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By Savant – Irish Savant July 28, 2022

Have you heard of Sabbatai Zevi? In one sense you should have given that he was arguably the most important Jewish religious figure of the last 2,000 years. Then again I can understand if you haven’t heard of him because he’s been effectively scrubbed from the record and what’s left has been rewritten beyond recognition. And for some reason this rewriting of history has gone into overdrive in recent times. I know this because I developed an interest in him about twenty years ago and there was, as I recall, no shortage of information back then.

For Jews Zevi is a bit like the mad aunt in the attic, an embarrassment who shouldn’t be mentioned if at all possible. You see for many years he was seen by up to half of Jews world-wide as the embodiment of their long-promised Messiah. And Sabb agreed with them. And he had another unique selling point: Redemption Through Sin. So the more you sinned the closer you got to God. No wonder he was an international success – an actual Messiah who encouraged you to sin your way to Heaven. His prayer: Blessed be he who permits the forbidden. Debauchery became theology with sex orgies, Satanic rituals, incest and the piece de resistance, wife-swapping to celebrate the feast of Purim. You can bet your last shekel that Sabb had the best-looking wives lined up well in advance of this particular feast-day.

But trouble was brewing. You see he was living under the Ottoman Empire in Smyrna (now called Izmir) and the Religion Of Peace takes a dim view of such practices. (Well in public anyway.) So they gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse: (1) Give up your job as Messiah and convert to Islam or (2) get decapitated. Zevi didn’t panic, kept his head, thought about it. And kept his head. So overnight he went from being the actual Jewish Messiah to a Muslim imam. As you can imagine selling this deal to his followers presented some difficulties and he basically lost his gig as Redeemer. But at least he lived to a ripe old age.

As I said earlier Zevi has now been disowned by Judaism. It’s a case of “Sabbatai who?” His current Wiki page has been rewritten to the point of being unrecognisable from the original. Yet he was onto something. Specifically the duality of Good and Evil in that Good has no meaning in the absence of Evil and vice versa. This profound philosophical insight has been brought home to me by the explosion of evil in recent times. Now I know that evil has been present since the dawn of mankind. However in the current time (the End Times?) evil is actually celebrated and openly promoted. Everything Zevi preached is playing out before our eyes. The moral and natural laws have been turned upside down, depravity promoted. “A trans-identified male who raped two 9-year-old girls before torturing and murdering his developmentally disabled cellmate has been “offering” his “expertise” to policymakers on the issue of transgender inmate rights.

This has become the norm, not the exception. The corruption of children, probably the worst crime of all, has now become official policy as they get introduced to every form of sexual perversion at an early age while what could have been a supportive nuclear family structure gets systematically undermined at every turn. The scamdemic is nothing less than a psychological-terror operation knowingly and deliberately orchestrated by immensely powerful psychopaths. Millions of deaths have been deliberately caused by the promoting of lethal solutions (Remdesivir, ventilators) and the discrediting and banning of cheap and simple curative medicines like hydroxychloroquine and Reiner Fuellmich sees it as the greatest crime against humanity ever committed in terms of human carnage and societal, cultural, political, psychological and economic destruction.

Children are sacrificed before an ancient effigy of Moloch

The War On Beauty is another profound manifestation of evil. Some of the world’s greatest philosophers have identified a link between between beauty, goodness and truth. Logos. I’m no philosopher but clearly it has something to do with divine symmetry, the Golden Ratio and other forms of the divine. Yet music, art, literature and architecture have been debased to the point of being ghastly simulacrums of what they once were. Moloch is being honoured by plans to introduce ‘post-birth abortions’ – in other words infanticide.

But the evil has become blatant to the point where vast numbers of people, myself included, are beginning to become aware that Manichaeism (which teaches an elaborate dualistic cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light, and an evil, material world of darkness) is real. It is bringing them – and me – back to God.

So maybe we owe old Sabb a vote of thanks after all.