one has to rely on indirect signs pointing to the present of SAS units in various regions of Syria. And their participation in various military operations.

As for other British units operation in Syria, British media sources have recently revealed the fact that that Britain’s SBS has been working together with similar task forces from the United States all across Syria under the supervision of MI6. It goes without saying that those operations cannot be all successful, which means that they incur considerable injuries and losses.

Thus, according to the British minister of defense Michael Fallon, a total of twenty soldiers had to take a tour back home due to the severe injuries they received in Aleppo back in 2016.

Half a year later, the SMART news agency revealed that approximately 150 US and British military personnel entered Syria, alongside the Free Syrian Army’s Jaysh MughawyrAl-Thurah.

Last year, a total of two hundred British and American “advisers” and “instructors” of the Syrian opposition forces found themselves trapped in Idlib. The United States and Britain would frantically try to force Turkey or Russia to help them evacuate these soldiers, but then London refused to accept Moscow’s help as those two hundred instructors were capable of telling rather unpleasant stories on the nature of their deployment in Syria. Then, London would urge Ankara to evacuate them to the American Incirlik air base in Turkey, but this request was apparently turned down. It’s possible that those troops were in possession of chemical weapons, as shortly before that incident Russia would warn the world about the possibility of yet another false flag attack with chemical weapons being staged in Syria with the assistance of the so-called White Helmets. Consequently, various media sources got their hands on the list of names of British chemical weapons experts blocked in Idlib. That is why it is safe to assume that among the reasons why Britain would turn down Russia’s help was the military specialty of some of those “advisors”, as it could reveal that the UK was fully complicit in stage false-flag chemical attacks.

It’s curious that in spite of the outright Russophobic rhetorics in the Western media, the United States and Britain would repeatedly turn to Russia for assistance in situations when their troops got themselves in a difficult situations. In particular, such an appeal was made in December 2016, when Freenations reported that 230 American instructors and 54 British military personnel were trapped by ISIS militants in Aleppo.

On March 29, 2018, an unspecified number of American and British deceased in northern Syria, according to various reports. On January 5, 2019, as a result of a missile attack launched by ISIS in the city of Deir ez-Zor, two British special forces officers received grave injuries, with of them dying later on. The Guardian newspaper noted that the incident occurred against at the time when Donald Trump stated that ISIS was destroyed and therefore there was no sense in keeping the US military contingent in Syria.

And four days after that, five more British servicemen were killed in yet another missile attack launched by ISIS, with two more receiving severe injuries. Reportedly, a group of British special forces soldiers was fired upon by radical militants from American TOW anti-tank systems and heavy machine guns. Simply put, UK commandos showed carelessness on the battlefield and got themselves ambushed. Former British ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, claims that the weapons used in this attack were supplied by the United States in accordance with the support program of the so-called Syrian moderate opposition back in 2015 and was later sold to ISIS militants. This statement was published by such British newspapers as Guardian, Telegraph and Morning Star. The constant supply of weapons to the Syrian militants was a part of a secret CIA operation launched in 2013.

Under these conditions, the question is natural: how justified is the presence of the British military personnel in Syria and the sorry fate that bestows them due to an extensive amount of American weapons remaining in the hands of radical Islamists? Who is responsible for this man operating in Syria illegally and who is going to take responsibility for their deaths? These issues are particularly relevant today against the background of the White House’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria and the decision that British troops should not be deployed in Syria at all that was repeatedly reiterated by the British parliament.

Jean Périer is an independent researcher and analyst and a renowned expert on the Near and Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook“.



Time of Monsters: Faltering Regimes in London, Washington & Paris are Portents of Uncertainty

George Galloway – 21st Century Wire Jan 15, 2019

Despite the thrashing around of the NATO disinformation apparat, the imperial heartland has entered 2019 in a state of complete chaos.

Washington, London, and Paris – the three capitals of the Empire – are today effectively ungoverned, shutdown, tottering on the brink of collapse or under siege by their own people.

Their self-chosen Nemeses – Moscow and Beijing – meanwhile toast the New Year in a state of considerable optimism and self-confidence. These are the facts, this is the news.

We should start at the top of the Empire. The United States government has closed down amid stasis and a barrage of inter-governmental howitzers.

General James Mattis promised to dissociate US armed forces from the jihadists, not to dislocate the alliance around the United States. Click to enlarge

General James Mattis. Click to enlarge

The defense secretary, ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, has resigned as have other uniformed subalterns angry at the president’s re-found determination to withdraw from costly and losing foreign wars. The actual “mad dog” – John Bolton – openly defies President Trump over Syria, Mueller closes in, and the new Democratic majority in the House gears up to “impeach the mother***er.”

Nobody knows if President Trump will be around for much longer, and the merest glance at the views of his putative successor – Vice President Mike Pence – recalls the famous picture of President Nixon with his vice president, Spiro Agnew, standing behind him. The satirical speech bubble had Nixon pointing over his shoulder and saying “nobody is going to shoot me with this guy next in line.”

In London, British Prime Minister Theresa May is a dead woman walking; Britain’s exit from the European Union is still a matter of total uncertainty, yet a mere 80 days away. Violence outside the Parliament has begun to erupt, no faction can command a majority, an election cannot be held because its most likely result would be the election of veteran anti-imperialist Jeremy Corbyn whom the ‘deep state’ would sooner see under arrest (alongside this writer, according to the coup-apparatus Integrity Initiative).

