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Mark Crispin-Miller – Substack.com News From The Underground June 16, 2022

Was it just a “heat wave” that killed all those cattle? The heat in Kansas really hasn’t been unusual, and yet I find no similar stories from the last ten years or so. (Let me know if you do.)

Small wonder, then, that folks online are claiming that those cattle seem to have been poisoned—another catastrophic move that you’d expect from those same predators who’ve been arranging the “anomalous” destruction of grain storage hubs, meat-packing facilities and other sites essential to the feeding of humanity.

Same with those 15,000 sheep that lately drowned in the Red Sea. Was it just your standard Third-World mishap, or another elite step toward global famine, and the near-universal diet of bugs, fungus, weeds and fake meat that Bill Gates and his partners want to feed the rest of us, while they eat all the beef and lamb and bison they can pack away.

Funny thing about these sudden series of “abnormal” disasters—all that dead livestock, and the numerous mass shootings coast to coast: their timing is exceedingly convenient for the would-be Masters of the Universe, who want humanity malnourished and unarmed, as well as dangerously misinformed (and, of course, “fully vaccinated”).

And, on top of all that ruined meat, this story out of Kansas also serves as excellent “global warming” propaganda, to help prepare the way for climate lockdowns, so as to bridge the gap between the COVID crisis and whichever pathogen our would-be masters roll out next.

15,000 sheep drown in the Red Sea after ship crammed with livestock sinks in Sudan port

  • 15,800 sheep worth around $4million sank at Suakin port on Sunday  
  • The Badr 1 has a capacity of only 9,000 livestock and only 700 sheep survived
  • The sinking is likely to disrupt the port and cause environmental issues because of the animal corpses

June 13, 2022


Thousands of Cattle Reported Dead

Heat Stress Kills Estimated 10,000 Head of Kansas Feedlot Cattle 6/14/2022


The current heat wave blazing through Kansas feedlots has killed an estimated 10,000 head of fat cattle.

Final death numbers continue to come in, but that early estimate was shared with DTN by livestock experts, who put the geographical center point for those deaths at Ulysses, Kansas.

DTN calls to feedlots in the area and to ranchers whose branded animals were seen in some privately shared photos of dead cattle were not immediately returned.

What is known is that leading up to these heartbreaking losses, temperatures in the area were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, there was humidity, and there was little to no wind to help cool the animals. Temperature readings reported for Ulysses began to exceed the 100-degree mark on June 11. By June 13, the high temperature was reported at 104 degrees, with humidity levels ranging from 18% to 35%. Temperature and humidity levels began to break some on June 14. Just a few days prior to the heat setting in, highs had been in the 80s.

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