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by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB – Rumor Mill News Posted May 10, 2022

Something went terribly wrong many generations ago. As early as 1913, some men surreptitiously took over parts of the US government. They also captured the means of controlling our culture. Most citizens didn’t realize it was happening, but even when told about it, they refused to believe it.

Suddenly we’ve got the proof of at least one aspect of the takeover — the way our hidden masters plop their preferred candidates into office. After watching Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, “2000 Mules,” people naturally say we must crack down on election theft. But that is small beer, tiny beer, compared to what we must do.

There’s also talk of punishing the perfidious bastards who ran the mule operation. (The names Warren Buffet and George Soros have been floated by D’Souza.) That is definitely needed. But I suggest an additional approach.

I ask every one of the professions to ‘fess up and show where they have gone wrong. The controlling of our culture was made easy by the institutionalization of various occupations. Professional associations were formed; these demanded loyalty (read: conformity) of their members. That in itself needs to be broken. Plus, one often sees how an occupation develops its own interests that then conflict with the interests of society.

All professions routinely shout about how they help society. It’s goody-twoshoes city. But we don’t need that boasting now. We need some breast-beating, thank you.

Ten Professions

Let’s pretend to have a breast-beater standing by, from each of the following professions: police, academics, physicians, clergy, lawyers, scientists, city planners, journalists, judges, and schoolteachers. The breast-beaters will share their pain with us and each will take a crack at solving the problem of his/her particular group.

Please listen to their [slightly fictional] stories:

Police. People love me because I look big and strong in my uniform. Shite, I’m virile. Everyone knows I will rescue a damsel in distress. Um. Maybe not, though. We’re instructed to go and grab kids from a home where the mom takes good care of them, if a judge wants the kids to go to the Dad who sexually abuses them. I think we cops should all call in sick when this happens. Some of my buddies say we should go to the judges’ homes and take them away instead. I guess if I did that I would feel really, really big. I think the problem, for most of us cops, is that we are trained at the Academy to refrain from arresting any criminal who waves a VIP card at us — diplomats, judges, billionaires, what have you. Yet everyone is supposedly under the law. I have a Taser and I can dream, can’t I?

(Note: If you’re not up on conspiracy theory, you mightn’t get some of the events these professionals are referring to, but just play along, OK?)

Academics. The tenure system stinks. After seven years of being a low-paid assistant professor you might get a full-professorship with tenure, provided they’ve unequivocally discerned your — shall we say — obsequiousness. Wait — if no faculty member is speaking out about horrendous things, how will the young find out how to speak out? And where is society supposed to get its intellectual geniuses? Who is guarding the tradition of higher learning? Why are the library books by David Hume and Tom Paine and Socrates gathering dust? As for my own manuscripts, the university press’s editor would not even open the envelope — I wasted the postage sending it. Oh well, I will start a YouTube channel and lecture to whomever. Thousands of years of academic work, since the Library of Alexandria, shouldn’t be discarded. I’m going to have my lectures translated into Chinese, too. So there.

Physicians. As a member of the medical profession, I was shocked to see that only 5% or less of our members stood up against the wholly illegal and unethical behavior of such entities as the CDC and FDA during the pandemic. I am mortified that some doctors “sack,” from their practice, families that decline to have their children vaccinated for fear of autism. While reading Mary Maxwell’s book, “Consider the Lilies,” I cringed at how many cancer cures are available, which we are forbidden to use. I think the Rockefeller gang bribed our state legislatures to make the AMA’s preferred treatment the “best practice” — to which we must kowtow or lose our license. Hey, we can put a stop to this nonsense. Oh, did I say the Covid vaccine was “unethical”? Sorry, I meant to say genocidal.

Clergy. I used to like the song What a Friend. It is very touching. I’ll sing it for you: “Have you trials and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere? We should never be discouraged. Take it to the Lord in prayer.” Hmm. Is there trouble anywhere? Reportedly we are about to be starved to death. Should I tell my congregation to take that to the Lord in prayer? Pardon me, Lord, but what’s Your track record on helping the starving, other than multiplying the loaves and fishes? I bet You’d prefer these lyrics: “What to do when the nation’s starving, Or if it’s water that we lack? God in Heaven will be delighted, if we take our initiative back.” By the way, when an in-the-know parishioner comes to me looking for solutions, I whip out Revelation 13:7 “Then the beast was permitted to wage war against the saints.” Personally, I’m declaring war against the beast. Take up a sword and join me.

