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HenryMakow.com – Aug 3, 2022

63.1% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 10.77 billion doses have been administered globally, and 24.77 million are now administered each day. Only 12.9% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose.


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We have been lulled into a state of complacency because they have relaxed some protocols but, if Dr. Zelenko is right,  the worst is yet to come: The vaccine injuries and deaths.

Dr. Zev Zelenko’s (1973-2022) August 2021 interview with the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court is an essential reminder of our dire predicament.

Zelenko who passed away from cancer June 30, treated and cured thousands of COVID patients including Presidents Trump and Bolsonaro. The “vaccines” are poisonous and, over time, will kill as many as 90% of people who received them. He calls them the greatest act of malfeasance in human history. He compares the Israeli government to Joseph Mengele and suggests Netanyahu was given a choice between silver and lead. He says Fauci developed the strain in China because it was illegal to do so in the USA.


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