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Above, my Bombers are undefeated in eight starts. Quarterback Zach Collaros, number 8, an American, is the highest paid player in the league earning $550,000 CAD.

HenryMakow.com – July 31, 2022

Apart from business, the CFL is the only place left in Canada where performance is all that matters.

by Henry Makow PhD

With the Communist takeover of Canada, every social institution is on life support.

Led by Justin Castreau, the government takes orders from the WEF. The Canadian Broadcasting Commission, once a national stalwart, is now the state propaganda agency. No one watches or listens. The rest of the “legacy media” is also a joke. The universities are all controlled by Communists. The medical profession is totally discredited. Where there is no free speech, there is no art or culture.

There is only one national institution left that still does Canada proud, the Canadian Football League, and ironically most of the best players are Americans, especially Blacks. But that’s my point.

Apart from business, the CFL is the only place left where performance is all that matters. It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, gay or green. There is no affirmative action. You perform or you are out. And it shows in the high level of athleticism and competitive intensity. These are genuine contests, no prisoners taken!


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