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Smoking Mirrors – June 20, 2022

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

I have a theory about Stress… Tension, and Fear. They are intimately connected and can lead directly back and forth to each other… pumping up the volume on the way to a panic attack or worse. Stress is caused by unresolved conflict in one’s astral body; between what you can see, and what you do not see. Remember… this is just me and my perspective, ♫me, and… my… p-e-r-s-p-e-c-t-i-v-e.. strolling down the avenue♫

This Stress MUST BE processed or it will attack you by attacking affected organs and systems, especially those which are not routinely cleansed of Stress. Love neutralizes Stress. Love displaces Fear, and… and Love bleeds Tension. There’s a lot going on in this simple dynamic. Now…

laughter is cathartic. Laughter neutralizes Stress. It puts the heart at ease and The Mind off guard. Herein I understand the wisdom of Ho-Tai. He’s another iteration of Santa Claus, “Where’s this going Viz?” Where do you want it to go?

In Japan, they ratchet Stress into a tight vibrating knot in the collective diaphragm, and all the hot baths and Geisha Girls are not enough to drain it off… so they work like demons for 50 weeks. Then they board the plane for Thailand and some serious R&R. There are fleets of planes that ferry these wound-up businessmen to Bangkok and OTHER locations. They refer to these planes as The Heart Attack Express, because so many Japanese businessmen die during that period. They just can’t process the release; hot tubs and ho’s, cigarettes and beakers of Scotch… Viagra vending machines and whatever else is needed to rock out.

Stress is at the core of all discomfort, disharmony, and dis-ease. I am not saying it is the only source, just that it is OFTEN central to the occurrence of… discomfort, disharmony, and disease. The prevailing practice of Western medicine is bad juju. I imagine that even witchdoctors are more effective now. The central focus of healing should be to heal… not to suppress. Allopathic equals symptomatic, which equals pharmaceuticals, which leads to material profit ABOVE ALL THINGS.

The important things are all simple, BUT… it comes down to what people want to believe. This is why so many people are so easily fooled… because of what they want to believe. When they are not busy convincing themselves of Bullshit… someone else is convincing them of Bullshit. We were all convinced of many constructs when we were too young to protect ourselves from Telepathic Invasion, which was visited upon us by our parents and relatives and then by the streets and the education system, which is a propaganda arm of the government. That is why all the problems of The World have to do with Bad Parenting.

The plague of ever stranger sexual dysfunction is brought about by the fragmenting of The Family Unit. None of those conditions are normal, because Normal has left the building. See… The Overlords eventually get themselves into trouble with their endless pyramid schemes… and currency manipulations… then comes the distractions of Bread and Circuses. Alternatively, there is the fear of manufactured enemies; “the people upstream are pissing in our water.” This… you hear all the way up to the water’s source, where the residents ARE pissing in the water, AND… far worse.

It is in your interest to watch “The Man Who Would Be King.” Kipling was a marvel. I thank my fortunate mentors that I was led to read all of his books in childhood.

You have to look at manifest life as an experiment being carried out by invisible forces. God splintered into Humanity… that then evolves through a series of changes, where the objective was different stages of realization in us, and the result was very little… or almost none… or a studied indifference, BUT… some of us know that The Light of God is resident within and we strive toward it… until God wakes up within us and celebrates through us. He flings us through the universe like he did the stars in The Heavens, and then he goes about gathering us back up.

Life is not about building great cities… or technological marvels… (where we are, presently, in our infancy.) or any of the bio-rhythmic rise and fall of civilizations. All of… THIS… is a sounding board. The resonant echo of God resounding through creation. All that is materialized is a condensation of mindstuff, an external projection of an internal reality. If you don’t like that, it changes nothing. What is… is; Om Tat Sat. Newton’s 3rd Law explains Karma… for anyone who cares to understand; most don’t, BECAUSE… it gets in the way of what they want. Still… action… reaction… coming back-atcha; so to speak=

climbing the convolutionary ladder… Gravity and electromagnetics; what strange and timeless principles do they play out with each other? That answer was buried with Atlantis, though it is still known to The Brotherhood. What about magnifying components in solar panels for an exponential increase in power?

This is not my area of expertise (as if I had one) but I get principles… laws… the raising vibrationary level from sound to light. Think of Om… sound into light… light precipitating into vibrationary variables, giving rise to all the forms and conditions we experience… AND… the endless and recurrent verification that we do it all to ourselves and each other. Om is that mysterious Word of God, also known as Amen… and Amon at another time

Why do yogis chant that word? It has to do with coming into resonance with The Cosmic Vibration. Once computer algorithms came into play… it is only a matter of time until the deeper meaning of life is revealed. It is now a race between technology and our spiritual evolution. Will the one drown us in a sea of fire… or… will we ascend to the next level? I guess… from what I can see… there are going to be mixed results.

Imagine a coiling spiral rising into light, and a reversed spiral sinking into darkness. Your INTENTION defines your course. Imagine that they go on forever… involution and evolution. Some study of The Tenth Trump might reveal… a… great… deal.

THEY are bankrupt at every level; Misgendering? Where’s Mrgendering? The poles are reversing; wouldn’t it be something if that was the cause of all this sexual confusion? Of course… if you want to understand the origins of Perversity, you have only to study what happens to rats when they are kept in confined spaces and their numbers increase (as in the cities)… “Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink.”

What you are doing now is setting your course for the incoming age. Observe the multitudes in a pandemic riot for… STUFF… stuff to eat… stuff to fuck or… be fucked by… stuff to love that won’t love you back… stuff to cage you in a cell of your own frustrated passions. There is no way that THEY will EVER discover the Elixir of Immortality or that white… malleable stone that heals every ill and rejuvenates and restores. These things and many other marvels were known to the ancients, and are presently known to The Few… The Brotherhood of Initiates… The Angelic and Devic Realms.

They roam The World seeking awakening souls. The light of these souls is visible from afar. They are drawn to The Light of the Soul. They facilitate the further awakening… should you have been so disposed as to have been directed internally to that end. Everything is being accelerated. Time is speeding up. Those going up are going to be moving at a much faster clip. Those going down will find the same to be true.

The Garden of Eden is not located until it is discovered within. One then migrates or is led to the relevant sector. The Profane can NEVER find the sacred sectors. The Laws of Metaphysics apply. You don’t get very far without a guide. Sooner or later you go off-road, for the same reason you walk in circles when you are lost in The Wild.

I am sure that parts of this posting will give rise to many questions. There is nothing here that introspection will not reveal. We are small in number… those of us who sincerely seek The Truth, and The Light, and The Way. Occasionally… there comes a time when a Quantum Leap is made available to anyone who has made themselves Subjective to The Will of Heaven. Such a time as now.


End Transmission…….


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