A no-deal Brexit will see the south of England grind to a halt given the lack of preparation for it, as trucks headed to and from the continent turn Kent, the ‘Garden of England’, into a car-park.

A Brexit in name only – otherwise known as Theresa May’s deal – cannot pass in the House of Commons next week given Labour’s opposition together with at least 50 of the government’s own MPs and the 10 members of the coalition partners, the DUP.

A third option, a new referendum, runs the risk of the same scenario being played out (but almost entirely unreported here) on the streets of Paris and other French cities. Defying the result of the first referendum, cheating 17.4 million people of that which they voted for, risks social peace in England. Millions of Brexit voters are among those in Britain with nothing left to lose.

In France, the Elysee has become Macron’s Bastille and it is not at all inconceivable that it will be stormed.

Last weekend his own spokesman had to be smuggled out of a back-door after a truck hijacked by protestors smashed through the door of his government building. The very conditions Macron strove so very hard to bring about in Damascus and that France DID help bring about in Kiev are now rocking the very foundations of the French Republic.

French President Emmanuel Macron (L) escorts Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May as they arrive to speak to the press at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, June 13, 2017.    REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

French President Emmanuel Macron (L) escorts Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May as they arrive to speak to the press at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, June 13, 2017. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

No amount of turning the ‘Nelson’s Eye’ (when famously England’s Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar was told that the French Navy were advancing on him, he put his telescope to the black patch covering his missing eye and said “I see no ships” – will alter the fact that for eight weeks and counting, hundreds of thousands of French people of all political stripes have been – increasingly violently – on the streets of cities throughout the country demanding that their president resign. And that Macron showering Euros down the Champs Elysees in concessions – in absolute defiance of the EU’s fiscal rules – has merely encouraged ‘les autres’ to keep on demonstrating.

This week, the EU (and NATO) government of Italy joined the side of the ‘Gilets-Jaunes’, with Italy’s Salvini personally denouncing the French president as being “against his own people.”

This Saturday, a mammoth demonstration will take place in London, leveling the same raft of anti-austerity demands on the British government as the Yellow Vests are making of Macron. The center cannot hold.

The old order is dying; the new one cannot be born. If we are not careful we will soon be alive in the time of monsters.

This feature was originally published at RT International’s OpEd section.


Israel SITREP: The Christ-hating Israelis are at it again

The Saker — Jan 15, 2019

Remember this:

or, for that matter, this:

Well, our Israeli friends have done it again, check out this article by RT: (just ignore all the explaining away and other cop-outs in the text of the RT article).


‘McJesus’ statue sparks riot at museum in Israel as protesters call for removal of ‘offensive’ art

Mac Jesus

An art exhibit featuring a crucified Ronald McDonald caused chaos in the Israeli city of Haifa last week, after members of the country’s Arab Christian minority took offence at the depiction and protested outside the museum.Hundreds of Christian protesters called for the statue, titled ‘McJesus,’ to be removed from the museum, with Israeli police saying that some rioters even hurled a firebomb at the building and threw stones, shattering windows and injuring officers. Crowds were eventually dispersed with tear gas and stun grenades, according to the Associated Press.

However, it seems the protesters missed the point of the exhibit, which was not intended to be an attack on Christianity, but instead meant as an artist’s statement on capitalism, corporate domination and how modern society and culture worship false gods. The exhibit also includes Barbie-doll boxes with Jesus and the Virgin Mary inside.

The sudden focus on the exhibit came as a surprise to Museum Director Nissim Tal, however, since the art in question had been on display for months already without issue. It is believed that photos of the controversial statue recently published on social media prompted the protests.

The work has also been shown in other countries without problems, although Israel’s Christians make up a tiny percentage of the population in a country which is already rife with ethnic and religious tensions.

Wadie Abu Nassar, an adviser to church leaders who have demanded the exhibit’s removal, told the AP it was necessary to understand that freedom of expression “is interpreted in different ways” in different societies. “If this work was directed against non-Christians, the world would be turned upside down,” he said.

The museum has refused to remove the artwork, saying that it must uphold freedom of expression and resist pressure. “If we take the art down, the next day we’ll have politicians demanding we take other things down and we’ll end up only with colorful pictures of flowers in the museum,” Tal said, adding: “We will be defending freedom of speech, freedom of art, and freedom of culture, and will not take it down.”

Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev, who has earlier been accused of supporting censorship after pushing legislation commanding national “loyalty” in art, also called for the exhibit to be taken down, saying it was “disrespectful.”

The museum has hung a curtain over the entrance to the exhibit and put up a sign saying that it is not intended to offend, but that is the “maximum” it will do, its director added. Protesters, however, have refused to give up, with one reportedly camping outside the museum in a tent with a sign calling on artists to “respect religions.”

In another twist, the Finnish artist who produced the ‘McJesus’ statue, Jani Leinonen, also wants the work taken out of the Haifa museum, but not because he doesn’t want to offend. Leinonen said he supports the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, which aims to pressure Israel to change its policies toward Palestinians.

Bottom line is this: if it is anti-Christian, then even a BDS-supporting goy will get his 15 minutes of fame in the “only democracy in the Middle-East”.

These guys, and the al-Qaeda crazies, are the forces which the West chose to support in the Middle-East.


