HenryMakow.com – May 11, 2022

Dark Aliens control humanity, Human History has been hidden from us. ET light workers are around to help out, if we know how to communicate with them in hyper-space. The technology of psychedelics will get you there.

Disclaimer- I don’t subscribe to any of this but as with my flat earth friend, Edward Menez, I am willing to give EG a hearing.

Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who uses “Predictive Linguistics” and computer programs to sort through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events.

Jews, Masons et al didn’t make up all the shit we are living under, dark Aliens did. Even Genghis Khan’s real history was not about just killing off villagers as we are spoon fed, he wiped out the villages where they knew Aliens were hiding out.”

by EG – (henrymakow.com)

Clif High is one of the very few that talks of his hyper-space encounters with dark Aliens, ET light workers and explains what they are all about. He has had many encounters with both groups in his ‘trips’ to hyper-space’ so IMHO he is uniquely qualified to talk about them. He is so well read that his genius shows through on all areas of life, a true philosopher in the style of the ancients.

His latest points on Disclosure is that sometime in the next few months, once the federal reserve has crashed out, the Globalist while freaking out will leak information admitting them and their technology; all in a ploy last ditch effort to maintain control over the masses as they try to instill their New Digital Currency and ID control.

About Aliens, he tells us:

The Jews chose the Aliens as god with Aliens using Jews since then as their puppets. Once kicked out of everywhere the Jews set up their own puppets aka Freemasons.

Yes, dark Aliens control Jews, who in turn control Freemasons all the while the ET light workers try to help us out; BUT first we need to awaken to our Lost Humanity History to see what really happened. No ET is not coming to save humanity, we need to do that collectively as all are of ONE the source.

As most people do not believe most stuff from media, or what govt force fed them with; it is highly unlikely that many will believe what i write here. I leave it to what the universe says ‘we will give you all you need, BUT, you have to work for it’. Cosmos knows we have all answers available if we work to find them. Simply put, know your history of Aliens wars on earth that they won and as history repeats itself, are they going to win the present Armageddon?


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