Lawyers. I guess you know why there are lawyer jokes like “What’s black and brown and looks good on a lawyer? A Doberman pinscher.” Or “My divorce was easy. His lawyer got the house and my lawyer got the condo and the two cars.” Actually, our profession deserves jokes way worse than that. We basically have twisted the law 180 degrees. See the trial of Jahar Tsarnaev, per Mary Maxwell’s book “Boston’s Marathon Bombing.” The accused (now anticipating the fry pan) was a sweet kid, age 19, not a terrorist. The Public Defender told the jury “It was him.” (Not the prosecutor, the defender.) And then she failed to cross-examine the flagrantly perjurious witnesses. I hope I was not the only lawyer who wanted to wear a bag over his head. Bright idea: I will lobby for Public Defenders to get paid only when they win the case. I’ll also curtail the SAMs, Special Administrative Measures, that have kept Jahar incommunicado for nine years. His problem was that he was LWM (living while Muslim), you know. Can’t people see through those tricks? By the way, don’t ask the American Bar Association for help. They’re as criminal as you can get.

Scientists. You know what? When my Dad was a scientist, around 1960, if you got caught fudging data, you were disgraced for the rest of your life. People would cross the street to avoid having to walk past you. Comedians made jokes about your Pinocchio proboscis. It’s been well established, since approximately Isaac Newton’s day, that science is a search for truth that requires observing the facts of life. But now that I am a practicing laboratory scientist, the boss says “Fudge away!” He tells us what the desired outcome is, and preaches that the ends justify the means. Huh? I want to feed him a little something from my petri dish. No, seriously, what we must do is de-federalize all funding for research. The feds proffer grants for the outcomes they “need,” and they prevent new insights from getting published. Dad also said that fifty years ago scientific findings were open, not “proprietary.” We need to get back to that; it’s crazy not to.

City Councilors. Why did I bother to run for local office? It was quite an effort to win a seat, but I hoped it would bring me power. I see things in my district that could be improved, be it a playground or garbage pick-up. There are only six of us on the council, but wouldn’t you know it, three of them, possibly four, are stooges. They campaigned as “your dear neighbor” but it was the Powers That Be who recruited them. I mean developers. They sit there and vote for denser zoning if it suits the companies that grease their palm. They sell off our district’s assets, such as the library. I have pounded my fist on the desk during meetings, but my opponents look completely unmoved, like zombies. My wife says they’re hypnotized. I will insist that each candidate for office swear under penalty of perjury whom he works for. We should do that for police and judges, too; they’re in the Freemason fraternity and have sworn a super-duper oath. No bloke can serve two masters, right?

Journalists. Hey, ever wonder why the TV newscaster on each local channel says the same thing? The national network gives them the wording and they are not allowed to deviate, other than by wearing a different color dress or tie. Quel deviation! They have to greet each other the same way. “Good morning, James. What can you tell us from the stock market today?” I’d barf if they make me do that, but I’m a print journalist so no need to greet anyone. Still, if I write something colorful, they edit it out. My talent means nothing. The public never gets to benefit from my knowledge of history. They don’t even know I’m a justice warrior, unless they can read between the lines. Face it, I’m a colossal failure. I must chuck it in. Maybe I could join a truth group. I hear Rumble has made a pledge to let it all hang out, and they are at least broadcasting “2000 Mules”. My other option is suicide.

Judges. I was very gratified to read Sherman Skolnick’s book, “Ahead of the Parade.” Skolnick who was one of the first law activists to make use of the TV time that is mandated for citizen broadcasting. (Yes, and it’s free!) He ran the “Committee To Clean Up the Courts.” Being self-taught in law, Sherman had a better sense of law compared to what a law student would learn in law school. What you learn there is how to cross your t’s and dot your i’s. Perhaps the student gets a few lectures on the Law of Equity, but using Equity will never be allowed by the firm that employs you. See? Anyway, Skolnick recounted the tale of a good judge who phoned him from a pay phone, in tears, to tell how he was being ostracized by other judges for doing the right thing. I’d like there to be a Skolnick we could spill our beans to. Mary Maxwell hints about it in her books “Prosecution for Treason” and “Fraud Upon the Court.”

Schoolteachers. Persons under 50 years of age today do not even know of the great respect that each schoolteacher could muster. Or that many female teachers stayed unmarried because their devotion to pupils was maternity enough. I’m 82, still a spinster. I recall that it was around 1990 that I started to feel distressed while driving to the local high school each morning. And that was before someone decided that the kids should watch Nickelodeon news in the classroom “to inspire students by hearing each other’s voices in conversation about the issues of the day.” Oh-oh. And it was before police patrolled the hallways. Unfortunately, I didn’t find Charlotte Iserbyt’s book “The Dumbing Down of America, till after I retired. It was crushing to hear that we teachers got manipulated into teaching math wrongly, and to train kids NOT to think, rather than to think. In recent years, the teachers’ unions have been the bullies of teachers. Yes, and a PTA meeting is where parents get bullied. The FBI calls complaining parents “extremists.” You probably know that the feds run our schools by financing the states that use “national standards” for exams. How many states have agreed to it? Fifty. This lunacy has got to stop. My suggestion: move to Fiji with your kids. Or just home school them.