The Saker



Massive campaign to defend Israeli religious students accused of killing Palestinian mother of nine

Jean Shaoul — WSWS Jan 14, 2019

Demonstrations against the detention of the five Israeli Yeshiva students accused of murder. Click to enlarge

Demonstration against the detention of the five Israeli Yeshiva students accused of murder. Click to enlarge

Far-right and ultra-Orthodox groups have created a media storm over the arrest of five Jewish youths on suspicion of carrying out “serious terror offenses,” including the killing of a Palestinian woman last October.

The defence of the accused is being used to stoke nationalist tensions in the run-up to the general election on April 9, and to shift Israeli politics further to the right. All the mainstream parties are complicit.

The five boys, students at the Pri Ha’aretz yeshiva (religious seminary) in the Rehelim settlement in the occupied West Bank, are accused of the stone-throwing attack on a Palestinian car October 12 that killed Aisha Mohammed Rabi, 47, a mother of nine, and injured her husband, Yacoub.

The past year saw a threefold increase in racist attacks on Palestinians over 2017, with 482 politically motivated crimes by Jews reported in the West Bank. These included beating and throwing stones at Palestinians, painting nationalist, anti-Arab or anti-Muslim slogans, damaging homes and cars, and cutting down trees belonging to Palestinian farmers.

The murder and its aftermath highlight the utter lawlessness and racism inherent in the Greater Israel project from which the settler movement stems. Speaking to Ha’aretz after the attack, Yacoub Rabi said, “I don’t have any doubt it was the settlers. There were six or seven of them, and it was clear that they were young.”

As is common in such stoning attacks, the police dragged their feet over their investigation, to the extent that few believed any action would be taken.

According to the public broadcaster Kan, the day after the stoning attack, settlers from Yitzhar broke with the strict religious rule of not driving on the Sabbath and traveled to the Rehelim yeshiva. One of those in the car was reportedly Meir Ettinger, a grandson of the extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane, whom the Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, has accused of being a ringleader of an underground group that spawned the racist filth legitimising attacks on Palestinians.

In 2015, Ettinger spent time in administrative detention, which enables the state to order someone’s arrest without informing the detainee of the reason or providing any evidence of wrongdoing, and to detain him for unspecified periods and interrogate him without lawyers in attendance. Administrative detention orders are routinely used against Palestinians, but rarely against Jewish Israelis.

Ettinger’s arrest followed attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank and churches and mosques in Israel by right-wing Jewish extremists, including the torching of a Palestinian family in the West Bank village of Duma, which killed an 18-month-old baby.

The use of administrative detention orders under the pretext of combating militant Jewish nationalists facilitated the introduction of such methods as part of the build-up of repressive measures to be used against the working class.

On October 13, Ettinger and his companions went to the Rehelim yeshiva to brief the assailants before any investigation, arrest or interrogation, and thereby prevent them revealing the details of the stoning attack.

Two weeks ago, Shin Bet, not the police, arrested three of the suspects on suspicion of murder. They also arrested two others who were taking part in a protest in support of the alleged assailants. A gag order was imposed on the media to prevent any reporting on the details of the investigation, and the youths were banned from seeing their lawyers, the far right activist Itamar Ben Gvir and Nati Rom and Adi Kedar of the Honenu NGO, which provides legal aid to Jewish activists suspected of terrorist attacks.

The police also called all the yeshiva students in for questioning after entering the seminary amid claims from the staff that they did not have a search warrant. By last Thursday, 30 students had been questioned.

The settlers and their supporters, including religious leaders and the suspects’ lawyers, issued statements condemning the arrests and organizing protests outside the homes of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other cabinet members, and later demonstrations outside the court proceedings. Neither Netanyahu nor any member of his cabinet had condemned the attack or demanded that those responsible be brought to justice. Rather, they actively encouraged the protests over the arrests and the investigation.

Following an appeal by one of the families over lack of access to lawyers, Ayelet Shaked, justice minister and leader, along with Naftali Bennett, of the newly formed New Right Party, called the mother of one of boys to say that she had discussed his case with State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan and urged the mother to “stay strong.”

A week after the youths were taken into custody, they were permitted to meet with their lawyers, who claimed the boys were innocent and accused Shin Bet interrogators of “severe manipulation” and causing “serious trauma.”

The Shin Bet was also forced to lift the gag order on part of the case. In response, it issued statements that it had discovered an Israeli flag with a swastika and “Death to Zionists” scrawled on it in the room of one of the suspects, who were now described as radical anti-Zionists. The lawyer for the five youths, Itamar Ben-Gvir, described this as “a spin” by Shin Bet, stating that there was “no real evidence” against his clients who “are good kids that love the State of Israel.”

On Thursday, a judge ruled that four of the suspects should be released and subject to house arrest, while the fifth should be kept in detention because of the nature of the allegations, the evidence against him and concerns over obstruction of justice.

The Shin Bet claimed that it had respected all the suspects’ rights under law, saying, “Claims of their denial are baseless and aim at diverting the discourse from the serious suspicions for which they were detained and at bringing the service in disrepute.”

The increase in violence and murderous attacks on Palestinians are bound up with the encouragement of all forms of extreme nationalism by Israel’s fascistic settler parties, which sit in Netanyahu’s government, as well as from recently elected municipal leaders. As the World Socialist Web Site explained in its statement on January 3: “The ultra-rightwing government of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel is establishing the closest relations with extreme rightwing regimes and parties throughout the world. These alliances reflect the growing strength of fascist forces within Israel itself.”

