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Henry/makow.com – June 19, 2022

Source – Reddit Conspiracy

I’m not here to shit on the vaccine. I know hundreds of people who’ve gotten it without adverse affects. Unfortunately my father isn’t one of those people.

Prior to his booster, my father was a hard working, successful man. He was bringing in about 20k a month, had a beautiful home, and a decent life overall. That all changed once he got his booster in December.

He went for his booster shot on 12/23 at 10AM. I arrived at his house at around 8PM to find him on the floor, unresponsive, covered in a pool of urine.

Called 911, brought him into the hospital. Told every doctor and nurse that he had gotten his booster about 8-10 hours ago, they all looked at me as if I was insane.

Turns out my dad had a stroke. What are the odds my healthy father coincidentally has a stroke 8 hours after receiving his booster? Pretty damn slim.


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