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Andrew Anglin – The Unz Review Aug 2, 2022

Just try to imagine that with everything that is happening in the United States right now, the government of the United States thinks it’s a good idea to go on the other side of the world and harass some people who appear to be very serious in nature.


China’s Eastern Theater Command has issued a strong warning to the country’s “enemies” amid ongoing tension over the potential visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

The officials released a video on Monday, as China marks the anniversary of its People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The video, featuring footage of various drills and military units, urges the solders to “stand by in battle formation, be ready to fight upon command, bury all invading enemies.”

The threat was further amplified by Yi Cao, a hawkish ‘wolf warrior’ Chinese diplomat, who posted the message on Twitter. The diplomat also reiterated the warning made last week by Beijing over Pelosi’s rumored visit. “FM warns US again not to send Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan: Playing with fire will sure set yourself on fire!” the diplomat tweeted.

The statements sound cooler and more clever in Chinese, obviously.

But the US government is deciding to harass the Chinese for no clear reason, and the Chinese are like “look, we’re not going to play games with you people.” Then the US is like:

A senile puppet president, symbolic of America’s decline. Click to enlarge

The kooky part is that there is no part of the government or media that is saying like, “hey you know, we’ve got problems in our own hemisphere, uhhhhh. These Asia people seem pretty serious that we shouldn’t be, you know, like, harassing them…”

Even if you believe that it is America’s duty to go around the world and force everyone to have anal sex, it seems to me that you could still be like “hey, maybe we should chill out on this World War Anus thing until our own country is doing a little bit better.”

But no. No one is saying that.

Republicans and Democrats alike see this threatening video from the Chinese about how they’re not going to be anally dominated, and they’re like “yeah, squirm for me.”

I’m so tired of this gay sex stuff, frankly.

I’m tired of it in my own country. It’s not hard to understand why the Chinese are not interested.

The US is admitting that homos are spreaders of these alleged “viruses” they’re so concerned about. They’re saying we have a gay orgy crisis in the United States.

Imagine that the threat is releasing the San Francisco fag-hag Pelosi on the Chinese population.

The Republicans are supporting this. They’re like, “a weapon to rival Metal Gear…”

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)