The WSWS drew attention to a column in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz on December 31, by the Israeli human rights lawyer Michael Sfard, who warned:

“We have to face reality. We are witnessing the flourishing of a Jewish Ku Klux Klan movement. Like its American counterpart, the Jewish version also drinks from the polluted springs of religious fanaticism and separatism, only replacing the Christian iconography with its Jewish equivalent. Like white racism’s modus operandi, this Jewish racism is also based on fear mongering and violence against its equivalent of Blacks—the Palestinians.”

Such obnoxious and abhorrent phenomena mirror similar trends internationally and demonstrate the bankruptcy and reactionary dead-end of the entire Zionist project.


China’s ‘Underground Steel Great Wall’ capable of defeating hypersonic weapon attacks: academician

Deng Xiaoci and Liu Xuanzun – Global Times Jan 13, 2019

H-6K long range nuclear bomber over South China Sea. Click to enlarge

H-6K long range nuclear bomber over South China Sea. Click to enlarge

 China’s “Underground Steel Great Wall” could “guarantee the security of the country’s strategic arsenal” against potential attacks, including those from future hypersonic weapons, Qian Qihu, recipient of the country’s highest science and technology award, told the Global Times.

Qian, 82, an academician of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, received the 2018 State Preeminent Science and Technology Award during a conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Tuesday.

The “Underground Steel Great Wall” is a series of defense facilities located deep under mountains. While the mountain rock is thick enough to resist enemy attacks, entrances and exits of these facilities are often vulnerable and Qian’s work was to provide extra protection for these parts.

China’s nuclear strategy follows the principle of “no first use” and requires the country to have the capability of withstanding a nuclear attack before it responds with its strategic weapons.

Qian’s work  guaranteed the safety of the country’s strategic weapons, launch and storage facilities as well as commanders’ safety during extreme times, said Song Zhongping, a military expert and TV commentator.

In an exclusive interview with the Global Times on Friday, Qian describes his work, the “Underground Steel Great Wall,” as the “country’s last national defense line.”

If other lines of defense including the strategic missile interception system, anti-missile system and air defense system fail to function against hypersonic missiles and recently developed bunker-busters, Qian’s work can still thwart such attacks.

“The development of the shield must closely follow the development of spears. Our defense engineering has evolved in a timely manner as attack weapons pose new challenges,” Qian said.

According to the academician, hypersonic weapons that move 10 times as fast as the speed of sound are capable of changing trajectory mid-flight and penetrate any anti-missile installations.

US media outlet CNBC reported that in March 2018 during a State of the Nation address, Russian President Vladimir Putin debuted new nuclear and hypersonic weapons, which he described as “invincible.”

The US is also trying to develop hypersonic weapons, as then US Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan, now acting secretary of defense, said in October. “We are going to fly sooner and more often than people have ever expected,” CNBC reported.

Emerging challenges

National defense challenges do not only emerge from the development of advanced attack weapons but are also a result of an unpredictable international environment, Qian said.

He cited the recent US stance whereby the Donald Trump administration is mulling lowering the threshold for nuclear weapons deployment.

The US is planning to loosen US nuclear weapons constraints and developing low-yield nuclear warheads, the Wall Street Journal reported in January 2018.

It is highly possible that US weapons with low-yield nuclear warheads are bunker-busters, with a higher surgical strike capability that may cause larger damage, military experts previously noted, warning that China should stay alert and upgrade its own national defense.

Qian has also provided advice on civilian construction projects, including the Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the giant South-to-North Water Transfer Project, according to a China Global Television Network report.

Asked how he would spend the 8 million yuan cash award, Qian said that part would go to research on national defense, and the rest used for social welfare projects such as fighting poverty and supporting poor students.

“I have never had a thought of earning any prize money for my research, nor would I think it came too late,” Qian said. “I am only grateful that national recognition offers a great opportunity to raise the public’s national defense awareness.”



Solzhenitsyn – Have No Illusions about Communist Threat

henrymakow.com – Jan 17, 2019

Solzhenitsyn quote. click to enlarge

Solzhenitsyn quote. click to enlarge

Have been reading Solzhenitsyn’s history of Jews in Russia. His message is simply that the Russian Revolution was not an uprising by the proletariat as we have been led to believe, but a barbaric takeover and rape of a Christian country by organized Jewry.
As he notes (left) “the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”
The same can be said for most institutions in the West: Education, Business, Government, Military. All are de facto Communist, controlled by the Masonic Jewish banking cartel through Organized Jewry and Freemasonry. This is becoming clear as the above adopt a “progressive” (i.e. Satanic) agenda and attempt to disarm Americans. The Demon rats and to a lesser extent, the GOP, are Freemasons/ Communists, spiritual descendants of Bolshevik murderers. Quite simply, Satanists are waging a race war against God and man. This why these traitors push suicidal gender and migration policies.

Two Hundred Years Together (p136-137) 

by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn — (excerpt by henrymakow.com) 

The February (1917) Revolution was a Russian revolution: no matter how headlong, erroneous and pernicious it was, it did not aspire to burn down the entire pre-existing life, to annihilate the whole pre-revolutionary Russia.
Yet immediately after the October [Bolshevik revolution], the Revolution spilt abroad and became an international and devastating plague, feeding itself by devouring and destroying social order wherever it spread — everything built was to be annihilated; everything cultivated — to be confiscated; whoever resisted — to be shot.
The Reds were exclusively preoccupied with their grand social experiment, predestined to be repeated, expanded and implemented all over the world. From an easy, quick blow, the October coup snowballed into a fierce three-year-long Civil War, which brought countless bloody calamities to all the peoples of Russia.


