The Rockefellers Alienated Women from Men — Oct 18, 2019

Feminism is an excellent example of how the central banking cartel uses the awesome power of the mass media  (i.e. propaganda.) to brainwash women.  
In 50 short years, many women have been taught to fear and distrust men. 
They have lost touch with their natural loving instincts. Consequently, the family is in disarray, sexual depravity is rampant and birth rates have plummeted.
We need constant reminders of this egregious attack on our humanity and what it has done to us.

By Henry Makow Ph.D.from Feb 1, 2007

For a woman, love is an instinctive act of self-sacrifice.
She gives herself to her husband and children and is fulfilled by seeing them thrive and receiving their love, respect, and gratitude.
A woman makes this supreme sacrifice to only one man who will cherish her and provide for his family. Men instinctively want to fulfill this responsibility. This is the essence of the heterosexual contract (i.e. marriage): female power in exchange for male power expressed as love. Sex is the symbol of this exclusive bond. Marriage and family may not be for everyone but it is the natural path for most.
Feminism has trained women to reject this model as “an old fashioned, oppressive stereotype” even though it reflects their natural instincts.
Recently, a British writer reported overhearing two young women:
“All men are useless these days,” one said. “Yeah,” said the other. “The trouble is that they haven’t risen to the challenge of feminism. They don’t understand that we need them to be more masculine, and instead they have just copped out.”
That’s their logic? If women are less feminine, men will be more masculine? Men aren’t designed to fight with women. They need to be affirmed by a woman’s acquiescence and faith. When women constantly challenge them, men will “cop-out” of marriage and family.
Now that love and marriage have been “discredited,” women have nothing left to exchange for love but sex. Thus, many are unnaturally obsessed with appearance and pathetically give their bodies to all and sundry.
Permanent love is not based on a woman’s sex appeal, or personality or achievements. Ultimately, it is based on self-sacrifice. We love the people who love us.


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  1. One mistake is that according to Rothschild its freedom to communism not faschism
    as the article says The rothschild whstleblower in his now banned book De Mentiev says
    ” Communism, will be pushed forward as Socialism, the idea is that the money and [power wil be removed from the people into the hands of the elite” ( jews )
    Jews think the battle is already won, and some are now talking freely about what they have acheived, the Holocaust is the main plank of their takeover, buta rec ent poll of Acedemics by Cambridge mag, shows 82% do not believe what is put out about the holocaust at all