Continues …

The beauty and the beast – Gilad Atzmon vs. Rachel Riley

Gilad Atzmon – gilad.co.uk an 16, 2019

In recent weeks Rachel Riley, a British TV celebrity, has tossed the Antisemitic slur in the direction of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach, Aaron Bastani, yours truly and others. In her first extended Ch 4 interview it became clear that Riley isn’t exactly an astute political philosopher. You can watch the entire Ch 4 interview here.
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Nigel Farage predicts new Brexit referendum would be won by even bigger ‘LEAVE’ vote

Russia Today – Jan 16, 2019

Former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. Click to enlarge “We must shut the gates to mass migration.”

Former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. Click to enlarge

A new referendum on Brexit, reportedly desired by the UK elite, would result in even bigger support for leaving the EU, former UKIP leader and one of the party’s founders, Nigel Farage, has said as Theresa May’s plan flopped.

The government’s astounding defeat in the House of Commons, which was the worst in history in terms of the losing margin, drew fire for the prime minister from all political flanks. One of the most prominent pro-Brexit campaigners, Farage, did not stay silent.

“A catastrophic failure of leadership by Theresa May. If she has any sense of honor then she will resign,” he tweeted.

The politician has posted a video that was recorded before the vote, in which he correctly predicted May’s deal flopping in parliament and warned his supporters of the apparent desire of the political elite to “start to push towards a second referendum” on the UK-EU divorce.

“It is quite possible that we could leave with no deal on WTO, and as far as I’m concerned, no deal – no problem. But it is more likely that many in our political class will try to weasel their way out of this,” Farage warned.

Even if Westminster manages to push through a new Brexit referendum, a new vote would actually show even bigger support for the idea of leaving the EU, Farage argued.

“The British may be a very placid people, very laid back, but I promise you: if they get pushed too far it’s a lion that will roar. We will be even more defiant if we have to fight a second referendum and we will win it by a bigger majority,” the politician said on Wednesday

May’s Brexit deal, painstakingly agreed with the EU last year, was crushed in parliament on Tuesday by 432 to 202 votes. The overwhelming rejection to the plan prompted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to table a no-confidence motion, which is to be debated on Wednesday evening.



Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi jailed in US on unspecified charges

Press TV – Jan 16, 2019

Marzieh Hashemi. Click to enlarge

Marzieh Hashemi. Click to enlarge

Marzieh Hashemi, a journalist and anchor working for Iran’s English-language Press TV television news network, has been detained and imprisoned in the United States for unspecified reasons.

American-born Hashemi, most famous for anchoring news programs and presenting shows for Press TV, was detained upon arrival at St. Louis Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, Missouri, on Sunday, her family and friends said.

Press TV has learned that she was transferred by the FBI to a detention facility in Washington, D.C. The US officials have so far refused to provide any reasons for her apprehension either to her or her family.

The Associated Press (AP) said a call to the FBI rang unanswered early on Wednesday morning. The bureau did not immediately respond to a written request for comment, it added

Hashemi, born Melanie Franklin, had arrived in the US to visit her ill brother and other family members.

Her relatives were unable to contact her, and she was allowed to contact her daughter only two days after her arrest

Mistreatment in US jail

Hashemi, who has been living in Iran for years and is a Muslim convert, has told her daughter that she was handcuffed and shackled and was being treated like a criminal.

The journalist also said that she had her hijab forcibly removed, and was photographed without her headscarf upon arrival at the prison

Hashemi has only been allowed to wear a T-shirt, and is currently using another one to cover her head.

Furthermore, she has been offered only pork as meal – which is forbidden under Islamic law – and even denied bread and any other halal food after refusing to consume the meat.

Hashemi told her daughter that the only food she has had over the past two days has been a packet of crackers.

Hashemi’s family members and media activists have launched a social media campaign with the hashtags #FreeMarziehHashemi and #Pray4MarziehHashemi in support of the detained journalist.



Tucker Carlson Tonight – 1/15/2019

Tucker Carlson Fox News Live – Jan 15, 2019 via YouTube

Whatever Your Hands Find to Do

Linh Dinh – The Unz Review Jan 15, 2019

Ea-Kly-2-2019. Click to enlarge

Ea-Kly-2-2019. Click to enlarge

I painted houses for a decade, and on our crews, we always knew of each other’s relative competence, willingness to work, sense of responsibility, substance addictions, if any, and, ultimately, character. My roommate, Jay, for example, really didn’t give a fuck, for he was often late, but somehow always rehired, for our boss, Joe LeBlanc, was a softie. Once, Jay and I left our rather pitiful, unheated apartment at exactly the same time, yet Jay somehow managed to miss the bus, thus work for that day.
Chuck was a narcoleptic who had gotten into a car accident, so was more or less one-armed, but still, he was a pretty good worker, and always cheerful. Standing on a 40-footer, Chuck exclaimed, “Hey, who farted?!” Many a poet have never come up with a more memorable instance of philosophy and wit. Pure Zen. If he hadn’t wiped himself out, along with a car or busload of innocents, I hope Chuck is doing well.
Smooth was a junkie, so moved very slowly, hence his nickname. Joe paid him accordingly.
Laura could never make it up any ladder taller than herself, so only scraped or painted baseboards and first floor windows. In the kinder and gentler working environment of the 80’s and early 90’s, even a fat broad could join a housepainting crew.
I’m sure I must have talked about at least some of the above characters, but as you get older, you repeat yourself, not because you’ve run out of stories, far from it, but that some have imprinted themselves so strongly, to become iconic in your mind. Milan Kundera says that from all of our sexual experiences, only two or three encounters linger persistently. Something like that. Broke, I sold that book a long time ago.
Now that I’m a foreman at a plastic recycling plant, memories and habits from my housepainting days return, and though Ea Kly is 10,000 miles from Philly, I can readily detect, once again, similar character types, as in who move fast and efficiently, who lumber along, and who are just faking it.
My brother in law brought me in so I could, in his place, observe what was going on, and immediately, I recommended letting a loafer go, and this even before I knew Tuan had a raging drinking problem. Like Joe LeBlanc, my brother in law is a softie, so he hesitated, but Tuan promptly fired himself this week. Hung over, Tuan missed two days without saying anything to me, and not only that, he drunkenly called our bookkeeper in the middle of the night to demand that he be paid in full immediately, for he was quitting. Sobering up, he came to me to apologize, but it was too late. “I have marital problems, brother Linh, and that’s why I drink.” Much of the world, then, men and women, would be boozing nonstop. Even Tuan’s wife, Thu, who is also employed by us, is not defending this charming dude.
Whatever2One of Thu’s duties is to cook for up to six people, whoever happen to live at the recycling plant at the time. We have an improvised kitchen of two hot plates. Lunch and dinner are served on the floor. The dishes are washed in a courtyard out back, with the pots hung up on a wire fence to dry. Twice a day, the neighbor’s dogs drop by to eat our food scraps, and sometimes even a chicken forages around. The cow, love of my life, merely looks on.
My wife is in Saigon working for her sister. Our marriage is strengthened, or at least saved, by these spells apart. Knowing that I’m alone, a few of our workers are joking that I should look for a local mate. While women like to gossip or fantasize about other people coupling, most men only conjecture themselves in action. Lien, a woman in her early 30’s, joked to me after work, “We have a few middle-aged women here. You should get yourself one, uncle.”
“Oh, I’m old, sister, so I don’t need an old woman. How tiresome is that?! I need someone young, even the youngest. Now, that would be a good match!”
“There’s Coi [Tiny].”
I had no idea who Coi was, but I went along with it, “That sounds great!” Just as in Philly, the Vietnamese working class will joke and banter most inappropriately, for it makes their long, exhausting day goes a little faster.
whatever3One of our best employees is Vinh, a mother of four. Tough and responsible, she’s the perfect supervisor. At home, she grows a few crops, keeps a few goats, chickens and two cows. Eight days ago, she limped into work after hurting her foot doing some farm work. Take a few days off, we suggested, until you feel better, and when she didn’t return after a week, a couple of us dropped by with a small gift of money, as is customary, to help Vinh recover. We have some sad houses in this village, and hers is among the most dismal, I was rather surprised to see, since I have talked to her boastful husband, Binh, a a few times. I thought they were we doing OK, at least.
Vinh’s two kids still living at home were dressed very shabbily, with the girl, about twelve, had on a dirty T-shirt with a smiling cartoon figure, with this bizarre English caption, “What Shall I Make for Dinner?”
We found Vinh bedridden, and about to go to the hospital. Binh whispered to me that his wife had “female problems,” a situation that had persisted for years, so it’s not the injured foot that had kept her home.
Within hours, however, I found out that there was a huge commotion at their miserable shack recently, that Binh had likely beaten his wife, as he has done many times before, and, moreover, that he’s a good for nothing who gambles compulsively, and that’s why they’re broke. Worse, they’ll soon be kicked off their small plot, since it’s slated for some development. Though they’ve been fairly compensated for it, that money is long gone, to pay off Binh’s gambling debts.
As we erected our factory, Binh came by in the middle of the night to steal some of our gravel, a fact overlooked by my brother in law, since he didn’t want to make enemies among the locals.
Unlike the Vietnamese, the Rade are matriarchal, meaning women own and inherit all properties, and a husband must move into his in-laws’ household, so there must be many Rade women who get to pummel their husbands.
Since there are Vietnamese laws against domestic abuses, Vinh can go to the authorities for help, but she doesn’t want to see her asshole husband go to jail, thus breaking up the family. Plus, she wants to maintain a facade of marital concord, as if the entire village doesn’t already know.
Some Vietnamese women take matters into their own hands, and this week, there’s a news item about a Thanh Hoa woman who kept her husband in a cage for three years, for he was a heroin and crystal meth junkie who had often beaten her and their two kids, she defiantly explains to authorities. “I cured him.” She never mistreated him, she elaborates, for she always fed him properly, and even gave him a glass of beer with each meal.
Yesterday, we hired two new guys, and they both came in wearing brand new military uniforms, as if ready to shoot up the place. Vietnamese have the unenlightened and deplorable habits of judging people by how they look, so one guy would be said by most to “resemble an executive,” for his face is wide and robust, with regular and intelligent looking features. Although he doesn’t seem stupid or like a beaten down coolie, he’s happy to be hired to do a very dirty, tiring and poorly paid job, but that, too, is hardly unusual in this upside down world. Some of the world’s most undeserving are paid most handsomely.
Since some of the women here have matched me with Tiny, I’ve made it a point to not even look in her direction, since I don’t want to creep the young lady out. I am married and try not to be an asshole. I do what I must, and for now, it’s returning to work. Grinding along, our machine breaks down hardy, eternal plastic. The men in military uniforms are covered in dust and grime, and so am I. Bent over, Tiny sweeps.
Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.


Bill Gates’ Former Doctor Says Billionaire ‘Refused to Vaccinate His Children’

Baxter Dmitry – Transcend Media Service Feb 19, 2018

The physician who served as Bill Gates’ private doctor in Seattle in the 1990s says the Microsoft founder and vaccine proponent “refused to vaccinate his own children” when they were young.

Gates and family

Bill Gates and family. Click to enlarge

7 Feb 2018 – “I don’t know if he had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children,” the physician said at a behind closed doors medical symposium in Seattle, adding “They were gorgeous kids, really smart and vivacious, and he said they would be OK as it was, they didn’t need any shots.

The comments caused a stir among physicians at the symposium with claims he was breaking doctor-patient confidentiality, according to reports. However as he was speaking to other physicians, he was not breaking the industry code of conduct.

Gates has three children with his wife Melinda – Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe – born between 1996 and 2002, and according to his former doctor, they are all unvaccinated and healthy.

The news that Bill Gates does not vaccinate his own children, despite being the world’s most active campaigner for mandatory vaccinations, should come as no surprise. Studies prove that the elite do not vaccinate their children. But at the same time they expect the masses to have their children vaccinated.

The elite do not vaccinate 

In California, the children most likely to be unvaccinated are white and come from the wealthiest families in Los Angeles, according to a recent study.

The percentage of kindergartners with state-issued personal belief exemptions doubled from 2007 to 2013, from 1.54% to 3.06%. That’s about 17,000 of the wealthiest children, out of more than half a million, opting out of receiving vaccinations.

Vaccine exemption percentages were highest in mostly white, high-income neighborhoods such as Orange County, Santa Barbara and parts of the Bay Area, according to CNN.

The study, which was published in the American Journal of Public Heath, looked at more than 6,200 California schools and found vaccine exemptions were twice as common among kindergartners attending private institutions.

Very rich and privileged parents like the idea of herd immunity, but they don’t want to take the risks associated with vaccinations when it comes to their own children. They are worried about adverse reactions including autism.


US Plans Expansion to Arctic in Bid to Challenge Russia, but Can It?

Russia Today – Jan 15, 2019

Washington will send a Navy warship to sail through the Arctic in a demonstration of its growing ambitions in the far North, the US Navy secretary said. But will it be enough to challenge Russia?

The US has long since set its sights upon the Arctic, which it openly sees as a potential new arena for a geopolitical standoff. As the planet’s changing climate gradually turns ice-bound wastes into passable waterways, Washington is clearly intending to get its piece of the economic action in a region that might well become a major sea trade lane one day.

In what looks like a statement of claim, the US will send a Navy warship to the Arctic waters in yet another freedom of navigation operation, Navy Secretary Richard Spencer told the Wall Street Journal. The US Navy already conducted similar missions in the South China Sea to challenge Beijing’s territorial claims there. So far, that has led to nothing but heightened tensions between the US and China but Washington is apparently eager to use the same approach in another region.

Here, it is all about challenging the adversaries once again, as the US sees Russia and China as its major competitors in the region. Washington’s plans are not just limited to the freedom of navigation mission but also involve deploying troops to the abandoned base of Adak.

Located at the end of the Aleutian Islands not far from the Russian border, this base was used between 1942 and 1997. Now, the US plans to send some surface ships and a P-8 Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft there, according to Spencer. “The concept is, yes, go up there,” the Navy secretary said, speaking about the US plans for new Arctic operations. “We’re developing them as we speak,” he said.

However, his statements might be more bold claim than concrete plan of action. The Navy mission is still “in the early stages” and it has not yet been decided what ship will be used for it and which ports it would visit. The old Adak base also will not be re-activated just yet.

The decommissioned naval station was taken over by the private Aleut Corporation in 2003, which was founded to settle the Alaska natives’ claims against the federal government. The Navy is currently in talks with the company about the base’s fate, according to Spencer. However, the Aleut Corporation provided no comment on the matter.

The US aim of matching Russia’s influence in the Arctic region might, in fact, be hard to achieve. Russia wields a massive icebreaker fleet, consisting of five nuclear-powered and about 30 diesel icebreakers. Three new nuclear-powered icebreakers, which are set to become “the largest and the most powerful” in the world, are expected to join Russia’s fleet in the coming years.

Apart from that, Russia is also building new, ice-rated Arctic multipurpose patrol ships. The first of these is expected to be handed over to the Russian Navy in 2020. China, another US rival that has also set its sights on the Arctic recently, has already built its first domestically produced icebreaker.

Meanwhile, Washington still possesses only one heavy icebreaker. However, its own crew members call the ship, commissioned in 1976, a “rust bucket.” Even though it was the former President Barack Obama who vowed to close the “icebreaker gap” with Russia as early as in 2015, the situation has not really changed since then.

All that is not mentioning Russia’s unique military installations in the Arctic, which include radar arrays and autonomous, permanent military bases. Of particular interest is Russia’s northernmost military base, called Arctic Shamrock, which allows up to 150 people to live and work for as long as 18 months without any external support in an area located 80 degrees of latitude north of the Equator.

A similar base, called Severny Klever (Northern Clover), is located on the 75th parallel north on Kotelny Island, in the New Siberian Islands archipelago.

Now, the US lacks the resources to take hold in the Arctic,” Vladimir Bruter, a specialist at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies, told RT, adding that Washington might, in fact, not be vying for dominance in the Arctic but instead seeking to spoil the game for its adversaries.

The US is apparently concerned that Russia might start full-scale commercial use of its Northern Sea Route, which it sees as detrimental to American economic interests. The US would try to show that this shipping lane is “not safe,” Bruter warned.

Washington “constantly seeks to provoke Russia, to make it overreact. Any response [to its own actions] would be perceived as … a threat” and later used to shape the US’ own policy, the expert said.

Besides, the Northern Sea Route – the one where the US apparently plans to send its navy ship – goes along the Russian shores and through internationally recognized Russian territorial waters, giving it the authority to set rules for passing ships. Russia is also the only state technically capable of rendering assistance to any ships passing through that region in case of any emergency, so it might be quite difficult for the US to maintain “freedom of navigation” there without Russian help.

Meanwhile, Russia has updated its navigation rules for other nations’ warships attempting to sail along the Northern Sea Route. Starting from 2019, such passage would require prior notification sent to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, so the US might yet alter its plans.



Is Director of Gillette Toxic Masculinity Ad a Lesbian?

henrymakow.com – Jan 16, 2019

Ad for Libresse vulva

 Libresse, the feminine hygiene brand who shocked many with their #BloodNormal campaign last year, is back with a lighter tone and far more fun in this new spot from Somesuch director Kim Gehrig with post by Time Based Arts.
According to the release, the goal of the ad is “to contribute to a more open culture where women can feel proud of what they have, can feel OK about talking about their genitals, and can care for it without feeling ashamed.”
But such ads tend to demystify and degrade women in the eyes of men.
Kim Gehrig who Gillette selected to direct the first commercial in a series making heterosexuality a pathology is a single mother and given her hatred of men and fixation on female genitals, likely a lesbian.
Below, a Reddit contributor looks at her anti-male work.
Happily, men no longer are tolerating this attack on masculinity which originates with the Illuminati bankers. “A brainwashed emotionally weak feminine man is much easier to control than a masculine independent man.”

Gillette’s Rationale

“On the 30th anniversary of its famous tagline “The Best a Man Can Get,” Gillette is taking a fresh look at what it means to be “the best.”  The company is introducing a marketing campaign and charitable program dedicated to celebrating the stories of men who are making a positive impact and inspiring other in the process.
The program-leading short film, entitled “We Believe,” was developed by Gillette’s global advertising agency Grey and directed by Kim Gehrig of production company Somesuch. It showcases Gillette’s POV of how we can work together to set the right example for the next generation of men and take positive actions that push back against bullying, sexual harassment and the “boys will be boys” mentality, changing the culture of “toxic masculinity.”
Additionally, Gillette has committed to donating $1 million per year for the next three years to non-profit organizations executing programs in the U.S. designed to help men of all ages achieve their personal “best,” changing the conversation of modern manhood for generations to come.”

Reddit Post by “Transparent” 


Continues …

Gillette Faces Backlash over Ad Campaign

‘I just want to shave, not feel bad about myself': Conservative customers boycott Gillette in outrage over its ‘offensive and sexist’ ad about ‘toxic masculinity’

Jennifer Smith and Erica Tempesta – Daily Mail Jan 15, 2019

–> Countless men – and some women – took to Twitter to announce their boycott
–> They were outraged by the shaving brand’s recent commercial, We Believe
–> The ad calls on men to ‘be the best a man can get’ – Gillette’s tag line
–> It redefines it against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement and laments ‘toxic masculinity’
–> The ad, which was released on Monday, has divided opinion but mostly, men who have bought from it for decades are furious
–> Procter & Gamble, its parent company, is yet to suffer a business impact

Conservative customers are dumping their Gillette razors en masse in response to the company’s recent controversial ad which denounces ‘toxic masculinity’ and calls on boys to be ‘the best a man can get’. 

After the ad was released on Monday, shocked viewers took to Twitter to separate themselves from the brand. 

They felt the commercial, which invokes the tone of the past year in pop culture and the #MeToo movement to inspire men to stand up for women and equality, unfairly made out that all males were misogynist. 

Some did not go so far in their critique of it but were angry that the household name had politicized itself. 

Among the countless tweets from disgruntled and ‘disappointed’ customers were complaints such as ‘you just lost a customer’ and ‘being a man is not a disease.’ 

‘I want to shave, not feel bad about myself,’ quipped one customer. 

Not all of the complaints were from men. 

‘As the mother of 3 sons and a grandson, it is beyond offensive to me,’ wrote Denise West from Memphis, Tennessee, adding that it was a ‘pathetic example of companies pandering to political correctness at the expense of men.’

Continues …


Has Trump Fired Bolton Yet?

Brother Nathanael Kapner — Real Jew News Jan 15, 2019

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Your Indoctrination and Education

How Indoctrination = Education

Mark Windows – Windows on the World Jan 15, 2019

Quotes from those who have influenced modern education:
Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762—1814) Philosopher and influence on the education system:
“If the system is successful, its fruit will be as follows: “Its pupil goes forth at the proper time as a fixed and unchangeable machine.”
Bertrand Russell: In the book “The Impact of Science on Society, published in 1951, the following quotes are found: “Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished.” (Page 50 – The Intended Result of Education)
“Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between the rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.”

Listen to “Your Indoctrination and Education” on Spreaker.

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